Love Alarm – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Look In Her Eyes

Episode 3 of Love Alarm Season 2 begins with Hye-Yeong deliberating over his Father, worried about his past. He wonders what Jojo will think about it too, unbeknownst to him that she too is keeping secrets.

As we cut across to Jojo, she admits to Sun-O that she installed the shield because of him. Apparently now it has nothing to do with him but Sun-o knows that Jojo has feelings for him.

He calls after her as Jojo hurries down the stairwell and away from the Badge Club. When Jojo leaves, Sun-O confronts Brian and asks about the shield feature. He mentions how four years of his life have been destroyed because of this and even threatens to tell the reporters as well. Taking off his badge, Sun-O throws it on the floor and walks away.

Hye-Yeong finds Jojo at the bus stop and lies, telling her he was home all day. Only, back at his apartment the strawberries are still on the door. He sees this too later that day, realizing that Jojo knows he wasn’t there and being caught out with his lie.

Hye-Yeong continues to feel conflicted the next day as he heads off to visit his Mum. They discuss Hye-Yeong’s Father and she begins crying, apologizing for what’s happened. As Hye-Yeong heads outside, he runs into Sun-O.

Sun-O admits he met Jojo earlier in the day and brings up the question of Hye-Yeong’s love alarm, which still hasn’t rung yet. Hye-Yeong finds himself mulling over this but leaves silently all the same. He catches up with Jojo, telling her he’s sorry for lying and that he has somewhere he needs to go.

Jojo supports him, helping to do his tie up as they talk under the cherry blossoms. Holding hands, Jojo walks him to the prison as he heads in alone to see his Father.

Hye-Yeong’s Father claims that he’s changed now, mentioning religion and how well he’s doing because of it. Hye-Yeong however, can’t shake the feeling that he’s just like his Father and could end up like him. Suddenly his Father snaps, demanding he sign his release forms as guards take him away. On the back of this, Hye-Yeong refuses to sign the papers and decides to keep his Father locked up.

As he leaves the prison, Hye-Yeong begins sobbing. Jojo comforts him though, as the pair ride the bus home. At the same time, Gul-Mi talks to the CDG developer who tells her to begin gaining 300 hearts for herself. If she can do that, then she’ll be given a ticket into the Badge Club.

As she squeals in delight, we head across to Brian Chon who happens to be in Duk-Goo’s apartment. He knows the password to get into the computer too, and the browser window shows swords and shields.

Meanwhile, Sun-O and Yuk-Jo come to blows after the photo shoot. Yuk-Jo is not happy, bringing up the Badge Club and his constant feelings for Jojo. She tells him they can’t do this anymore as tears well up in her eyes. Sun-O eventually heads home and stands on the balcony with his Mother.

Down by the docks, we cut to a pretty unnerving sequence as a young girl is grabbed. Her phone falls in the water, having had the love alarm rung just before. This seems to be setting up for a murder mystery angle to this one.

Meanwhile, Jojo heads on the bus intending to meet Hye-Yeong. Only, Sun-O rocks up in his car and chases after the bus, constantly honking his horn. He follows her all the way to school and confronts her outside. Sun-O kisses the girl tentatively, realizing that the look in her eye hints toward her liking him. As we cut across to Hye-Yeong, Jojo fades from the app.

The Episode Review

As we reach the halfway point of this series, Love Alarm continues to divide the fanbase between Team Sun-O and Team Hye-Yeong. It seems likely that Jojo will pick Hye-Yeong when the dust settles (in typical K-drama fashion,) but there’s undeniably a side of this that hints toward Sun-O breaking the mold.

We’ll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition of course. We also get given a fair amount of hints here that Brian is indeed Duk-Goo too, and the way he nonchalantly enters his password in the apartment only backs up this theory.

So far though, Love Alarm has been a pretty enjoyable watch but just like the first, there isn’t really anything here that stands out. Still, it’s undeniably a fun watch.

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