Love Alarm – Season 1 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review


The Finale

The finale to Love Alarm begins with Sun-Oh showing up at Jojo’s work, only to find it closed. As it turns out, our protagonist appears before Hye-Yeong in the school courtyard. It’s here she reveals the truth about Love Alarm, that she had a shield up and it’s her fault their relationship failed. He reassures her, and the two step closer together, prompting her to smile as he rings her alarm.

After a somewhat romantic and beautiful date, Jojo heads home only to run into Sun-Oh, who checks her Love Alarm only to find the notification go off again. She tells him she used to like him but right now she’s not so sure.

Seeing the damage the shield has caused, Jojo tries to turn it off. Only, every time she tries to get rid of the shield it reactivates, seemingly condemning her to life without the love alarm activated correctly. Realizing the developer is the only person who can turn off the app, she contemplates what to do next while Gul-Mi continues to entertain the solitary person watching her streams.

Sun-Oh accuses Hye-Yeong of using him to get what he wanted. He tells him it’s only a matter of time before he leaves as Sun-Oh turns the attention around to Jojo. The two discuss what she did to him and he tells his friend that he still likes Jojo. Yuk-Jo shows up midway through their fight and checks out Sun-Oh’s yearbook to find out who Kim Jojo actually is.

The big day of the Love Alarm launch arrives, and with it the promise of the developer being revealed. Jojo laments the arrival of Love Alarm, realizing it’s caused more harm than good and wonders where they’d be now without it. However, the big talking point here is the reveal of the developer himself. Is Duk-Go still alive?

However, as protestors arrive to stop the launch, Hye-Yeong learns the artist of The Ringing World is actually Jojo. Seeing the protest on TV, Hye-Yeong rushes to the scene to check on his love interest. In the auditorium, the presenter mentions that Love Alarm was created in a shy boy’s bedroom. Glimpses of Duk-Go’s apartment flash up before the developer reveals himself to be a man named Brian Chon. While protestors outside question the morality around the app, inside the building, the Badge Club are told the new features for the app will accurately predict ones feelings and how they will develop.

In the aftermath of the meeting, Jojo, Yuk-Jo, Sun-Oh and Hye-Yeong all meet in the hallway while Jojo contemplates over just who she’ll choose. As the quartet deliberate over what to do next, the developer upstairs reveals that the Love Alarm will accurately predict who you’ll fall in love with where the episode is left hanging in the balance.

Love Alarm leaves things hanging on an almighty cliffhanger here, one that sees Jojo torn between two sides. With Hye-Yeong heading off to Busan and Sun-Oh clearly conflicted by her feelings with Jojo, could we see a situation arise where Yuk-Jo and Hye-Yeong get together while Sun-Oh and Jojo rekindle their past flame? It seems unlikely of course but the triangle itself continues to keep things interesting, right through to this final episode.

It may not have been the best drama, and there’s plenty of questions left unanswered if Netflix and TvN decide to renew this for a second season. I really hope they do too as one of my big pet hates is a series left with so many unresolved questions in the hope of being renewed. I’ve said it before but for me the darker elements of the series have been far more interesting than the love triangles and it’s a shame these haven’t been explored in more detail across the episodes.

The mass suicide attempts, Duk-Go’s suicide and the depression that appears to stem from this app are all interesting and very real talking points but none of them are ever fully explored, feeling more like dramatic pit-stops to break up the romance. Still, the finale does set things up nicely for a possible second season but whether Netflix will green-light this or not, remains to be seen.


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24 thoughts on “Love Alarm – Season 1 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. This is the lousiest story line and ending I’ve seen so far.n How can she become a heroine who played with people’s emotions.

  2. I love the kdrama love alarm. Who the heck is Jojo breaking up with Sun oh? Now he does not smile, which makes me sad. Also, the reason that Jojo said to break up with SUnoh is so stupid and does not make sense!

  3. if the season 2 is available I will watch season one so I could watch orderly. I’m waiting to the season two If Kim JOJO doesn’t end to sun-oh I will never watch season one and two eeevvvveeerrrrr!!! promise!

  4. I hope Sun-Oh and Kim-Jojo end up together. I like Hye-Yeong and I think he deserves happiness and love, but it is his own fault that he was too late in telling Jojo. I REALLY want season 2 to come out because I stopped at episode 4 and I’m going to wait before continuing to watch because if they leave it on a stupid cliffhanger it will ruin my hole idea of this show.

  5. This is the worst K-Drama I have ever seen. 0/5. Avoid at all costs like the Coronavirus. Kim Jojo is a fucking compulsive liar. “I don’t want to get hurt, so I will activate my shield”… Proceeds to get hurt and crises like a baby.

    Not a single likable character in the whole series except Sun-Oh, who is clearly too good for Kim Jojo. She didn’t give a single shit about him and abandoned him like a stray puppy with a skin condition.

  6. Sun-oh should end up with jojo. No matter what i just cannot accept hye yeong hehehe im not going to finish this drama. Cliffhanger endings usually end up ruining the drama as a whole so i stopped at episode 6

  7. I think that sun-ho and jojo should end up together, yes Hye yeong would be easy and simple but sun-ho and jojo are so cute and desereve to be together like I am sorry but sun-hos girlfriend thats not jojo gots to leave SUN-HO and JOJO together

  8. I honestly want Jojo to be with Sun-oh. Sorry, my brain totally knows that Hye-yeong is the better, less complicated choice for Jojo and that Sun-oh can also survive and be happy with Yuk-jo but… 😭

    Also, I just want to say… I think Duk-go survived his jump and he is now the leader of the Anti-Love Alarm group. The mouth shouting at the microphone near the end looks so much like Duk-go’s. I think Duk-go originally sold the idea and the app to C&C Corporation and when he regretted and wanted to cancel/remove the app, the company overrode him due to contractual obligations, etc etc (note that he was just in HS when he made the app so it’s totally possible for him to get taken advantage of by C&C Company), and so he lost control over the app that he did. This Brian person took over and they added features like the Badge Club — which is totally different and does not match Duk-go’s plan and idea for the app.

  9. 1 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Again Netflix? SERIOUSLY?!
    Another Kdrama that doesn’t have an ending but a cliffhanger? That’s so American of you. I was born and raised in USA: I turned to watching Kdrama for the main reason of enjoying a story till the very END. The same reason why I can’t stand to watch American soap operas ……… which started from before I was born and still haven’t had a true finale with an ENDING. I totally miss DRAMAFEVER 😢 they did it right. You ruin it.

  10. I HATE cliffhangers. They are a cheap pathetic way to suck people into staying tuned. It’s not bad enough that they kept see sawing back and forth on the plot but to do it all the way up to and beyond the ending is unforgivable. I don’t know what the deal is with whatever Netflix powers are choosing these series but they are the reason why I steer clear of anything labeled as “Netflix Original”. Every time I try to give one a chance to redeem the label it always disappoint me with the cliffhanger ending.

  11. Alguien ha pensado que quizá Jojo haga sonar el love alarm de Hye Yeong? La nueva versión predice de quién se enamorará y ella ya decidió darle una oportunidad a Hye Yeong, lo triste es que probablemente suene frente a Sun Ho 😢

  12. Hye-Yeong Should be with Jojo, let the dude shine, he was shy back then, but no more of that. Fingers crossed Jojo gonna choose him.

  13. I really hope she picks Sun-Oh. They were very happy together and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be happy again. I think she was trying to fill a void with Hye-Yeong. But I really hope Sun-Oh and Kim-Jojo end up together.

  14. I think the person in charge of the Anti Love Alarm is Duk-Go!!! I know he jumped but maybe he survived and has decided to stop what he had started. I mean in the episode where it showed the person talking from the van, it looked like him…

  15. If they do not do a season two and end it there It will be a waste of my time. I hate when they do this.

  16. I completely agree with your thoughts on the final episode. I hope the other aspects of the story such as depression and suicide will be tackled more if Netflix agrees to have a second season. The hanging last minutes of the episode between the protagonists is disappointing as it is with so many unanswered questions.

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