Lost Romance (2020) – Episode 15 Recap & Review

Chapter 15

Xiao’En, Qiutian and Susan begin episode 15 of Lost Romance with girl talk ahead of the wedding, but they scatter when Qingfeng stops in to see the bride. Xiao’En makes a wish for Qingfeng to get the ending he desires. He wishes her well with her happy ending, noting that he’s off to a new story too.

Qingfeng then visits a nervous Aoran, teasing that he got to see the bride first. Aoran asks what he knows about Xiao’En but Qingfeng won’t disclose as it wouldn’t change Aoran’s direction anyway.

At the ceremony, Xiao’En makes her entrance, stopping Aoran cold. She’s resplendent, recalling their moments together as she walks the aisle. He says his vows but as she starts hers, Aoran flickers and the audience freezes except for Qingfeng.

He comes back for a moment, grabbing her arm and saying ‘Xiao’En, where are you going…’ then freezes again. Xiao’En then freezes too.

Chuntian finishes reading CEO, You’re So Naughty, closing with the line, ‘With everyone’s blessing, they finally lived happily ever after.’ Xiao’En is still asleep in her hospital bed but a single tear escapes her eye. Then she awakens. While Chuntian races to find the doctor for Xiao’En, a still unconscious Tianxing seems to have flatlined and doctors run in to rescue him.

Moments later, Xiao’En jumps out of bed to seek Aoran but Chuntian asks if she means the character in the novel. Do you have to be that dedicated you’re your work? Xiao’En swaps to saying she needs to find He Tianxing, believing that if she’s awake he must be as well.

Chuntian and the doctor get her back into bed and tell her Tianxing has been bed-ridden for three months as well. Chuntian can’t understand why Xiao’En is concerned about him, saying he could even be dead by now since he’d gone missing. Xiao’En panics.

Men subdue Shanna and Jason, aiming to kill or let Tianxing die. Tianxing flatlines again but then suddenly wakes shouting, ‘Where are you going?’ Qiaozhi jumps in before the men can stab Tianxing. With Qiaozhi too, Jason is able to knock out the attackers. He claims he’s assisted because only Tianxing can save Mingli.

Uncle He exclaims his dissatisfaction with his lackeys and their inability to kill a bed-ridden Tianxing. He pushes forward with investment plans for Tianliang Group subsidiaries.

Xiao’En gets a battery of tests and they can’t find anything wrong with her. Meanwhile, all she can think about is getting to Tianxing, believing he’s waiting for her.

Tianxing recalls Jason wondering about what he’d said upon waking. The team thinks about where to hide him next while he recuperates.

Chuntian takes Xiao’En home. She spots the broken mug from the night she landed in the novel world. Xiao’En thinks she must be dreaming and will see Aoran when she awakens. Chuntian won’t leave her, saying she’s staying over as she missed her friend.

Tianjian’s mother asks about seeing Mingli but he puts her off, losing his temper a bit. On the news, they see that Tianxing has woken from his coma and hear where Tianxing is resting. Xiao’En also spots the news and heads out to see him.

Tianxing’s location is swarmed with press, by default to ensure Tianxing’s safety. Xiao’En dodges security to get to Tianxing.

Qiaozhi confirms to Tianxing that all major networks have reported his recovery. Xiao’En is nearly there and Tianxing seems aware of something, but Jason and security grab her before she can get to him. They ask Tianxing what his next steps will be and Qiaozhi begs him to help Mingli, who’s still confined.

Chuntian makes an excuse to security in an effort to free Xiao’En and they return to her house. Now Chuntian is helping figure out what happened to Tianxing. She mentions Tianjian and shows a photo to Xiao’En, who immediately recognizes Moran and also recalls him pushing Tianxing off the building.

The next day, Xiao’En reports to the police that she’d witnessed Tianjian push Tianxing. She admits to using a drone, even though it’s illegal to use it to spy on others.

Tianjian can’t believe there’s a bystander who’s suddenly appeared. Uncle He questions him, angry it’s the first he’s hearing of his involvement is Tianxing’s accident.

Police visit Tianxing to discuss the witness statement. They’re all surprised to hear about Tianjian – except for Qiaozhi. Tianxing notes it will be dangerous for the person who came forward.

Chuntian gets an earful from her boss about the manuscript, as he’d told her to fix it. She claims this is the final version sent by the writer. Additionally he tells her Xiao’En better get back to work. The writer then calls to give it to Chuntian as well.

Xiao’En takes the bus and a group of men in black surround her seat. She makes a run when a crowd of people board but they chase her through an empty market area.

She runs to the road as Tianxing’s van pulls up. He says he’s been looking for her and she jumps in and hugs him, but he seems confused.

At the publishing house, Chuntian gets yelled out in person by the author. They compare original texts and can’t figure what happened. The author decides the Fengshui in the room is weird and takes off, not having resolved the issue.

In Tianxing’s van, Xiao’En can’t stop looking at him. When they arrive, Tianxing asks to speak to Xiao’En alone. He tells her won’t press charges over the drone. She can’t believe that’s all he has to say.

She asks if he remembers her but he doesn’t. He warns that Tianjian won’t let things go and she needs to be careful. He suggests for safety she stay in the place Shanna prepared.

Shanna shows her to her room. Then warns Tianxing to be careful of her, as she’s spied on him previously. Tianxing tells her to stand down just as Xiao’En enters.

Xiao’En asks Tianxing about his rehab, feeling better that he’s likely to fully recover. She asks him an important question: ‘Are you afraid of the dark?’ Tianxing says he’s not, which crushes her to hear.

Xiao’En runs to her room, now convinced he’s not Aoran. She secretly leaves and heads home, thinking she’ll never see Aoran again.

Chuntian is waiting outside her apartment, missing her friend. She tells Xiao’En about her argument with the author and shows her the final book. Xiao’En confirms that it’s her story with Aoran.

The Episode Review

Wait, but… when Tianxing woke up he was still finishing the sentence that Aoran had started when they froze. And he doesn’t remember anything?

Backing up, Xiao’En has her picture-perfect wedding in a fabulous dress; long train, gorgeous flowers and her man. But as the ceremony gets going, everyone including Aoran freezes before Xiao’En gets to say her vows. I agree with Xiao’En – worst ending ever. Like writing: ‘Well, you know how it goes… THE END.’ I’ll keep it in mind for my masterwork.

So it seems that Aoran’s flickering signaled the end of the end. When he was at Qingfeng’s place delivering the invitation (Episode 14) he seemed to be confused about his own identity and everything around him. Then he flickered back. It looks like there’s a link with someone else, presumably Tianxing based on the dreams. Which leads us to Qingfeng – where do you think he went? On to his next book as he presumed?

Back in the less pretty real world you can see why Xiao’En can’t stay at Tianxing’s hideout. Yet, it’s surely a bad idea for her to go home. Tianjian will have henchmen on her instantly. I can’t imagine Chuntian is badass enough to protect the recently awakened Xiao’En. They’ve both had a rough couple of days.

It’s good news that Xiao’En and Tianxing already have a link, even if it’s sketchy at the moment. I have faith in Xiao’En. She’ll make things happen – again.

And, hold on a minute – here’s the biggest revelation. The author isn’t the author. So, who wrote Xiao’En into the story? Lots to get our heads around and many mysterious clues. Any ideas on who the mysterious writer could be?


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