Love & Death – Episode 4 “Do No Evil” Recap & Review

Do No Evil

Episode 4 of Love & Death starts with Betty bringing out an axe to threaten Candy. She asks Candy to leave and never come back into their lives. Candy is worried and promises Betty she’ll leave for good. She states that she’ll be coming back one last time to drop Alissa off but Betty asks her to keep the girl for the night, take her swimsuit and leave the axe near the door.

Betty gives Candy some peppermints to give to Alissa just as Candy is about to leave, but she apologises to Betty one last time. Betty is suddenly driven by rage and picks up the axe, pushing Candy inside the laundry room and attempting to kill her. Betty tells Candy she can’t have Allan and tries to hit her with the axe.

Betty strikes Candy’s foot causing a cut on her toe. However, the episode sees a jump cut where Candy leaves the Gore house drenched from taking a shower. She bleeds from her forehead and limps due to the cut. Candy somehow drives to her own house.

Meanwhile, the dogs on the balcony of the Gore house start growing restless with every doorbell or phone ring. Candy tries to calm herself down and puts her clothes in the washer and drier, content on cleaning off the blood. 

Candy changes into a different pair of jeans after another shower, putting her old ones in the drier and making it back to church, this time wearing tennis shoes. Whilst there, Candy starts explaining a well-rehearsed story to everyone. She explains how she went to Betty’s house and lost track of time before running her errands and coming back to church.

Candy follows her routine for the rest of the day and takes her kids and Alissa home. Candy calls Pat and tells him that Alissa will be joining them at the movies but then starts retelling the same rehearsed story, making him suspicious.

Sherry also notices her erratic behaviour, and asks if something is wrong, but she simply says that she’s busy. Allan tries calling Betty but is unable to reach her. He asks his neighbours to check on Betty and the house. Allan calls Candy to ask if he knows if Betty is okay, and Candy lies that she was fine before she left the Gore house that afternoon.

The men break into the Gore house from the back door, which happened to be unlocked. They end up discovering Betty’s body in the laundry room and assess that she’s been shot, given the amount of blood all over the place.

They take Bettany out and call the cops. One of the men breaks the news of Betty’s death to Allan over the phone, and he’s shaken, calling Candy to inform her about the murder. Candy breaks into a sob after ending the call with him, while the cops arrive and investigate the scene of the crime.

They get on a call with Allan and learn that Candy was the last person to see Betty alive when she came to pick up Alissa’s swimsuit. The next morning, Candy gets a call from Allan from the airport asking about Alissa. He tells her that the cops knew about Candy’s visit to the Gore residence, and now the whole town is gossiping about the murder. As a result of this, Candy learns that the police know Betty was murdered with an axe.

The cops ascertain that the murder was not premeditated and that the person that committed the crime was a woman, given the footprints found at the crimescene. Allan finally makes it back home and is shattered to hear that Betty was murdered. He breaks down, blaming himself for not being there for her.

Candy and Pat drop Alissa home and Allan asks the couple to stay back as she breaks the news to Alissa. The little girl is shocked.

The next day in church, the congregation is talking to Don, who seems to be a knowledgeable person about the law. Candy asks to talk to him in private, and asks if she should be worried because she was the second last person to see Betty alive.

Don reassures Candy that Betty was murdered brutally so it was probably done by a strong man. After this conversation, the congregation gather at the Gore family home where a woman asks Candy to put some food in the freezer – which was the same room Betty was murdered in. Candy does so and the dogs start barking at her from the back door.

Candy is shocked because she recalls how the dogs saw the murder but Betty’s mother tells her that the dogs have been barking at everyone that enter the room.

Candy gets ready to leave for the police station for her interrogation. She narrates the incident to the cops fairly well, and even lies that she had tennis shoes on. She also tells the cops that she was only there for 15 minutes before leaving Betty’s house. Back home, Candy chops up her slippers, the ones that she wore to Betty’s home.

The church gathers for Betty’s memorial service, which is headed by Ron. Ron calls the person that killed Betty a monster and an evil person while Candy stares at him with a straight face.

The cops interrogate Allan about the possible murder suspects. They ask if Betty had any enemies or was involved in an affair. Allan lies in the interrogation but later on that evening, confesses that he indeed had an affair with Candy Montgomery.

The Episode Review

Candy having sex with Pat when Allan calls is not just shocking but disrespectful. Pat may not have known about the murder but Candy does. It shows that she had no remorse for her actions and that she’s not guilty about what she’s done.

The episodes seem to be moving a lot faster now than before, with the pace of the story crisp and to the point when it comes to its narration. Elizabeth Olsen also does a really great job playing Candy.

I cannot wait to see how the trial of Candy Montgomery takes place if the show is headed in that direction for the last three episodes to come.

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