Love Alarm – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Love Alarm Season 2 begins with a beautiful hand-drawn segment as Jojo finds herself at a crossroads, unsure which path to take. As she checks both ways, we cut back to the present.

Sun-O tells Jojo to look in her heart and understand where her feelings really lie. As the rain starts pouring, neither of them have an umbrella and end up getting absolutely drenched. Jojo heads back inside though and receives a message from Hye-Yeong, mentioning this very fact.

Jojo is worried about the Sun-O incident though and heads off to visit Hye-Yeong at work. She hugs him tightly outside and begins sobbing. Watching from one of the cameras happens to be Brian Chon, who snaps out of his entranced look as he hears back from the police. It turns out they’re requesting a copy of Love Alarm’s logs so they can track down the killer from the docks.

Hye-Yeong walks Jojo home, making her smile as he does the “you put your left leg in, left leg out” jig to make Jojo’s love alarm ring. It makes her smile too, as she clings to this memory and heads inside. There, she notices Gul-Mi’s phone ping with the CDG email from before.

Heading up to the roof, she receives a message from an unknown number. It’s a link, accompanied by a message claiming she may need what’s being offered. She doesn’t answer it though, and instead leaves it in her text messages for later.

Sun-O once again stalks Hye-Yeong, this time riding the bus but keeping his distance from her. She eventually figures out he’s following her, and confronts him. Sun-O asks about the time she showed up at his house before they broke up, as Jojo explains to him.

Well, Sun-O eventually leaves and checks his phone, noticing numerous messages from Yuk-jo’s team. She’s gone AWOL, and no one seems to know where she is. Well, it turns out she’s at her house so clearly they weren’t looking very hard.

As Sun-o arrives and tries talking to her, it turns out Yuk-Jo has already moved on and leaves with another guy. While they head off together, Yuk-Jo checks her phone and notices the video featuring Sun-O and Jojo has gone viral.

When Jojo finds out this very same fact, she hurries back on the bus and heads home. Only, she misses Hye-Yeong who shows up at the school desperate to find her. This eventually brings her into the convenience store where he finds Gul-Mi working. She’s still struggling to find anyone who likes her, despite a whole day of doing her best in the shop.

When Sun-O shows up, Hye-Yeong suddenly lashes out and hits him in the face. Hye-Yeong bemoans him only thinking about himself. Sun-O returns the favour, telling him the same thing as our male lead stumbles away. It’s a pretty contrived fight in truth.

Hye-Yeong eventually finds Jojo sitting on a bench and hurries up to find her. He hugs her, telling the girl not to be sad anymore.

He invites her back to his apartment where Jojo notices the letter from the District County up on the table. She doesn’t say anything though, and instead helps patch up his face.

On the way home, Jojo opens the link she received from the unknown number. This happens to be for something called the Spear, which allows you to ring the love alarm of a person of her choosing. For now, she deliberates over who to use that with.

That evening, Sun-O confronts Jojo, who tells him that her mind is made up and she’s picking Hye-Yeong. Given the viral video and what’s happened, she only cares about Hye-Yeong and his feelings, admitting that Sun-O hasn’t once crossed his mind. She wants to be with Hye-Yeong.

At home, Jojo starts looking through the photos she and Hye-Yeong took together. Sobbing, she realizes that her choice is obvious as she hurries off to meet him. As the sun begins to rise, Jojo uses her spear to pierce Hye-Yeong’s heart. Not literally of course (although that would be more interesting!), but as she steps forward Hye-Yeong’s love alarm rings.

The Episode Review

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Jojo makes her choice and decides to stick with Hye-Yeong. This conflict has been dragged out for a while now and the obvious answer has been reached. Has it justified two years before coming to this conclusion? Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that! Either way, Sun-o s probably better off finding someone else and learning to love himself too.

Around this central love triangle though are several other half-baked storylines that haven’t really had much screen time. We’ve got the Duk-Goo/Brian situation and the weird murder mystery, along with Gul-Mi who’s absolutely stealing screen-time here without actually doing anything meaningful or interesting.

With Jojo now deciding to stick with Hye-Yeong for the foreseeable future, what’s next for our characters? We’ll have to wait and see!

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