Love & Death – Episode 5 “The Arrest” Recap & Review

The Arrest

Episode 5 of Love & Death starts with Allan being interrogated by the cops, who ask him about the affair. The cops question Allan’s involvement in the murder and list him as a suspect.

The cops call Candy in for some more questioning after, and also ask for a sample of her fingerprint. They question her affair with Allan and she states that it’s been over for eight months. The cops then blatantly accuse Candy of murdering Betty but she maintains her statement that she’s innocent. The cops ask Candy to submit a pair of slippers to measure the size of her foot and hand her tennis shoes over for inspection. They also notice the cut on Candy’s right foot.

Candy and Pat chat with Don, the local attorney, about the accusation and seek his help with the case. Don asks the couple to only share confidential information with him after he’s hired as their attorney and he is confident that he will be able to help Candy.

Don asks Pat to leave the room, and asks Candy to come clean with him if she’s guilty. Candy maintains that she’s innocent, so Don promises to get her out of this. He asks Candy to keep zero contact with Allan. Allan, on the other hand, is at Betty’s hometown for a memorial service for her with her family.

Allan confesses to Betty’s parents that Candy, the woman he was having an affair with, is ruled a suspect in Betty’s murder. Betty’s mother is disgusted with Allan but he promises that it was over a long time ago.

Sherry is at the Montgomery house and asks Pat about the progress of Candy’s investigation. Pat tells her that Candy is keeping details of the investigation a secret from him.

A reporter arrives at the Montgomery residence trying to talk to Candy about her involvement in the case. Candy gives Don a call to tell him that the cops are talking to the media. He calls Candy to his office where Candy finally confesses that she indeed killed Betty. She spins the story that Betty charged at her with the axe and that she only retaliated in order to save herself.

Don asks her to keep this between just the two of them and tells him about the polygraph test that she will soon have to go through. Don admits he’s inexperienced in such a case and will need the help of a criminal lawyer named Robert. Candy is adamant that she needs Don to defend her.

Both Allan and Candy take the polygraph test. As soon as Candy is asked about her wounded toe or anything regarding the laundry room, Candy starts panicking, which the examiner notices.

That night, Candy and Pat have an argument about her pair of slippers. Candy lies to Pat that she threw them away and asks why he’s being so curious all of a sudden. Pat bemoans that he hasn’t been more curious all this time. In the midst of all this, Don learns that Allan has passed his polygraph.

Candy tries to talk to Sherry for reassurance and wants to make sure that the people around her trust that she is innocent. Candy gets a call from Don who reveals the State has issued a warrant for her arrest. He asks Candy to come to Don’s office and for Pat to come up with $10,000 from her $100,000 bond for bail. Sherry drives Candy to Don’s office, while Pat drives his kids home.

The news reports the arrest of Candy, and the children are worried that their mother will be incarcerated. Pat reassures the kids that Candy will be safe and back home soon. Don and Robert try to sort out the bond for Candy’s bail but Don is pissed that the district judge is on this case. Don asks Robert to take Candy to the police station until she brings the bond along.

On her way, a mob of reporters follow Candy’s car in order to get a statement, but Candy is taken into custody leaving both her and Robert shocked. Candy is asked to undress and the bruises on her body are examined and recorded. Don tells Pat that their bond is not accepted and Candy will have to spend the night in jail. He promises that he’ll get Candy out the morning after.

The news reports how Allan’s affair could be a reason behind Betty’s murder and that Candy’s thumbprint has been found on the door of the fridge at the Gore house, cementing the case against her. Allan is in a state of shock and seems to be taking some time to process the information.

The next morning, Candy is released from prison and Don gives a statement to the reporters claiming that Candy is innocent. He adds that the murder was done by a man, and blames the cops for messing things up.

Don is frustrated that the media have already painted Candy in a negative light when she is called an ‘axe-wielding murderer’. Don takes it upon himself to rectify the situation and gives Candy instructions on what to eat and what to wear. He states that Candy needs to lose weight and look lanky so that the court and the jury cannot place her as a person who could kill someone using a heavy weapon like an axe.

Don’s aggression alarms Candy when he asks her to show her vulnerability to the world. He also wants Candy to go to a psychiatrist in Houston. That night, Candy shares some details of her chat with Don but keeps most of it personal. Pat is upset that Candy’s behaving like this but claims that Don and God are the only two in-charge of saving her, and thus are the only ones that need to know all the details. Pat tells her that he too is having a hard time.

The next morning, Don talks to Pastor Ron and tells him how Candy’s trial will end the church and that he needs to unite the congregation in support of Candy.

Two weeks later, during the first hearing of Candy’s bail, Don has a pissing contest with the judge. The result of the hearing goes against Candy’s favour and she is upset.

At Jackie’s house, Pat tells her that Candy is keeping a lot of details from the case a secret. Jackie tries to confront Candy, asking her to talk about why she has cuts and bruises all over her. Candy avoids the questions and maintains that she is innocent. At Houston, Candy notices in real time how the public opinion about her is not favourable.

Meanwhile, Pat creates a scene at Don’s office asking for answers about what’s going on with Candy. Candy goes through the session with the therapist and comes out of it with a sense of liberation. The therapist makes Candy face her worst fears, including that of her childhood trauma, which causes Candy to break down during the session. Don is shocked to see a woman like Candy have a mental breakdown.

Back at the Montgomery house, the family is having a regular dinner when Don gives them a call. During this, Don tells the truth about Candy’s involvement in Betty’s murder to Pat as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

This episode was not something I expected. The character of Don is really something because he chose to stick by a murderer and is now trying to take advantage of Betty’s behaviour by painting her as the woman that fought with everyone.

With that being said, I really wonder why this show included the part where Candy has a mental breakdown at the therapist’s office. It seems like the makers are trying to make the viewers empathise with Candy and her actions, when in reality she could have handled the situation a lot differently.

At the same time, I do not think Don is trying to help Candy at all. It is possible that he is putting up a front and pretending to help her while he fights with the judge on her case for the fun of it. With two episodes remaining on the show, I cannot wait to see how the story progresses.

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  1. I thought the outcome of the psychiatry appointment was going to be a ptsd or some kind of diagnosis. I do think she enjoyed killing her but I don’t think she would have killed her if betty had not threatened her life.

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