Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 15 Recap & Review


Episode 15 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins at the theatre. There’s a tense atmosphere as Yu-Shin arrives, noticing Seo-Ban and Pi-Young together. They exchange greetings and make their way to their seats.

It just so happens that Pi-Young and Seo-Ban are sat next to each other but Yu-Shin believes they’re on a date. It’s not helped by A-Mi of course, who continues to stir things up. While she does, Yu-Shin reflects on better times with his ex wife.

On the back of A-Mi’s trickery, Yu-Shin marches over to Pi-Young’s house the following day. He demands the the truth from his ex wife. He claims she’s been playing him like a fiddle and believes she wanted to divorce so she could date Seo-Ban. Oh mate, you really are delusional.

Anyway, Pi-Young is surprisingly calm in the wake of all this, even when Yu-Shin threatens to take Ji-A away. Granted, she does slap him in the face for his comments, but it’s enough to snap Yu-Shin out of his mood. Eventually he does calm down and apologize.

Meanwhile, Hye-Ryung opens up on-air and discusses her marriage and how it all fell apart. Tears flow freely as she laments the path her life has taken. Of course, there is a hint of poignancy here but at the same time, Hye-Ryung is playing a long game and intentionally trying to besmirch Sa-Hyun.

Well, Sa-Hyun and Song-Won are too busy playing happy families to worry too much about that. Sa-Hyun believes he’s been truly blessed with this child. He claims he doesn’t feel one ounce of guilt regarding Hye-Ryung and goes on to mention how his job is absolutely fine.

Anyway, at work the group decide to go out for a team meal, courtesy of Seo-Ban. They haven’t done it in a while and it’s a good chance to catch up. All three leading ladies arrive first and Hye-Ryung immediately drops the bombshell that she likes Seo Ban. That obviously doesn’t sit well with Pi-Young given how they’ve been getting on. Is there a love triangle on the cards?

As the meal ends and Pi-Young heads back to spend time with Ji-A, they go out to the swimming pool together. Only, Seo-Ban is there and Ji-A is encouraged to greet him properly, bowing to her elder. When she leaves, coincidently at the same time as Seo-Ban, Yu-Shin decides to stalk the trio and follows in his own car from afar.

As the three of them head out for food, Yu-Shin seethes with anger. Things continue to go wrong for Yu-Shin back home when he notices A-Mi’s crocodile tears on account of Dong-Mi and A-Mi falling out. With bruises over Dong-Mi’s wrists and face, it’s clear a big old fight took place…off screen. Thanks writers, it would have been nice to see that!

Anyway, a week passes and Dong-Mi heads up to see Pi-Young. She pleads with her for help in taking out A-Mi. She’s worried that the girl will inherent all the money. For now, Pi-Young remains indifferent.

In the middle of all this is a subplot involving Ga-Bin heading out to Spain to pay her respects to her parents. Only, Dong-Ma is there with her and eventually asks her to marry him. This throws a big spanner in the works as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

There’s no way this is ending in one episode right? Nothing is being wrapped up and all the different stories are progressing forward with a possible custody battle over Ji-A on the table.

I wouldn’t put it past Yu-Shin to do this, given his despicable attitude toward this marriage. Given he’s the one to blame for everything going on, it’s a bit rich of him to assume Pi-Young shouldn’t date someone she knows. Why not?

I mean, from personal experience when me and my wife broke up I ended up dating my best friend. My ex wife ended up dating her best friend’s brother (small world!) and we’re all happy – and so are the kids. It can happen in harmony and this pettiness that Yu-Shin is exhibiting has simply derived from the fact he wants to have his cake and eat it. Well, life doesn’t work like that!

Meanwhile, Hye-Ryung continues to play the long game while the hilarious cat fight between Dong-Mi and A-Mi sees an exasperated Yu-Shin stuck in the middle between them. If there’s one gripe here, it would have been nice to see their fight on-screen.

Maybe we’ll see flashbacks in the finale but at a guess, I’d imagine Dong-Mi’s bruises are self-inflicted and she just wants to get rid of the girl. Either way, it sets things up nicely.

With everything left wide open for the finale, how will season 2 end? Or will we be left with an almighty cliffhanger? We’ll have to wait and see!

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5 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 15 Recap & Review”

  1. Though Hye Rung’s character is feisty, (Lee Ga Ryeong portrayed it so well) (no person deserves to be cheated on) it stirs up negative vibes-since the scenes justify the cheating husband and the pregnant mistress- which the parents so lovingly welcome- even before the actual divorce. It seemed cheating led to finding real bliss.- it further justifies the sin committed-I love what Hye rung did with the press con-i guess they had a dose of their own medicine- I cant wait to see how all this will end up. I love the plot and how the actresses and actors portrayed their characters. The Ami and grandma feud is a bit over the top- i dont know how all will end in the finale. I hope we get to see more of this series.

  2. @Lisa – the pretentious pregger is a fantastic nickname, I may have to pinch that for the finale recap haha!

    @Sue – Thanks so much for reading these recaps! Yeah, it’s the sunk cost fallacy – this show is such a wreck but so difficult to take your eyes off.

  3. All the happy ending to the mistresses. What a life ! I hate watching the lawyer and his parents and the pretentious pregger.

  4. S3 is coming that’s for sure.
    Just wanna say Ive been reading ur reviews since s1, and though this is a wreck, I will be coming for more in s3 since I’m in too deep and will love to see how the 3 ex-husbands life flesh out.

    Agree on the gripe. Would have loved to see fight between MIL and mistress instead of some dream sequence. The writers kinda led us on with the kangeroo boxing scene in a prev ep, and should make it up by showing us the real show down hair pulling, jaw punching scenes!

  5. Se la prima stagione e metà della seconda avessero avuto le stesse dinamiche di queste ultime 5 puntate sarebbe stata una grande spettacolo 😊👍!!!!! Comunque mi è piaciuta molto , la gelosia di Shin Yu-shin verso la ex moglie è una piccola rivincita ….Pi-young è bravissima e molto astuta nel suo modo di fare 👏👏 le altre due storie mi hanno delusa molto …non sono per niente interessanti …. comunque non riesco proprio a capire come può finire tutto nella prossima puntata … c’è veramente tanto ancora da chiarire 🤔🤔un finale frettoloso o un altra stagione ??
    Grazie per il riassunto 👍😊

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