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Hye Yeong & Jojo?

We begin episode 7 of Love Alarm with Jojo breaking up with Sun-Oh. He asks her how her feelings can suddenly change, convinced there’s an underlying reason behind this. She tells him not to talk to her though, sending him into a spiral as their relationship comes to an end. As their fight spills over to the canteen, Sun-Oh forces all the students to leave their 10m radius while they open the app. Of course, given Jojo has the shield up, his app doesn’t blink with a notification. She tells him she doesn’t like him and continues to eat as tears sting his eyes.

With their relationship all but over, a short montage ensues as we see everything they’ve been through over the weeks. Sun-Oh is relentless though, chasing after her and telling Jojo he thinks there’s still something between them. As she looks emotionless, he calls her heartless and tells her never to turn off her Love Alarm before walking away.

From here we cut back to the future where Gul-Ni is determined to join the Badge Club, stealing 3 million won from Jojo in order to do so. She confronts her Aunt, who tells her it’s not her problem anymore before hurrying off. Instead, Jojo speaks to her cousin and she tells her she just wants to meet the developer as he will see her talent and love her. Ironic really, given Duk-Go is the one whose the real developer here.

As they fight, Gul-Mi throws Jojo’s clothes out the window, prompting our protagonist to head out and pick them up. Hye-Yeong arrives on his bike soon after and embraces Jojo, before she coldly lets him go and begins tidying her stuff up. He tells her that because she’s felt alone for so long, she doesn’t even know the difference between being with people or not anymore.

As snow falls, Hye-Yeong takes Jojo to a beautiful bridge, the same one he deleted the app on if I’m not mistaken. He tells her to scream – a way of getting all her stress out completely – and she lets out a heartfelt, emotionally charged plea to her Mum, telling her she doesn’t want to work but refuses to crumble, promising the spirits that she won’t give up.

She turns her attention to Hye-Yeong after who shouts her name across the river as snow continues to fall. After staring one another down, they head back home where the snow appears to have stopped as she heads back into the shop. Hye-Yeong thanks her for being alive and decides to try and do everything he can to make her happy. Smiling, she heads inside and grabs a can of drink, rushing after him and thanking him for a lovely evening.

With a newfound purpose, Jojo tells Gul-Mi how she can pay her back, including watching the store for her while she’s back at school. Despite her objections, Jojo’s Aunt agrees to the terms. Satisfied that she’ll be paid back, Jojo heads out and comes across Hye-Yeong again who tells her he wanted to say goodbye before heading out to Busan, forging a life of his own including a flat and a job. As they talk, Hye-Yeong tells her he didn’t ring her love alarm at school to prevent any complications with Sun-Oh. He asks her whether he can ring her love alarm now but, of course, the shield prevents that from happening.

Meanwhile, Sun-Oh asks Yuk-Jo whether they should return to America, especially since he feels bored of everything and has little interest in the upcoming Love Alarm presentation. Back home, Gul-Mi opens up on camera, admitting she’s been scammed out of 3 million and begs for donations. As she pours her heart out, the solitary person watching her donates the money she needs. As the episode ends, Sun-Oh learns that Hye-Yeong is moving out.

With Duk-Go’s suicide all but brushed under the rug, we return to a much more straight forward slice of romance here, as Jojo grows closer to Hye-Yeong. He offers a very different sort of relationship too, with a much more organic feel to it rather than Sun-Oh’s slightly toxic and possessive mannerisms. Still, Jojo is clearly conflicted here and just where her heart lies remains a mystery. The door is left wide open for the finale to come though as our characters prepare for one final dose of drama.


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10 thoughts on “Love Alarm – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. Well, what i think the reason behind jojo dumping sun-oh was defo a but selfish but she couldn’t help it at that time as she wasn’t completely healed of her childhood trauma yet to be in a relationship with sun-oh that kind of wouldn’t give her the space to heal. Also the reason she dumped him was to save her heart from the pain that her childhood trauma caused her once again as she feared that one day her relationship with sun’oh with somehow come to an end and that trauma she had been running from since her childhood she ll have to face again by being separated from sun-oh. So as she once quoted ” I took sun-oh’s smile to protect my heart” therefore she did it out of fear hence being a bit selfish and harsh to sun-oh at the same time. But that was the right thing to do if she had to heal.

  2. I think that Jojo activated the shield because she didn’t want to hurt Sun-Ho. If you recall after the accident, everybody was saying that he was bound to get into trouble since he started Jojo. And she overheard his dad saying that if Sung-Ho continues to be useless then they’ll just send him back to the US. Ultimately, she knew that he won’t give up on her so she has to make the hard decision and leave him so she will no longer be the cause of his pain. 🥺

  3. Jojo activated the shield in the first place because the weigh of being with Sunoh is suffocating her. And she knew that no matter how much she will tell Sunoh that they need space for her to breathe and clear her mind, he will not give it to her as long as she keeps ringing his love alarm. That’s why to end things, she needed the shield ,since you know, words does not weight anymore because of Love Alarm. Yes, it sounds selfish and unfair, but Jojo felt so small as she continuously likes Sunoh. Things are getting more complicated, and her old self tend to run away – and that’s what she did. She ran away from him.

  4. First of all,I don’t really get why JoJo activated shield to her love alarm..I don’t see any reason at all!,why?,why?!!?..I try to understand why,but,I don’t really get it..what the hell is running to JoJo’s mind that time,I mean,sun-oh really loves her,and I feel irritates to you claming that sun-oh is possessive and toxic..sun oh kissed her at very beginning is that what you mean? Haha,I think that’s what your definition of possessive..but It’s not,he wants to test hye-yeong that time,but it turned out,sun-oh fall in love with JoJo..he asked hye-yeong if he likes JoJo although sun-oh already knew the answer,but hye-yeong doesn’t do anything he denied it,not just once but many times,and that denial,is the switch for sun-oh to make a move..And the “Toxic Relationship”you’re talking about aren’t true..sun-oh is childish so I think that’s what you mean,but in every scenes you can see sun-oh really loves JoJo I gonna hate JoJo if he choose hye yeong over sun-oh,he dumped sun-oh but she claimed that she’s all alone..sun-oh was there when she needed him the most,he try all his best to help her..then suddenly she broke up with him…so I’m clearly a team sun oh!

  5. Sun ho didn’t give her a toxic relationship, he was always there, and even more in the more sad and hard moments of her life, given her support, all of his love and a safe place for her to just be herself without care of the world.

  6. Je trouve ça réellement nul le fait qu’elle bloque son love alarme alors que tout allait si bien avec Sun-Ho. Il l’aime même après 4 ans passé. Il n’était pas tant possessif que ça.

  7. Yup, I also don’t understand the whole “shield my heart and dump my boyfriend” scenario. It is as if something happened we didn’t notice. Someone explain. I am no fan of unexplainable dramas.

  8. Why did Jojo activate the shield in the first place ? Sun ho clearly loved her a lot . So why block it from him ? I also don’t think he was possessive in anyway. He rly met her needs at the time and was honest and straightforward.

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