Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Ki-Rim’s Revenge

Episode 2 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 begins with A-Mi deciding to head off to church. Dong-Mi is not happy and antagonizes her, only stopping when she learns that A-Mi’s father has passed away.

Elsewhere, ghost Ki-Rim possesses little Ji-A and passes A-Mi on the stairs. She turns to A-Mi with enough time to tell her she needs to stop being so soft. However, when Ji-A knocks on the door and sees Dong-Mi, she rushes toward her and tries to choke her out.

Ki-Rim speaks through Ji-A, telling her he’s suffered a wrongful death. Clutching her chest, she passes out, as Ki-Rim’s rampage ends.

However, Dong-Mi remains spooked and realizes Ji-A has been possessed. While she passes out and sleeps on her bed, Pi-Young learns about what’s happened, including how the elevator strangely hasn’t worked and the secrets Dong-Mi has been keeping from them all. While sat on the sofa, A-Mi mouths to Pi-Young that they should talk in private when she gets the chance.

In the car, A-Mi deduces that Dong-Mi is responsible for killing Ki-Rim, pointing out the possession and what ghost Ki-Rim said about wrongful death. So A-mi suggests that they work together and hire a private investigator to look into Dong-Mi and see if those claims hold any weight.

At the hospital, drama continues as Song-Won dies after giving birth. Her monitor flatlines and after her baby is taken away, it’s all over for her. Sa-Hyun is obviously unaware of this and sits in the waiting room with his parents.

The doctor soon arrives to deliver the grave news, with Moon-Ho passing out and Sa-Hyun beside himself with grief. He tells the doctors to start performing CPR, pointing out that Won’s body is still warm. Of course, that’s normal but when Sa-Hyun realizes what’s happened, he’s distraught.

Elsewhere, Si-Eun heads over to see Hae-Ryun, who wears a mask to hide his face. He’s convinced he has Peripheral Facial palsy, as Si-Eun takes him to acupuncture. She’s not exactly happy about it though, given she just wants to get on with her life, but it’s clear there’s still a tinge of worry there, given he’s been a big part of her life.

At work, Si-Eun lies to Hye-Ryung about Seo-Ban and how she didn’t see him that night after eating. However, he messages her and suggests they meet up at 6pm that night.

While Si-Eun contemplates what this means, Hye-Ryung starts her broadcast, with a particularly touching and relevant story about a disabled husband at home. Given what’s happened to Hae-Ryun, Si-Eun eventually tells the other women about what’s happened, with Hye-Ryung believing this is God’s way of punishing him and that Ga-Bin should see him in this state.

Eventually Si-Eun meets up with Seo-Ban, who’s shy and brushes aside his claims that she was a talented artist. He knows she went to art academy in the past but dropped out long before she should have.

He’s known about her since then and even admits that he was there, where they drew together side by side. He used to be called Dong-Mi, which certainly isn’t confusing given we already have a character called Dong-Mi. Anyway, Ban admits that them eating together is nice and goes on to mention a story about sharing chocolate at the academy.

Hye-Ryung happens to be over Si-Eun’s place and she queries where Si-Eun is. Getting nowhere, she eventually heads home, while Ban drives Si-Eun back to her place. He suggests they go for dinner again in a couple of days, mostly because it’s his birthday. This time though he wants her children to join him.

Just before Si-Eun heads back inside, Ban asks her whether he can text her, and she agrees.

As the episode closes out, Hye-Ryung rings Sa-Hyun after finding out someone has passed away.

The Episode Review

So ghost Ki-Rim finally has a purpose after an entire season of doing nothing. The idea of Pi-Young and A-Mi teaming up together to take down Dong-Mi is an intriguing one but it remains to be seen whether this show can step it up a gear and deliver some intriguing drama to go along with it.

However, one thing this episode wasn’t is boring. This was a pretty solid chapter in truth, with lots of soapy drama and character tensions right the way through.

It seems like Hye-Ryung and Si-Eun could well butt heads over Seo-Ban while Won’s death is felt by many characters.. It certainly caught this reviewer off-guard and it seems like there are now consequences for the mistresses and the cheating spouses.

Either way though, everything is left open for next week’s follow-up, with Sa-Hyun potentially telling Hye-Ryung about what’s happened. How will she react? We’ll have to wait and see!

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5 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review”

  1. What was the fkn point of her dying during childbirth when she deserved happiness and a family of her own. I hate Hye-Ryung.

  2. Thank you for your review. This show is getting so hard to get through. It’s dark comedy with mad writing and direction.
    I miss the OG Kim Dong Mi.

  3. I love season 1 and 2 equally , when season 3 premiered, I was so excited to continue the saga , only to discover that the three main leads has been re casted . Few minutes of ep. 1 , I have to give it up. Just couldn’t feel the chemistry and it’s gone , recasting 3 main leads , is not the best decision .

  4. I’m done with this series. The baby delivery scene and subsequent inept doctors were ridiculous, did the writers or directors not consult any medical staff? Since when did tapping a hand revive a patient in respiratory distress? Maybe try some oxygen along with cpr? The whole possessed ghost scene is nonsensical. Add in the crude, uneccessary language ( has any birthing mother been told “its like defecating”?) And the expectant grandad asking his son “were you pooping”.
    I’m not surprised the two best male leads quit this rubbish after two seasons and can’t believe anyone signed on after reading the scripts.

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