Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Imminent End

Episode 15 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 starts with Dong-Ma and Pi-Young leaving their apartment together. Pi-Young is blushing and she gestures for Dong-Ma to stop staring. The pair make it up to see Dong-Ma’s father, where they confirm their baby is due on September 30th.

With Seo-Ban and Si-Eun there too, Dong-Ma’s father marvels at how lively it is in the house now. The maids, however, aren’t too enthused. It’s more work for them and they grit their teeth as Dong-Ma’s father orders them to bring some strawberries to the table.

This resentment is projected onto Hyang-Gi later on, who’s told to wash up her cups. Pi-Young notices and tells the maids not to hassle the kids as they have schoolwork and the like to do.

Si-Eun does well to keep her secret, but in the quiet of the night, she researches online and tries to find out more information about her pregnancy.

While this is going on, Dong-Mi ends up dancing with Yu-Shin in the house. With a rose in her mouth, she continues to take a trip down memory lane. This time, she relives her memories from when she used to dance with her teacher, Richard Kang.

A-Mi continues to try and get a confession from her, speaking to Dong-Mi afterwards and brings up Ki-Rim and what happened to hi. She. records their conversation and presses her on what happened. Unfortunately Dong-Mi doesn’t bite and reveal what really took place.

A-Mi feeds all of this back to Yu-Shin but he’s exasperated and tells her to stop meddling. “You told me to talk to your patient.” She teases. Yu-Shin doesn’t see the funny side of this.

While Dong-Mi heads out to see Hae-Ryun (who also notices how crazy grandma is now), Si-Eun and Pi-Young go for lunch wit Hye-Ryung. While they eat, Yu-Shin continues to regret his actions as he thinks over food and how accommodating Pi-Young was for him. Now though, the constant taste of fried chicken rather than homecooked food is doing nothing for him. Good. Serves him right for cheating.

A-Mi waits until morning and makes noodles but they’re bland and without flavour. Ghost Song-Won – whom we’ve seen jusr wandering about and eating food – plops herself down at the table and starts eating some noodles. As you do.

Over at Dong-Ma’s place, the maids are fed up and want a raise. Pi-Young sits down with them and points out that although there are more of them now, they’re not lounging about and acting like slobs; they’re happy to help too. However, they already receive hefty salaries. Salaries that come from this family.

The maids are not happy and together, they conspire in private to all quit at the same time. When Si-Eun and Pi-Young beg for them to stay, they’ll ask for a 30% raise. That is, if they’re even asked to stay of course.

In their absence, Si-Eun does a pregnancy test and finds out she’s definitely pregnant. At the same time, we return to Hye-Ryung who starts grilling Sa-Hyun and taking her depression and frustrations out on him.

Eventually Hye-Ryung packs her things and looks set to walk out, having had enough. When Moon-ho speaks to Sa-Hyun and unpacks her gear, Hye-Ryung seems to pass out on the sofa, presumably from the stress of it all.

Hae-Ryun ends up seeing Ga-Bin again while he’s waiting to meet Dong-Mi. She doesn’t show up and instead when he rings her, Dong-Mi brushes him off, claiming she’s in a bad mood and wants to leave it. That leaves Hae-Ryun and Ga-Bin to talk.

Elsewhere, Pi-Young breaks the news to Ji-A that she’s going to be a big sister. She’s delighted. When they make their way back to the house, the three maids sit and enact their plan, quitting. Si-Eun and Pi-Young accept it. That’s not the reaction they’re after and find themselves in an even bigger mess. Still, it’s too late though and they’re forced to leave with their tails tucked between their legs.

Dong-Mi continues to spiral but this time, A-Mi has Yu-Shin by her side when she admits the truth about killing Ki-Jin. She begins manically laughing, as Yu-Shin is left shocked and appalled.

As the episode closes out, several reapers show up to take Song-Won back. Oh my god are we getting a crossover with MBC’s Tomorrow? How exciting!

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) coughs out another algorithmically driven slice of drama, with other characters just sorta doing things because the script calls it.

Hye-Ryung’s character has been thoroughly butchered here, while Song-Won and the lack of rules and explanation around this ghostly world just makes the whole thing feel random and out of place.

There are some positives though, namely that involving Seo-Ban and Si-Eun’s relationship and their upcoming baby. I’d imagine he’ll be delighted to find out Si-Eun is pregnant.

Likewise, seeing the maids get their comeuppance and leave without anything is surprisingly satisfying and a great inclusion too.

Despite all that, this season has felt meandering and mediocre at best. With this show looking set to come to its end, will we get one final twist before this show concludes?

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27 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 15 Recap & Review”

  1. Please let dong ma live again in Season 4…please let them have their happy life..
    I truly dont like Prof Park..hes too ego and high pride

  2. Terrible writer and director. What a concept. Bad idea to kill Dong Ma. Don’t think of doing episode 4. No one is going to watch anymore.

  3. This show started out as a interesting drama, ended up as a horrible show with horrible replacement actors and weird script. Season 3 was not well written. Will not watch if season 4 is made. So disappointing.

  4. Please keep the couples together and have theirs babies. Excellent acting. The ghost was believable for about 2 was after that no good.

  5. What the heck. This guy is going to remarry his ex wife and they keep showing her as his dead lover. Huge insult to his ex-wife. Didn’t like that at all!!!

  6. I didn’t like the ending of Love (ft.marriage and divorce) Of the grim reapers..and Dongma looks like the writer went to a vacation of ideas on what to do with the story..for higher ratings please give in to what the audience want…thank you for giving us a good show.

  7. Muy buena la serie pero que le pasó al director con el final de esta esas mujeres merecen ser felices y por qué matar a Dong ma tengo la esperanza de que en la cuarta temporada no se muera por qué destruirá toda esa familia los niños el hermano noooo porfavor no embarren la serie

  8. I truly enjoy this show. It has come up with interesting twist. I hope there is a season 4. I’ve enjoyed most of it..but some of the new character replacements I don’t care for. They didn’t seem to fit..but it’s still a great show.. one of my favorites..thank you

  9. Terrible wooden acting Idont pay netflix subscription to watch second rate acting What possessed the producers to put this on I skipped a lot of episodes Watched the the last few Cringeworthy.please don’t do a 4th season

  10. I am very disappointed in the writers of the show. I have watched all seasons.even had my friends start watching Korean movie
    I wanted PI-young and Ms Lee to have a happy life with good men


  11. I am super disappointed with the ending. This drama started great until the ghost bits that started popping up. Worst was the reapers coming. I was hoping for a happy ending for the couples. Why let them have this happiness then doom. Not good ending at all. If there is a season 4, doubt that I will watch it. Hugely disappointed with the 2 last episodes or season 3

  12. Why do you have to kill Dong Ma ? Very disappointed with ending. Please don’t kill Dong Ma !!!!!

  13. Very disappointed in ending of season 3 #16. Why does Dong Ma have to die ? Please don’t kill him !!!

  14. Please do not let anything bad happen to the couples. It will break out hearts! I am obsessed at the characters and the charm of each actors.

    I do not want a sad ending please.

  15. Please don’t kill Dong Ma. He is the reason I’m tuning into season 3. His relationship with Piyoung is so sweet and full of chemistry. I need to see them have a happy ending!

  16. Pls don’t let anything ominous happen to either couple. They deserve happiness in their 2nd marriages. PY seems to be going thru pre-natal depression/blues. Grim reapers showing up to take someone. Pls no no no!

  17. pls dont kill Dong ma! let them live a happy family life! and a not happy life to the mistresses, so people wont get inspired to become one and will not be like them! thank you! love this series so much! cant wait for ep 16 and new season plsss!!! season 4 pls!!!

  18. I am also worried about the preview…Pi Young telling Dong Ma coldly to arrange for separate beds …and Dong Ma followed by 2 reapers in thr shopping mall ??..please, let there be a happy ending for this couple

  19. Those married couples needs a happy ending the grim reaper needs to remove song won cause she doesn’t have a place there she already did her unfinished business why dong ma has to died it doesn’t make sense at all I hope that writter know what she or his doing

  20. I hope there is a season 4 why? I do not sleep will the show is on and tense at best when all the characters are in play. Totally enjoyable that I always look at the episodes more than once.

  21. Looks like dong ma is gonna be the next victim…sadly. And I think Si-eun might have a miscarriage from the way she cried in the car by herself. I hope it isn’t what I am predicting though….sigh.

  22. Please letSi-Eun& her husband not divorce in the lasting episodes. Those two deserve to be happy, as well as his brother,& wife.

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