Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Time Is Running Out

Episode 16 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 begins with us over at Dong-Ma’s father’s house. Seo-Bam speaks to his father and decides he’s going to move out with Si-Eun.

Seo-Ban sees his father taking favourites and liking Pi-Young more than Si-Eun. He even brings up how he saw Pi-Young receive a ring earlier too. So in order to stop this awkwardness, Seo-Ban decides to move out.

It turns out, he used to be called Dong-Min but has rejected that name. Dong-Ma’s father defends his actions, pointing out that Pi-Young is pregnant and that’s why he’s been so attentive with her. He tells his son not to tell anyone, calling himself a “blabbermouth.”

What happens with Dong-Mi? Is she taken to hospital?

While this is going on, Yu-Shin is in denial and unwilling to accept that Dong-Mi is not of sane mind. A-mi implores him to see reason and eventually sits down with Dong-Mi, who admits outright again that she despised Ki-Rim and how he “reeked.” Yu-Shin struggles to hold back his tears.

When Yu-Shin heads in to see her, Dong-Mi lashes out, attacking A-Mi, throwing things around the room. Yu-Shin eventually phones the hospital to get a room. Finally she’s taken away, placed in a strait jacket and escorted out.

What do the Reapers want?

Meanwhile, the reapers sit with Song-Won and tell her that they’re not actually there for her. Instead, they’re going to take someone else – someone in this household within the month. Song-Won also explains that she has urges for food whenever she sees the others eating. This is natural, the reapers tell her, and explain that it will subside over time.

Speaking of cravings though, Pi-Young wants some food in the middle of the night, prompting Dong-Ma to team up with his father to cook some late night grub. With no rolling pin, he instead decides to use the latter’s foot massager. As you do.

They make it together and sit down with Pi-Young, where they enjoy the food. However, they leave quite the mess behind.

Do Si-Eun and Pi-Young reveal that they’re pregnant?

Si-Eun notices in the morning and realizes that Pi-Young is pregnant. When she quizzes her friend over it, Pi-Young admits the truth.

As she explains the food they ate and the process for cooking, Si-Eun starts to get hungry too… prompting her to admit she’s pregnant as well. Si-Eun doesn’t want to say anything to the others just yet though, she wants to wait until she’s at lest 3-4 months.

However, another doctors appointment sends Si-Eun outside crying. It’s good news though, as she sits down with Seo-Ban that night to eat. She’s five weeks pregnant but she’s worried about having a miscarriage. Seo-Ban encourages her to put her trust into their baby and hope for the best in the future.

Eventually they head back home and reveal the good news to Dong-Ma’s father. He’s shocked to learn there are going to be two babies in the house and struggles to hold back tears, pointing out how joyous this occasion is. Unfortunately, those two grim reapers continue to lurk about like a black cloud on this household.

What happens with the other characters?

Si-Eun is called away from visiting her friend by Hae-Ryun, who sits her down and asks for a favour. He wants to move into their old apartment. However, the place is already occupied and Si-Eun isn’t willing to kick the current tenants out like that. She encourages him to get a two bed place instead.

With Hye-Ryung’s condition getting worse, she ends up seeing that strange ghostly boy on the sofa with Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung. She asks what he wants but the others can’t see him.

Some time passes – enough for Pi-Young to show a baby bump – and she meets A-Mi. The latter offers a belated congratulations and the pair bury the hatchet. She even reveals about her marriage to Yu-Shin too.

How does Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 end?

Remember those reapers? Well, it turns out the one they’re after is Dong-Ma. When he heads into the bathroom, a strange black smoke swirls around him and catches him off-guard.

Dong-Ma is out clothes shopping, but from afar the reapers watch as a ceiling panel collapses and lands on his head. Dong-Ma drops on the floor, blood trickling out the side of his head as he seems to be knocked unconscious.

Dong-Ma is rushed to hospital, while the two reapers appears to be faceless and watch over him. Dong-Ma sits up, asking who they are… as the season comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So is Dong-Ma really dead or not? We’ll dive into that in more detail in a separate article but for now, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) follows suit to what we’ve seen across previous seasons and… doesn’t really end. In fact, it feels so open-ended that it must be a matter of time before this one is given the green-light and renewed for a follow-up.

The show has had decent ratings over the weeks and on top of that, the plotlines haven’t really been resolved. Why is Ye-Jung talking to the ghost at the end? What is going on with Song-Won? Why is she still around?

Despite its issues, the reveal with Si-Eun and Seo-Ban celebrating their pregnancy is easily the highlight of the whole episode. Likewise, seeing Dong-Ma’s father happy with what’s happening in his household is pretty heartwarming too.

Unfortunately, that’s not saying much in a season that’s been pretty meandering and lost a lot of focus as it drifts from one storyline to the next. We’ll have to wait and see what the next season has in store for us.

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58 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Just wanted to add one other thing to the comment i wrote last time and that is,that i would’t mind if Song- Won( Song-Yuan) end’s up getting reincarnated as Dong-Ma and Pi-Young’s or Ban and Si- Eun’s child if that happens then maybe there is an really good explainable reason for those two black coat wearing men 😇

  2. Keep The Dong-Ma}Pil-Young couple and the Seo-Ban}Si-Eun couple on screen and all alive and happy together!! Let Song-Won(Son-Yuan) finally move on to heaven she deserves atleast that much!!!! Don’t really care that much about the other 2 mistresses,Sa-Hyeon and Hye-Ryung but don’t hate them either! I kinda like father Seo actually so it would be nice if he could live a couple of years longer! I hate Yu-Sin’s insane stepmother Dong-Mi and Professor Park!!!! Those two are terrible loathsome monsters!!!! 😠 they are horribly mean! 😡 I despice them!!! they detest me!! 🤬and make me so sick to my stomache 🤢 i just wanna puke 🤮 get rid of them at once!! that’s what i’d like to see!! And i will not accept or be satisfied with anything other then that!! If Dong- mi and Professor Park both stay alive while one or two of the others die,then i’m gonna quit watching the show FOREVER!!!!

  3. Please have a Season 4 so Dong Ma can be left here by the Grim Reapers and let them find someone else to take. Very disappointed with this ending. It really leaves the viewer hanging and very dissatisfied with the ending .

  4. I’m not happy with this silly ending,why we need ghosts in here,please keep Dong Ma,Ban and their wives with the new babies,Grand dad too,he needs to be happy,K Drama gummon🙏🙏🙏

  5. Please, i dont want to see more ghost or anything nonsense. Focus on real life drama.

  6. Seriously why is the writer trying to sabotage this series. There are so much creative route that could be challenged. Why this madness and confusion it’s like you really want bad rating and to anger fans. Get your act together or change the writer. Why provoke us fans with this nonsense. Come on what kind of season finale is that. Dong ma can die but the CHEATERS are all good ghost and all!!!

  7. Bueno esperemos por el
    Bien de toda la audiencia y en Corea y en el resto de los países que seguimos
    En Neflit todas estas series que esto se aclare más adelante de una vez por toda en una 4ta temporada no es justo que cuando las más sufridas tengan que pasar de nuevo por amarguras y los traidores que les va a pasar ellas necesitan mucho amor y no importa la edad para amarse

  8. I agree with the other comments. S1 and S2 were great, but the chemistry changed when the characters changed in S3. Also the appearance of Grim Reapers and additional ghosts in S3 did not help the plot at all. The bottom line is DON’T KILL OFF DONG MA!!!

  9. Loved 1&2 but 3 disappointed took time to get used to different actors . The ghosts is too much put me off ..So if there is a number 4 is the younger brother next for the chopping block and his ghost joined the party

  10. I was very disappointed at the end of the episode 16. I don’t think I want to watch season four. These women finally got their happy ending but one is possibly going to loose his life. I pray that the dream the bother had will save him from dying. It’s bad enough that two of the husband were switched for season 3. This should’ve been the end with the woman being happy with their children bc they deserve that after all the hell they went through. The stepmother is the one that need to go. Why is this ghost all over the place. I’m not a ghost person so with that being said idk if I will be watch season 4. I’m so disappointed in the ending of this episode. The writers need to really think carefully about this next season bc this was a good show but I would hate for this to end up bad.

  11. Season 3 was very ridiculous and extremely painful to watch. It is the worst show of all K dramas. I think the writer has done a lousy job trying to keep the show coherent, she failed. I don’t want to watch any other shows by the same writers ever again.

  12. For that to be the ending of S3, we’ll U would tell the writers that was pure b.s., they spent to much time on ghost and stupid Song Won, character. Who really cared, and the stupid ghost boy, really writers that is all you could dream up, what about killing og Yu Shin, step mother, she lusted after her step son, killed his father, she needs those grim reapers to take her. Then the 3 evil husband’s, they should be knocked off also. The writers introduced the Seo Brothers soblet them be happy with there new wives and the babies. If they do a S4, they better pull all those stupid lose ends up. Not sure if I could sit thru a S4.

  13. Season 1&2 we’re good but season 3 was absolutely ridiculous. Ghosts, grim reapers, needless character deaths all so stupid. If they want to get rid of people why not get rid of Ami and Song won? They’re both annoying and that would make for a better plot. I agree with other comments that the writers are definitely SADISTIC not only to the characters ( the wives who were cheated on) but also for subjecting the viewers (who were expecting a great season) to all of this foolishness. I hope they will get it together and redeem themselves in season 4.

  14. I’m hoping, really hoping that Dong-Ma dose not die. If he does I will not watch anymore.. waiting patiently for a happy ending with the 3 ex-wife finding true happiness. So to the writers and produces of this show, please don’t disappoint. The fans are routing for Dong-Ma, Pi-Young, Si-Eun, Seo-Ban, and Hy-Ryung to be happy.

  15. I concur that this show will not last without Dong Ma and his new family. There is so much good fun that can come out of the 4th season.. NO killing….Fire the Gat Men!! I want to see healthy babies and loving relationships or I’m done.

  16. Why on earth is that writer still pushing those skanks on us 🙄 the dead one is now hoping the Ban to die so that they can be together… FREAKING SERIOUSLY 🙄 That skank already broke up one marriage and even in death they got her coming for another marriage. Talk about self serving🙄
    It seems Nam Ga Bin is the only one that’s maybe and I say this with a grain of salt… learned anything from all the pain and misery she’s caused. AMi is still annoying and acting like she’s a teenager.
    Song Won little miss trying to act innocent took over the ex wife body to try and live out her life with the pitiful moron lawyer and baby. Now that she’s been cast out they want to send her on another quest wanting Ban to die so that she won’t be alone..🙄 freaking seriously!!!

  17. I was hooked with season 1 and 2! Season 3 was quite a bit disjointed and unrealistic, I can handle the fantasy, but killing off Dong Ma…Hell No!!!! I hope for a season 4 in expectation that he survives this accident!! The ladies do deserve some happiness after being cheated on!!

  18. I LOVED 😍 ♥️ ❤️ every person in this season.
    But if they kill off the Brothers, I am done.
    I loves this Ghost aspect, it brought an added layer, as K-Dramas are known for.
    I found myself smiling during the whole season ☺️ until we got to Seo Dong ma dying. I told my daughter about this show and she started watching.
    Let everyone Live and this will make for a Great season four.

  19. 5/2/2022
    I love the show (Drama) and looking forward to the next season wishing and praying 🙏 for two new healthy arrivals and that Dong MA being able to see his new baby

  20. have to agree with previous comments, 3rd series just got silly with ghosts, grim reapers etc. I don’t want Dong ma to die either, he’s my favourite character after Pi Young, shes got lots of no-nonsense, makes me wonder how the writer can be so unfair to her husband.

  21. Great drama but why is it the Ghosts are running the show ? It’s becoming boring leave the brothers alive and kill the villains maybe cheating husbands etc . Hope season 4 is not too far. But great talent indeed minus ghosts

  22. I will hate the writers if they kill Dong Ma! He’s my favorite character. Ban should stick with his first love Se eun. Let So Wan move on.

  23. Hated season3, too much ghostly fantasy. Wasn’t crazy about the new men either, they were nothing like the originals. I enjoyed the drama until S3 and probably won’t watch any more

  24. I agree. Enough with the GHOST shit. But for Dong Ma to die off, it’s about as realistic as how he fell in love with Sa Pi Young at the first place. I find both of them too cringe worthy and I can’t help rolling my eyes. To leave Ga Bin and fall for Pi Young’s screams, why not a ceiling fall on him? It’s drama after all.

  25. What the heck was that?
    I’m so confused and disappointed with the ending
    As well as season 3 in general.There were too many open ended plots, leaving us frustrated and angry. Will there be a season 4? Hope so.

  26. Sorry why are you guy’s doing that him while his wife is giving birth please take the grim reapers out let there be a happy ending with the babies in the happy household please.

  27. Enough of the ghost stuff. I hope season 4 Dong Ma didn’t die. Unless the script writers pushing PY towards her ex husband who till now still want her back. The hero n attraction for entire season 3 was the Dong Ma & PY relationship. It would be a shame if the season 4 kill off this character. I am so fed up with the ghosting part. All so nonsensical

  28. Not sure I’m loving this show as much as before. Season 3 should have cleared everything up, now that the ladies had their happy ending. What’s Seo- Ban secret? And who is this little ghost boy?. I’m over this already. Let’s hope Season 4 is more rational and comes with less ghost, healthy babies, and happiness for my favorite couples, Pi-young, Dong-ma, Si-Eun & Seo-ban.

  29. Season 3 ended with my tongue hanging out. I was truly in disbelief when the ceiling fail on my Dong-ma. That’s no way for the writers to leave us hanging!
    What a horrible ending! Please let there be a Season 4 that pulls the storyline together and with some happiness.

  30. Over all it was a good show to begin with then you started adding on the ghost …. Think that should have stopped after Yu shin’s dad.

    What is Seo Ban secret ?
    And what is the story with the little ghost boy I thought it left the house when song won left how come the monk didn’t see him ?
    Did you really need to kill off Dong Ma when all the other original male actors left in season 2 already? I hope that Dong Ma and Pi Yong live happily ever after. The ladies have been through enough with their divorce and they don’t need any more sadness.
    I hope that season 4 will end on a happy note. I don’t know if I will be waiting to watch.

  31. Feels like it’s heading twds a comedy ghost story rather than something relatable in season 1 and 2.

    The new cast is bad. Really bad. Watching it for the brothers and the 2/3 ladies. Stop it with the ghost shit. If we want ghost, we would be better off watching goblin, hotel lunar and many others.

  32. Hey love this show but these ghosts and reapers are stupid please take dead woman out trying to stay with her baby, so stupid kill off crazy grandma she killed her husband, give more happiness with women who’s husband’s cheated on them 💔 writers have no thought on happiness just ghosts and reapers stupid stupid.

  33. So does pi-young not deserve to be happy after her failed marriage?? Pls make sure Dong-ma does not die. How does this story line relate to ghost?

  34. This show is like watching a space ship take off. First season was just awesome to watch then second season came and it begins to wobble slightly. But somehow it managed to regain some momentum, enough to look forward to season 3 where unfortunately you watch it crash and burn to the ground. Waste of good work for S1. They should have ended it at S2 while still credible. S3 was painful to watch.

  35. 😶 What exactly did I watch?? It was bad enough to get used to the change of actors for three main roles, but this episode was insane. The best character on this show is Dong-Mi. Her craziness is what has kept me watching. If they kill off Dong-Ma, I will not be watching season 4. There are at least two others they could kill off that would be so much better, Boo for one or A Mi or Ga bin. Please get rid of the dumb reapers and either bring Won back or let her go already. The only ghost that made any sense was Dr. Shin coming after Dong-Mi, it was fun to watch her lose it. Overall, the last episode was a huge let down. Too much air time given to subplots that made no sense.

  36. If there is a season 4, I’ll be happy to watch it again but I’m hoping though that I’ll be a much better story line. I don’t think they really needed to add those grim reapers. It’s such unrealistic plot. I certainly enjoyed the season 1&2 and I also enjoyed very much the season 3 but the ending was totally asinine.

  37. I love this show but all am expecting for season 4 is happy ending and please you should stop the ghost showing everywhere am looking ahead for season 4 thank you.

  38. The ending sucks. Too much ghost and unrealistic plots. Come on writer, you should just end it happily without killing the most favorite actor. Some preview showed at the end of ep 16 is even more unbelievable. Good character doesn’t easily change partner!

  39. This Kdrama started off really good and Season 3 just got weird. We can do without the ghosts. Thank you. Im not watching Season 4. Bye!

  40. The writers should end the next season if there’s any with a happy ending for the 2 families that’s expecting..

  41. I didn’t enjoy much and disappointed with ep. 16 especially at the end. Too much twisted with people’s lives. You made over-acted for lives. I do love to have Dong Ma and Pi Yong living happily forever. Making Dong Ma got accident by the falling ceiling was ridiculous and he died ? Oh…I may not follow what next season you will make. Too much superstitious. Extremely disappointed.

  42. I’m a little bit dissappointed,thinking that this episode is the finnale but it seems it’s not
    So far what happened to Dong Ma is inevitable,accidents happens anytime anywhere that no one can avoid especially if the grim reapers is after him
    It depends to the script writer what will happen next but anyways since i love KD,for sure i will watch it again….hoping & wishing for a happy ending.

  43. I thought the grim reapers came for song won, than would have been better, not stretching the whole story line and adding more suspense
    How does a roof just fall off, makes no sense

  44. I’m disappointed. Too much time given to ghosts. Too many needless deaths. (1) Pi Yongs mother (2) Yu shin’s dad (3) A Mi’s read dad (4) Song (5) Dong Ma’s Mom (6) Dong Ma. That’s an average of 2 deaths per season. The show should be called Love Ft. Marriage, divorce, ghosts and burials. I don’t think I will watch next season… the show has become too silly. They should have tried to end it with Season 2. If they end up making season 4, they should just end it there.

  45. Come on what was that…that was not finale and they better not have killed any of the brothers. Mitchewww. Nonsense.

  46. If Dong -ma will die! Definitely I will hate and not to watch this drama anymore. This is the first Drama series in Korea that I watch and waited for every season,, but if the producer and writer will make a tricks and lousy idea i must say goodbye for it, such a villain idea if they kill one of the husband, the Seo brothers is one of my favorite characters they’re sweetness and longing for true love is what I always looking for, Anyway let’s wait for another 6 months for another season hope that the writer will not turn into a bitter/villain.

  47. I love this show but I’m really disappointed in this last episode Not a fan of Dong Ma dying Haven’t those women been through enough and what is with the little ghost. It doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

  48. Oh I don’t know about this show now – a fourth season hasn’t even been approved but yet they left so many questions just like they did at the end of season 2! Did Dong Ma really die? We have to assume so since he could see the Grim Reapers but he could always get saved and come back.. But who was the little ghost boy and what was his purpose in the show? And what was Song Wan’s attachment to Seo Ban? So many unanswered plot lines – is that just to ensure a fourth season? Not happy with this ‘finale’!

  49. The ghosts get more air time. Let’s refocus on the series and not cause more confusion and even pain to the viewers.

  50. This show is not very good. Dong-ma was hurt for no apparent reason. It sucks. He’s my favorite character. Showtime is wasted on the grim reapers and Song Won. Like these scenes are fillers. It is a bit much.
    It almost does Dong-Ma’s accident to pique your interest. Like a cliffhanger. Too many plots. If there is a Season 4 I am not sure I would watch it. I might just use my imagination and give it my own ending. How can you hurt or kill a character for the sake of suspense to ensure that the viewers would watch.
    This is definitely not one of my favorite K dramas. CLOY set a high bar for K dramas definitely.

  51. Just watch the last episode of season 3. I will say that as much as I love the series I think the writers are just sadistic and they don’t enjoy happiness….. really!! how can those women go through all that and still lose their husbands again. I think the writers are realistic and am done with the season am nothing watching season 4 am sorry…😡

  52. Love this show even though it has become increasingly erratic! I’m ready for a more rational Season 4 with less ghosts, healthy births, and happy continued lives for all 4 of the newly weds…Pi-Young, Dong-Ma, Si-Eun and Seo-Ban.

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