Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review


Have You Ever Blacked Out?

Episode 13 of Lovestruck In The Ciry begins with a return to our mockumentary format. There’s some cheeky product placement before our characters tackle the big question this episode – have you ever blacked out drunk?

Well, all of our characters admit that they have as we see exactly where and how. Rin-I tends to sleep in a dog house while Kyeung-Jin winds up passing out in an elevator. Geon meanwhile just sings his heart out at karaoke. Eun-O rounds out this group of drunkards by sleeping on the bus until the last stop. And Jae-Won…well we all know what he does drunk!

This time though, Eun-O messages Jae-Won while she’s drunk on the bus but she’s sent him a whole bunch of strange messages. Realizing she needs help, Jae-Won matches her number to that of the O3 marketing firm and hurries over to help. This explains just why Eun-O was in his apartment all this time.

When Eun-O awakens, she flashes back to moments from the previous night as a scene of Jae-Won walking almost feels reminiscent of Goblin’s memorable walking scene. Anyway, she hides out in his apartment until her phone rings. Jae-Won takes it, telling Geon (who’s on the other end of the line) that she’s in a meeting and hangs up. Commenting on his rudeness, Jae-Won shoots back that he learned it from her.

They sit down to eat together, where Jae-Won continues to hit her with sarcastic retorts. He then questions her over the messages she sent him, including hearts and “miss you”. As he learns about the pictures being printed out from the cameras, he admits to Eun-O that he held out hope that she’d come back to him.

Eun-O hits back though, asking why he lived like that and mentioning how they were just a fling. She didn’t take the marriage proposal seriously and given it wasn’t official, took it as a bit of fun. She outright admits that her entire identity is different now and she’s not Seon-A. In fact, she even apologizes for not being her and walks away.

Jae-Won eventually heads out with an umbrella in the hopes of finding Eun-O. While she’s sheltered, Jae-Won hurries up and offers her a lift home.

In the car together, rain drumming rhythmically against the window panes, Jae-Won reclines his chair and tells Eun-O he doesn’t drive in the rain. Instead, he looks at Eun-O and plays some music, asking what she’s like when she’s in love. Jae-Won admits, at least to himself, that he’s unable to hate her and sits quietly listening to the rain.

As the rain subsides, Jae-Won drives Eun-O back as Kang-Geon shows up. Rin-I shows too and questions exactly what they were all doing together.

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City delivers a much better episode this week, bringing back the bounce and vibrancy that was evident in the first few episodes before collapsing into mediocrity. Now that the truth is out in the open, everything is starting to slot back into place again.

Eun-O and Jae-Won had their conversation and aside from the heartbreaking way Jae-Won threw all the food away without eating (rip scrambled eggs) the moments inside the car were perfectly executed. It’s clear both have feelings for the other and now they can finally work on building a proper relationship on truths rather than lies.

Of course, Jae-Won is still bringing up the past and mentioning Seon-A, which is clearly making Eun-O uncomfortable. After admittedly turning away from this one and disliking half the characters, this K-drama is definitely starting to reel me back in now.

Let’s hope this continues through to Friday’s episode with a light cliffhanger that’s sure to keep you watching to find out what happens next!

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