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Episode 1 – | Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode 2 – | Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode 3 – | Review Score – 3/5
Episode 4 – | Review Score – 2.5/5
Episode 5 – | Review Score – 2.5/5
Episode 6 – | Review Score – 2.5/5


Back in 2019, Love Alarm showed up on Netflix and immediately took the K-drama world by storm. Taking the compelling elements of sci-fi-esque dating apps and high school romance, Love Alarm cut a unique slice of the streaming pie for itself.

For those who need a quick recap, the background here revolves around an app (unsurprisingly) called Love Alarm. This measures love interests within a certain radius, and if someone steps within your circle, the phone pings to let you someone nearby loves you. There’s no guesswork, no awkward first dates and certainly no cringy rejections either.

Only, this app comes with a heavy burden, and interestingly our central protagonist Jojo finds herself in the middle of this, “shielded” from the pressures thanks to her love alarm being hidden.

The first season then effectively built up a love triangle around this premise, with Kim Jojo left at the end with her two prospect love interests, Sun-O and his best friend Hye-Yeong. Armed with an agonizing cliffhanger ending and lots of unanswered questions, fans scrambled for news of a second season.

With Netflix giving the greenlight for that, the fanbase essentially split into Team Sun-O and Team Hye-Yeong, convinced that Jojo would choose their mascot. And after a lengthy delay, Love Alarm is finally here and more importantly, the answer to who Jojo will choose.

This time around though, Love Alarm recklessly jumps forward in time, writing off that cliffhanger to see our characters out of high school and on to the great beyond. Jojo is still studying, Sun-O is off modelling while Hye-Yeong now has an office job. Spicing things up however, is the public announcement of Love Alarm Version 2.0.

This enhancement on the popular app now boasts the ability to track who will fall in love with you in the near future. One of those names happens to be Jojo, who inexplicably pops up on Hye-Yeong’s app very early on.

This brief background is essentially where we start season 2 and while the first managed to keep you guessing until the end, second season does not.

In fact, this 6 episode k-drama plays out as a middling paint by numbers canvas. You’ll guess what’s going to happen here within the first 10 minutes of the show starting and Love Alarm never even thinks about deviating from that path.

This love triangle essentially peters out after the first 4 episodes or so too, leaving episodes 5 and 6 to play catch-up with the underwhelming sub-plots we’ve been half-following before.

These come in two distinct flavors, with Jojo’s cousin Mul-Gi galivanting off on a quest of her own, determined to find the founding developer of Love Alarm. Her story uses up a good chunk of time too, but although it’s played off for comedy relief, it’s not actually very funny.

Alongside that is a murder mystery of sorts, carried over from the first season and revolving around the Love Alarm killer. There is a nice reveal around this but to be honest it’s given so little screen-time that it barely even registers on the radar when the truth is revealed. It just sort of feels like it’s been haphazardly lumped into the final episodes to patch everything up.

That leaves the CTO of Love Alarm, Brian Cho, who may or may not know what happened to missing-in-action Duk-Goo from the first season. Again, keen watchers will probably figure this out early on, backing up the notion that this really doesn’t have a lot of mystery or compelling twists to speak of.

It also doesn’t help that stylistically the show is a bit of a mess. The editing feels choppy, some of the dialogue stretches on for far too long, while other times a weird dreamy filter gives the impression we’re in a flashback when we’re not – something that’s made worse when an actual flashback shows up.

It’s not all bad though and the show does have some redeeming features. There’s a bit more background into Hye-Yeong’s past while Jojo also gets a chance to confront her past demons too. Some wonderfully imaginative imagery is used here as well, especially when it comes to the hand-drawn segments which are woven so well into the fabric of this series.

Ultimately though Love Alarm serves up a lukewarm offering that’s going to feel colder for fans expecting a red-hot follow-up to what’s come before. If you can go in with no expectations, Love Alarm certainly has enough to enjoy, but there’s equally nothing here that really stands out. This follow-up uses all the K-drama tricks in the book and does so with very little aplomb. This is one alarm that’s very unlikely to ring for a third season.

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  • Verdict - 5/10

46 thoughts on “Love Alarm– Full Season 2 Review”

  1. This story honestly left me so jumbled. It seemed to bounce all over the place. The way Jojo handled everything was infuriating.

    I also wish Netflix hadn’t advertised this show as light-hearted and feel-good. I understand it’s based off a webtoon, so they couldn’t change the frustrating storyline, but they could’ve shown more of its true colors in the previews. The second season is more depressing than anything. I started watching it thinking it was a simple enemies to lovers type story… it’s not that. At all.

  2. It’s the worst thing I have ever watched in k-drama. I hate that bitch called Jojo and her manipulative ways. Whoever wrote that season 2 has a psychological problem. I hate love alarm and I’m never watching it again. Complete waste of my precious time. To hell with Jojo and Hyeyong or whatever his name is. Congratulations Love Alarm 2…u spoilt K-DRAMA for me. I’m disappointed in NETFLIX for putting up this shit show.

  3. How would you feel if your best friend kiss your crush he told you and then he started dating her knowing fully well you love the girl.To me hye heong is the best friend anyone could ever have even after sun oh was dating jojo he didnt fight with him he just left them which one of you can do that seeing your best friend dating your crush yet you will do nothing to me i dont care what anyone would say the writer finished work 100% perfect best love series i have ever seen. Even if they are to publish season 3 i would still want jojo and hye yeong to be together even get married that my say

  4. I think this series has ruined my developing interest of watching k-dramas. I watched business proposal, hometown cha cha cha and nevertheless in a week. Because of Sun-oh I started watching this series and I am really disappointed. The story line is weak no strong logics but merely the efforts to elongate the episodes. Jojo had hurtful past so does the others! How was it fair to just show her the most needy one? I don’t know what writers tried to portray but they surely didn’t work hard on the storyline. There were no logics what so ever for jojo’s cheating on her first boyfriend, breaking up with the second, putting on the shield and then knowing the feelings of Sun-oh but still falling for his best friend and then trying to remove the shield! I mean what? But there is one upside of the entire series Sun-oh really didn’t deserve that brat he deserved better. And jojo’s cousin was always right whenever she said that jojo act like innocent but she is not. JOJO THE REAL BITCH, she was scared to lose sun-oh but was ready to move on with his best friend?! Or maybe writers have portray the character of Jojo as the evil one maybe she was the villain. However, wasted my time. NOT RECOMMENDED SERIES

  5. So disappointed with the end. The writer made it seem as if Sun Ho and JoJo will get back together in the end and built up hope in us viewers only to be disappointed. Right from the start should have made sure that the other guy was going to end up with JoJo to the viewers. 0/10 even stopped watching when her alarm rang for the other guy.

  6. I still can’t belive that this end up like this. Please – get rid of this second actor and let Jojo and Suho be together. I hope that she never loved this second boring and less handsome friend. ;((

  7. I still can’t belive that this end up like this. Please – get rid of this second actor and let Jojo and Suho be together. I hope that she never loved this second boring and less handsome friend.

  8. Totally dissatisfied,🥴🥴
    I can’t believed that how the story line make with !!
    I thought that Jojo & sun ho might get together but until at last I waited but at the end I’m felt so much disappointed ☹️

  9. And don’t ever think of coming up with its 3rd season. I’ll rate 0/10. You know what, I’ll tell people not to watch this kind of drama. Garbage drama ever made. Go and f**k your life and never touch your pen. Hopless………

  10. My middle finger for the script writers. Hopless nonsense drama ever made and I’ve ever watched. Imagined a female lead fell in love with a side guy. Not only that but dating his best friend. How embarrassing. Would you fall in love with your bf best friend? This drama vividly shows the writers past life. How shameful! Thuiiiiiii…… quit u’r job and die. F**k you all. Waste of time and energy.

  11. Worst writing. I spent the whole second season complaining to the screen that Jojo is legit the most selfish and worse woman (in a more adult way). What woman strings along two guys bcuz she doesn’t know if she loves them? I was gonna go on a rant…. but honestly just don’t watch it if uve seen season 1 and are hoping for a good satisfying ending to this love story; u won’t find it, be disappointed and spend most of the time yelling at the TV. I wish I would have read reviews b4 watching

  12. Totally disappointed. Jojo’s reasoning for leaving Suho made no sense. Wasted my time, thinking they would get back together.

  13. I love the show! I think the Season 2 is the best! They both matured. It shows that Love is not just an emotion, but a choice. Sun-Oh learned that he can’t force everyone to like him regardless of his fame and good looks. He then made a choose to learn to love Juk-Jo. While Jojo learned to embrace her past, forgave herself and her parents and became free. The freedom she found because of Hye-Young who gave her the liberty to choose who to love, unlike SUn-oh who forced her to tell him she likes him. And finally, Hye-Young achieved the love and happiness he deserves.
    I love it!!

    From My French Até (Find me on Youtube)

  14. je pense ces saison est tres mal et pas intéressant!!! j’etais dépaint!!!!!! mon amis et moi nous n’avons jamais rien vu de si mal!!!! tsk tsk! i will be contacting macron!!

  15. sucks fat ass sooo bad xD
    never explained jack shit we had streaming parties…. we all wanted to bash their head…

  16. Je suis un peu deçu de ce drama,j’adorais voir Sun-Oh et Kim Jojo ensemble,c’etait vraiment un couple tres mignon,mais pourquoi mettre Jojo et Hyeong a la fin?! Sun-Oh a donné tellement d’amour pour elle,pourquoi lui faire ca!? Ca ma mit les larmes au yeux de voir Sun-Oh souffrir et lorsque je voyais Kim Jojo et Hyeong ensemble j’etais toujours enerver et fermer les yeux de temps en temps..J’espere vraiment que dans la saison 3 Sun-Oh trouvera le bonheur avec Kim Jojo et qu’ils ne se quitte plus…

  17. I loved season one of this drama! I watched it about 4 times over and over anxiously waiting for season 2. I must say I’m disappointed. To be fair I was a Jojo and Sun-Oh shipper but, I really hate how he was so sad throughout all of season 2. I’d hoped that we could’ve seen more of him and that there could’ve been feelings to at-least explore between the two. I wish they could’ve addressed the ending of season 1 a bit better too. It was hard to get through this season but, if they ever decide on a season 3, I’d prefer they stop adding to it and instead that they create an alternative ending and make justice haha

  18. Omggossh so depressing ending!

    I don’t have any issues with Kim Jo-jo ending up with Lee Hye-young if only there is a good reason to. I get it that some didn’t like Hwang Sun-oh’s aggressiveness but that what made Kim Jo-jo fall for him in the first place. She wasn’t forced to kiss him, she could have pushed him if ever. I think Kim Jo-jo is a selfish character. I get it that she has been through a lot but the other main casts went through some hardship as well. Kim Jo-jo loves herself more than anyone. First, she cheated on her bf with Hwang Sun-oh. She lied to her friends for really no good reason. I get it she had a dark past but she could’ve been honest and tell her friends she doesn’t wanna talk about it. She broke up with Hwang Sun-oh because she is scared to lose him…lmao… so she’d rather have Hwang Sun-oh get hurt. I believe she never loves anyone but herself. She chose Lee Hye-young because she feels secure that this guy will be there for her no matter what. The writer could have let Hwang Sun-oh move on and be in-love with his current gf on season 2 and have Kim Jo-jo still show interest in him while gradually falling for Lee Hye-young coz that will be more realistic. If there is a season 3…i hope it ends with Lee Hye-young realizing that he can’t always be the one trying to understand Kim Jo-jo. And Kim Jo-jo in the end realizes that love is a 2 way street and that she can’t always be the one asking and not giving. And she realizes that she was selfish and that she has to be a better person. Anyways…the ending of season 2 is really sad… Kim Jo-jo is the most selfish, self-centred, and heartless lead character I have ever known.

  19. We want the next season3 and we want it to be ended happily . There is no any satisfaction type of ending in season1,2. And the viewers are very sad huh!!

  20. Really disappointed with this season. I want a refund! Lol I wasted my time and was actually fast forwarding clips with Jojo and Lee Hye Yeong. They made Sun oh look pathetic waiting for Jojo, while he is a prefect man for Jojo! What a disaster, I even watched season 1 to catch up! I would never watch this show ever again! This ruined my Korean romantic fantasy!

  21. I don’t know why 90% of the people are mad about. Sun Ho knew his best friend liked Jojo, yet he make a move on her. So to me, it was only right if Jojo chose Hye Young at the end. Overall, I personally thought season 2 was way better than season 1. I can’t watch to rewatch the whole series again. Do I feel like there should be a season 3? No but wouldn’t mind it because of Kim So Hyun, her acting is 🔥🔥!!

  22. I think the way she left Sunny was wrong she didn’t leave him with any hope whatsoever she made him think that she did not love him she did him wrong with the out that she put on then when he asked her if she ever regretted it she said no it’s her fault that Sunny went through the pain that he went through it’s her fault that Sunday never got in touch with her in those four years because he thought that she did not love him she’s the one that put the app on he didn’t he still loves her and I think way down deep JoJo loves him too she just don’t know it jet I think she is started this new love and it not what she really wanted she really loves Sonny and she will realize it he has lost so much trying to be with her his family thought him kept him from her lock him up it’s not Fair he really loved her with all his heart and I hope she ends up coming back to him and giving him his life at and make him happy because she’s the one that destroyed the light between them she owes him that much happiness she is selfish when it comes to him she should love him the way he always loved her if she loved him anyway at all he is still holding on to his love that he has for her that is true love and he will never forget her he will always love her the girl that he is with will suffer because he will always love Jojo and want to be with her only they are destined to be together always that’s the way part 3 should end with those two being back together and never leaving him again

  23. Wish she was with suho she hurt him so bad when he did not tell him the way she left him he allwas. Wanted the way because he loves her so much. And she lie to him making him think she didn’t love him enymore he was in so much pain when he left her lie that she. Told that. She. Did. Not love him she should have told him and stay with him and start a. new life with him and love him again i thank it ended wrong she should stay with him if you have a part 3 she needs to be with him and love him because he waited four years for her and didn’t know why she left him She owes him that much of the chance it was wrong what she did to him. and by putting that app on her phone enyway because it ended up hurting suho so much. And he still love her so much. I give part 2 a number 0

  24. I liked the drama. I thought is was a nice ending showing that Jojo moved on and that it’s her choice that matters not what the app says. I thought it was cool that we got to see the different times she rang his alarm at the end. It’s been 4 years since she broke up with Suho, it would be crazy if she was dating Hye-Yeong but was still in love with Suho considering how great of a guy Hye-Yeong is to Jojo and how cute the looked together. I am glad she moved on.
    I do agree that it was a little more slower and not as captivating as the original and they could have developed Duk-Gu’s character a bit more and highlighted the murders and the reason. I feel the writers wanted to create these missing pieces though so there can be a chance for season 3. All in all I enjoyed it👌

  25. In my opinion, this drama is a pretty good drama, the other side of the depiction of love, depicting how much technology can affect humans even the problem of love, I really appreciate the author’s decision that Jojo chose with Hye Young, the author has explained that Jojo does not hate, but Sun Oh is “hard” for Jojo. I really like Hye-young since season 1, a man who is very patient and understanding, as said Jojo in episode 6, “he is very shady”. Please just enjoy this drama, the hard work of the actors and actresses, as well as the production team, of course it will not be able to satisfy all the viewers, watch how love slowly grows for the Jojo and Hye Young couple. Thank you Netflix for airing this drama

  26. Horrible ending period I wasted my time with this series. Netflix should be ashamed for approving this ending. The lesson here is to forget true love and get with the quiet loser who can’t let go.

  27. This is so disappointing and even if the writers want jojo and hye sung to betogether there is no strong reason why she shouldnt be with sun oh. very bad chemistry between jojo and hye sung

  28. It makes the female character to be somewhat ‘flirty’ jumping and dumping guys to her liking (From Il-sik, to Sun-oh, to Hye Yung). Why would the writers build up a love story so much between Kim jojo and Sun oh in the first season, then erased it in the 2nd season without strong reason? It just doesn’t make sense that a girl would dump a hot, rich and famous boyfriend, who love her very much at that, and have a relationship with his friend? If it would been a movie, I’d ask a refund.

  29. The ugliest and the most disappointing ending if all Korean dramas I’ve watched. Who ever the writers were, they won’t earn the credit. I wasted my time watching this drama. It is definitely a piece of trash.

  30. ##spoilers ahead##

    To be honest even if she ends with hye-young I see that there is a lot of missing things that makes the viewrs confusing of course I thought that kim jojo will be with sun-oh because the chemistry between them was soooo obvious and I was real shocked that she chose hye-young over sun-oh
    But the reason that kim jojo breaking up with sun-oh wasn’t logical like what was there reason
    Is it because of the socaity or people if so why you didn’t reject him from the beginning

    He was happy with jojo even we didn’t see the family rejected the relationship between them

    So I didn’t understand the reason of breaking up with him when she loved him

    Even if it is because of her past he told her that he’ll be with her and make her happy and I saw the smile in her face that is finally I found the right person

  31. If the writers wanted JoJo with Hye-Yeong all a Long why Make SUn-uh suffer??? I don’t get it, that what hurts, the show felt cold and cruel at the end for SUn-uh he suffered for no good reason and him never got justice. Jojo’s actions felt cruel and she made SUn-uh feel like he was the problem all long, that’s not fair. And why did the writers spend all of season 1 making SUn-uh the main lead and have the audience emotionally invested just to then disregard him at the end, again it felt cruel.

  32. Totally disappointed. I can’t believe I waited a year for season 2 of this show. Why did she shield Sun-ho? Sun-ho sincerely loved her. I seriously cringed with her and Hyeong.

  33. The ending is a 0/10 for me.
    Confusing the viewers with the shield and spear ish. The two relationships looks forced out of pity, practically sunho wasted 4years of his life for nothing. I actually wasted going to 2years anticipating this movie only to see this.. i recommended this movie to fam and friends all disappointed. ✌

  34. I really didn’t like the ending. It was great that Jojo was happy after her traumatic experience during her childhood. But I really wanted Jojo to go to Son-O. They really do like each other and I feel like with time it will get back to what it once was.

  35. So disappointing.. I would rather settle that they didn’t end up together because Sun-oh cheated. But Sun Oh did not! He always fight for his love for Jojo, and had a miserable 4 years of his life because of the shield! and now you’re giving us a heart breaking ending. That after all they’ve been through they don’t end up together. I like Hye Hyeong but I really don’t like this season as a whole I would say 2/10 1 for the efforts of the actors and 1 for the crew. 0 for the story line.

    Thats my opinion!!!

  36. I 100% agree with the review of this series.

    What is the point of a cliffhanger, if you are just going to ignore it in the beginning of season 2? Was completely confused for most of this season. Time jumps, filters that make it seem like a flashback that isn’t, plot lines that are just chucked in and not developed….gave me whiplash. Honestly felt like there was character growth in the first season, JoJo admitting she was immature, has some issues to deal with, and had regrets for her behavior felt real. Season 2 I had little sympathy for her. The way she treated both men felt mean-spirited in a way, very selfish at the very least. She and Sun Oh felt the same at the end as they did at the beginning, and her romance with Hye felt so forced I had second hand cringe. The murder, the suicides, the horrid home life were all too heavy for a show exploring how the digital age can limit choice and expose hidden feelings. Very unsatisfactory ending no matter what “team” you are on. Felt like disjointed, lazy writing. Can’t believe Netflix made us wait 2 years for this. What a waste of a great start.

  37. I have a lot of respect for these types of series, I’ve been watching them for three years now and I’ve watched a lot, just for Love alarm when I watched the first season, I really liked it and I was looking forward to the second season and I was looking to see Kim Jojo reunite with Sun-oh , but I also expected her to be with Hye-Yeong, but not to completely avoid Sun-oh. When I watched the second season, I was really very sad about Sun-oh, even when Kim Jojo broke up with him in the first season. I knew in the beginning that Kim jojo liked both of them, but she chose to be with Hye-Yeong
    I really wanted to see her choose to be with Sun-Оh, but I liked the season even though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. When I saw Sun-Oh crying, I wanted to go and hug him so tightly

    ps” sorry for my bad english <3

  38. In season-2 I was hoping that Kim Jojo end up with sun oh they look good but why there both go in different path they look good together

  39. Maybe the fact I have been waiting two years for this, rewatched season 1 just days before and binged season 2 but it just did not cut it for me.

    ****Spoilers ahead****
    If the outcome was to be that she picked Hye-Yeong, it just felt like they spent too long focusing on her and Sun-Oh…

    The first season was so cute and upbeat plus dramatic twists in the storylines, but this just seemed too serious and mopey in comparison – half the season was flashbacks or someone crying!

    It’s a show about an dating app so thought the murder plot seemed so out of place – I would have preferred more of the storyline with Duk-Gu as I wanted him to put Gul-Mi in her place!

    In general there wasn’t much character development from the first season and the time jump at the start not being explained or fully understanding what happened during that time was so jarring.

    All in all quite disappointed.

  40. It was a total disappointment. Season 1 was a bit fun bu Season 2 was a total disaster. The repeats make it even worse. I felt it was a total waste if my time. I liked JOJo with Sun Ho

  41. Overall opinion on season 2 : Mixed Feelings

    I have waited two years for season two, I even rewatched season 1 to make sure I will catch up for the next season, now I would say I did not exactly expect the ending and have mixed feelings. This is my personal opinion and others might disagree so do not let this stop you from watching the series yourself. I expected better I had hoped that the storyline could have been more creative and engaging as in it only revolved around one topic which is the love triangle between Jojo, Suho and Hye- young, it truly is a simple romance story nothing else. ( SPOILER) i had hoped that suho and Jojo would have at least remained friends but that’s not the case, instead she stayed with hye- young and completely cut off contact with suho and to be completely honest I really wanted them two to be back together. Again others might think the opposite but im sad that they didn’t end up together. Having this said I prefer season 1 not only because of the relationship between the characters but also the plot being very basic, slightly boring. on the other hand im happy I still really enjoyed it and personally found It interesting to watch so I would 100% recommend watching it.

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