Lost Romance (2020) – Episode 16 Recap & Review

Chapter 16

Episode 16 of Lost Romance sees Xiao’En return home after realizing that Tianxing isn’t Aoran. Chuntian shows her the mysterious edits to CEO, You’re So Naughty and Xiao’En assures that the book is her story, but Tianxing doesn’t remember.

Chuntian tests her on a couple of facts from the book and Xiao’En knows all the details. Like a true best friend, she says she believes her. Xiao’En says the book proves that it wasn’t just a dream but something that happened in a parallel universe, even if it was just pretend.

Page by page, Chuntian goes through the book and notices that the injuries Xiao’En sustained match those she suddenly had in the hospital. She chides her for her outrageous behaviour in the book. When asked about next steps with Tianxing, Xiao’En says she’ll treat it as a dream.

They imagine other possible book endings as an alternative to the wedding. Chuntian gets the idea to ask Author Meng to write a sequel so Xiao’En can continue her story. But the next day, Author Meng throws them out, insulted they would ask.

Xiao’En wonders about Qingfeng and asks Chuntian if she knows of any books that match the character he described. It’s not their publishing company’s genre.

Shanna reports that Xiao’En disappeared from her room and is insulted she’d just walk out. Tianxing suggests that Jason and the hotel-owner should keep an eye out for her.

Uncle He presents investment projects for Tianjian to approve. Tianjian says they don’t need to worry about Xiao’En’s statement, as his sister destroyed the evidence. He believes all he needs to do is deny it. Uncle He wonders if Mingli really disposed of the drone, putting doubt in Tianjian’s head.

Tianxing visits Mingli and tells her Tianjian is CEO and their father is dead. They talk about the past, including Tianxing’s mother’s death – accidental but caused by Mingli. She notes his mother broke their family, causing her mother to attempt suicide.

Railing about her father forgetting her, Mingli notes he even forgot to put her name in the will. She exits on a bad note, just as Tianjian heads to her room to discover she’s been released by a family member.

Mingli is with her mother at a friend’s holiday home to convalesce. There she opens the document Tianxing gave her before leaving. Her mother praises Tianxing for managing a trust for Mingli. She notes Tianxing confided that their father worried about Mingli and talked about her often.

Upset with her mother for talking about Tianxing in such glowing terms, Mingli asks why her mother isn’t more upset about Tianxing as well as why she never visited her in the facility. Her mother refuses to see her pain and makes a getaway, leaving Mingli in tears.

Xiao’En and Chuntian search for books that could be Qingfeng’s original story but aren’t getting very far. Chuntian doesn’t understand the urgency but Xiao’En doesn’t want to leave him wandering around like a vagabond. She says he was her best friend and Chuntian points out that he fell in love with her, showing her proof in the book.

The girls continue the search, hoping to give him a good ending. Editor Yao appears to tell them that CEO, You’re So Naughty caused a loss for the company and now they need to think of ideas to make up for it. Xiao’En suggests books for guys but he shuts that down and tells them to keep thinking, then steals their snacks.

After work, Chuntian carries on about Editor Yao’s conservativeness while Xiao’En thinks about Qingfeng, noting she’d seen him somewhere before. They head to a bookstore to continue looking.

Tianxing does physical therapy, getting his legs moving. Shanna chronicles issues with Tianliang Group including legal but odd investments. She additionally confirms that Xiao’En was in a coma over the same three-month period as Tianxing.

At a bookstore, Xiao’En and Chuntian page through novels, looking for signs of Qingfeng. Finally, they quit for the night and grocery shop instead. Xiao’En finds a diffuser like Aoran’s with the same fragrance. She buys a stack of them, explaining it’s the scent of her dream.

On the way home, they spot a luxury car and try to skirt it. But Tianxing steps out wanting to speak to Xiao’En. They head to a café, where Tianxing first asks Xiao’En to stop staring at him then wants to know why she observed him with the drone.

She says it’s because she took encouragement from him – and because he’s handsome, proudly proving her point with the use of a mirror. He tells her she’s so weird, just like Aoran did. Chuntian drags Jason out so the two can speak privately.

Xiao’En misses the cue and packs her bag to leave too, but Tianxing asks if he did something wrong on the day she left the hotel. He asks if the question of whether he’s afraid of the dark has a special meaning, but she says it doesn’t for him.

He wonders why she only recently called the police when the incident happened months ago. She says didn’t dare before as she only wanted to live peacefully. And she didn’t think anyone would believe her.

But recently she’d discovered that if she does her best, she might encounter a miracle, like being in a coma for three months then waking up. She wishes him well and says goodnight. Tianxing asks Jason to buy all the books she’d handled recently.

Chuntian can’t wait to find out Tianxing’s response after she told him everything, as she specifically gave Xiao’En space to do so. Xiao’En admits she can’t bring herself to tell him about their fake relationship. Chuntian is certain she can just win him over again, the way she did before.

Xiao’En says she only did those shameless things because it was a novel – and now he’s got security. The only thing she can do is make a dignified exit.

Jason brings in a bag full of books edited by Xiao’En. Shanna explains to the guys that romance novels are like *Wuxia novels but for girls. Tianxing clarifies he wants them so he can understand Xiao’En better.

Xiao’En is sleepless at home while Tianxing wonders if there’s something scary about the dark. She takes out her diffuser and thinks of Aoran. He reads through one of the books, confused and researching jargon on his phone. He’s shocked at some of the scenarios; how could women find it romantic to kiss before brushing their teeth in the morning? Really, they don’t brush their teeth first?

Tianjian asks his mother why she took Mingli out of the facility. She notes both he and Mingli are mistaking her good will. The police come to ask Tianjian for his statement.

At the police station with his lawyer, Tianjian doesn’t disclose anything. But as he’s leaving, he spots Mingli and asks what she’ll say. She quips that she’ll tell the truth.

The Episode Review

Even in the real world, there’s something between Tianxing and Xiao’En, no matter how vague. If he’s curious enough to read through piles of romance novels to understand her, we have some hope.

The question about where Qingfeng landed is an interesting one as he and Xiao’En were the last men standing in the novel before it ended. Think he has any control with his new cognizance or simply lands somewhere? Hopefully, his awareness remained when he transitioned – or is that a more cruel fate than blissful obliviousness?

Even if Xiao’En is able to find him, then what? He’ll still be in a book. Wouldn’t she have better luck trying to dream about him to connect? Silly though that may sound, that’s how she found him the first time.

Xiao’En notes recognizing him from somewhere and it’s not the first time she’s remarked on it, so he’s sure to pop up somewhere. Possibly even in the real world. Foreshadowing, my friends! And likely just in time to upset the apple cart, wherever it may be.

Meanwhile, the cold war between Mingli and Tianxing, whilst deeply set, doesn’t seem as volatile as the bloody standoff currently underway with Mingli and Tianjian. However much Tianxing would likely prefer to stay away from those two, it doesn’t seem he’ll be able to – not now that he’s awake.

Back to Xiao’En for a moment – who here thinks she’ll be able to step back and make a dignified exit? I’m not buying it for a second. Especially if Tianjian is gunning for Tianxing and Xiao’En is the only witness. The thread may be thin, but it’s there. However narrowly, Tianxing and Xiao’En seem to be connected.


*If you’re curious, Wuxia or Wu Xia means martial heroes. It’s a genre of Chinese fantasy fiction featuring martial arts adventures set in ancient China where the hero is often a swordsman/swordswoman. The heroes often originate from the lower classes and operate via a code of chivalry. See the appeal?

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