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Episode 3 of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 3 starts with our characters reeling over the loss of Won. With her now dead, Sa-Hyeon and his parents try to make sense of their newfound situation.

Pan Moon-Ho claims he always had a bad feeling about this and admits he’s now exhausted after holding onto these feelings for ages. With the situation now changed, Mon-Ho believes this could be reason for Hye-Ryung to get back involved with Sa-Hyeon.

Ye-Jung is understandably incredulous but when Hye-Ryung rings, asking if Sa-Hyeon is okay, it only fuels Moon-ho’s feelings. Anyway, she breaks the news to her that Won has passed away, believing that she’ll stop by and check on Sa-Hyeon.

Meanwhile, Seo-Ban continues to meet up with Si-Eun, gushing over their past and how beautiful she was back then – and now.

Ban believes they’re deeply connected, given heir past, but Si-Eun changes the subject shyly. Seo Ban admits that despite them becoming co-workers, it feels like home when he’s with her and wants things to progress forward romantically.

Seo Ban has had a rough upbringing, which he reveals to her when they drive home. He was basically raised by his mother and barely saw his father after his folks got divorced. Because of that, he has a particular interest in the divorce Si-Eun is going through, wanting to make sure she’s not mistreated or left on her own either.

Si-Eun admits that Hae-Ryun has a good personality, as Seo-Ban continues to probe, making sure she doesn’t have any feelings toward him left. Eventually he reaches over and touches her hand. It’s clear he has genuine feelings for her.

When they head home, the pair text one another and agree to go for a picnic. They also arrange to text one another in the morning, with Si-Eun messaging “Can I allow myself to look forward to it?”

However, in the morning Hye-Ryung tries to win Ban over too, claiming she has sleep paralysis and wants to be shown around a house.

So naturally Ban shows up but she constantly tries to win him over, including with a bouquet of roses and thinking about drinking wine with him. Instead of wine though, he offers her coffee.

There’s nothing romantic going on here, despite what Hye-Ryung wants, as Seo Ban is standoffish and allows her to look around the house alone. He sidelines her attempts to try and win him over, eventually suggesting she eat with his housekeeper instead of him. Still though, Hye-Ryung isn’t giving up so easily as they part ways later on.

Elsewhere, Yu-Shin gushes over Pi-Young’s beauty but as he tries to kiss her, she pulls away. Yu-Shin admits that he misses the time they were a happy family of three (and who’s fault is that Yu-Shin?!)

Yu-Shin calls out Pi-Young for abandoning him and continues on this ridiculous pity party. He refuses to leave too and in his drunken state, decides to sleep on her sofa.

When Ji-A shows up, she agrees to let him have the sofa for the night. To avoid any confusion, Pi-Young sends a picture message to A-mi letting her know where he is. So when he wakes up in the morning, A-Mi is there to take him home, intending to make him some hangover soup.

Si-Eun finds herself conflicted over Seo-Ban’s words, thinking back over what a state Hae-Ryun’s house was. So she makes him some food and drives over to his place. When she shows up and drops off the side dishes, she learns that he’s not even got a cutting board, given he eats out a lot.

Hae-Ryun thanks her for the food and even has some requests for more just in case she returns. Wow.

In their absence, Hyang-Ki gently encourages her brother, U-Ram to be open about the thought of their mother dating. After all, they should be wishing for her happiness. However, they’re not exactly happy about their mother bringing dishes over to their father’s when she heads home and begins cooking later on.

A-mi and Dong-Mi clash again, this time over Ki-Rim and working out what’s happening to make him so vengeful. A-mi suggests going to a temple, just as ghost Ki-Rim watches on and knocks Dong-Mi to the ground. He even tells her she “deserves a regular beating.” And domestic violence is… turned into a comedy relief? Really?

Anyway, Dong-Mi rests up after her tumble as A-Mi urges her to get up and bow to the memorial of Ki-Rim. A-Mi is desperate to cleanse his soul and actually dissipate some of the anger he’s feeling, which would explain why he’s so adamant on revenge against Dong-Mi. Oh, and also that she let him die in front of her too.

A-Mi heads over to Sa-Hyeon’s place where she learns the truth about Won and the baby. She’s obviously distraught, and eventually rings Ga-Bin, letting her know the news too. She’s out shopping with Dong-Ma at the time and learns the funeral ends tomorrow.

The pair show up and pay their respects to their best friend, crying. Sa-Hyeon is there too and starts crying as well.

Back home. Seo-Ban sends over a basket of roses for Si-Eun. She sends a photo back of them followed by a smiley face. She’s ecstatic and is beaming as she rings him, setting up a meet for breakfast together.

As the episode closes put, we cut back to the hospital funeral where a scream from inside the room causes Dong-Ma to suddenly look wide-eyed in shock. What’s happened?

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) returns this week with a slower chapter, one that really doesn’t have a whole lot going on.

Given Won is now dead, it makes sense to have a reflective episode like this but then most of the the time is dedicated to other characters, most notably the growing romance between Si-Eun and Seo Ban.

That’s probably the best part of this whole show to be honest, although Si-Eun’s dedication to her ex husband is incredibly annoying. After all, he’s the one who put himself in this situation so I’m not sure he really deserves that much attention from his ex-wife. And how cheeky was that for him to ask her for different dishes?!

However, the rest of the episode meanders on, with the Ki-Rim ghost continuing to stick out like a sore thumb. Now it seems like he has the ability to actually hurt people physically as well as possession but I’d imagine this storyline will be dragged out longer before we get some solid answers.

Either way though. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) continues to be a show that meanders through its slice of life drama without actually including much in the way of substantial drama. Hopefully tomorrow’s episode will improve.

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5 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review”

  1. I am not fond of the replacement actor for Yu Shin as the origional had far more charisma, the looks and the ability to charm his way out of situations. The new one is not convincing enough in that role. The other replacement as Hye Ryung’s ex is a good choice. He is an excellent choice, he makes me feel sorry for him. He does not have the same weak and callous attitude as the preceeding actor. I am still.going to watch to the end as it is still full of twists in the storyline. Very good script indeed.

  2. Seo Ban and Si Eun scenes really put happy smiles on my face. Seo ban is a very effective gentleman on his approaches towards Si Eun. Hope to see a happy ending for this couple.

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys! Oh yeah that’s a good point actually about the swimming pool. I remember him perving over the girls as well as the bizarre ghost cake scene (does cake also go to the afterlife?) but didn’t know if he had the extent of actually possessing people. But yeah out of them all, Won was definitely the best mistress, I agree!

    -Greg W

  4. Loved the recap and review. Didnt like Won passing away just too sad. She was the nicest mistress. About Ki Bin he has always had the ability to touch people, remember the girl in the swimming pool? He scared the be Jesus out of her🤣😅

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