Lost Romance (2020) – Episode 14 Recap & Review

Chapter 14

Susan and Qiutian help Aoran get ready for his proposal as episode 14 of Lost Romance begins. They’re hoping to hang around and watch, but he shoos them away.

Meanwhile, Xiao’En meets with Qingfeng to cheer him up but he’s too upset to even fake it for her sake. Aoran continues to text her impatiently so she eventually makes a move. Qingfeng asks her not to go.

As he says it, Xiao’En can see Qingfeng ignite. Thanks to her, he’s now aware that he’s a character and can move from one story to the next. He talks about his original story that ended in flames and his travels since then, always as an observer. Based on the scenarios, Xiao’En presumes he’s previously been the hero of books for guys.

Qingfeng says he now realises that he doesn’t need to do what the writer plans. He begs her not to go to Aoran as she’ll surely disappear like other heroines do when they reach their happy ending. Instead, he invites her to travel with him through other stories, so they can remain themselves.

On the bus, Xiao’En ponders what it means to ‘disappear’ and whether she’ll die in real life if she reaches her happy ending. She worries about Qingfeng travelling from story to story like a lonely ghost.

Aoran texts her a photo of her lobster and she spots the girls in the reflection. Realising that this must be ‘the proposal’ she thinks through the last dramatic points until her happy ending (and potential disappearance), wondering if she should still show up.

At a beautifully set poolside table, Aoran waits as patiently as he’s able to. Just as he’s giving up, about to stab the equally-unloved lobster, Xiao’En arrives. She takes all the words out of his mouth.

At home, Qingfeng devastatingly recalls his conversation with Xiao’En. She’d asked if he wanted someone to accompany him or whether he wanted her. But he wasn’t able to say it, knowing her heart is elsewhere.

Xiao’En tells Aoran she’ll pluck the moon, jumping into the pool to grasp it – then drags Aoran in with her. Dripping, she accepts his proposal with a kiss.

Chairman He’s complications have put him in imminent danger so Tianjian and his mother agree to end his pain and pull the plug. Tianjian promises to tell Mingli when she’s in a bit better shape.

At the sanitorium, Mingli refuses to eat and demands her family appear. Aware of her father’s death, Qiaozhi silently checks on her.

Shanna and Jason see the news about the old Chairman. Tianxing also appears to be failing and a team tries to revive him as Shanna regrets telling him about his father.

Aoran wakes in a panic saying that something really sad happened, so sad he couldn’t breathe. Xiao’En comforts him quoting weird puns to distract him. She tells him a story about not reporting a robbery in the moment and learning that sometimes you can overthink and should just do what you want.

They playfully exchange words of love and she tells him he’s better than her romance novel fantasies. She asks if he has any wishes.

He takes her to his school and tells her about all the times his father didn’t show because he had to deal with Moran’s scrapes. As a kid, he’d wanted to become invisible and got used to his parents’ absence.

Xiao’En says she’ll fulfil all his wishes and cheers for him at every past pivotal moment as they tour his scholastic achievements. He asks about her family and she shares that she’s an orphan so they promise to be present at all of each other’s future important events. He asks her wish and it’s for him to remember her.

At the hospital, Chuntian shows Xiao’En the cover of the romance novel they’ve been working on, very similar to their first proposal. She begs her to hurry and wake up.

Aoran delivers a wedding invite to Qingfeng but as he waits at the door he flickers. When Qingfeng answers Aoran doesn’t seem to know what’s happening, looking confused. As Qingfeng is speaking, he flickers again then returns to himself. Asking for best wishes from his friend, he also gives him an out to skip the wedding.

Hamming it up, Susan and Qiutian treat Xiao’En as the CEO’s celebrity wife. She hands them invitations and promises all sorts of favours from the CEO. They agree to go out that evening to celebrate.

At a bar, Xiao’En has a few cocktails and now that she’s the heroine claims she can dance crazily and everyone will praise her. She successfully demonstrates, but then gets into an argument with a thug. She shouts for Aoran and he instantly appears to save her, carting her out.

At home, he tries to scold her but she changes the subject showing him he can see just enough in the dark. They test the theory by moonlight. She asks if he’d still marry her knowing they’d disappear and he utters he’d go to hell to marry her.

At a meeting, the board comes to realise that with the old Chairman gone and Mingli ill, Tianjian is their only option for Chairman. Uncle He takes him through projects but he suggests Uncle just make the decisions. They guess where Tianxing may be located.

Xiao’En is dressed for her wedding and the girls join her in support. They take cheesy photos until Qingfeng shows up then run off to give him time with Xiao’En.

The Episode Review

Damn. It’s all happening!

Big Lobster pulls off the engagement but doesn’t really get to do his thing as Xiao’En takes over. He doesn’t seem to mind in the least, resolved to her being her crazy self.

Also, this symbolic burning and flickering is fantastic, cleverly indicating something is happening, heightening the tension without revealing much at all – but we know it’s coming.

For Qingfeng, the burning seems to be closing out his story. Or perhaps that’s his superpower showing – the one that allows him to travel from novel to novel? Let’s break this down for a moment – Xiao’En supposed, based on his descriptions, that he landed in a book for guys. So how is he now in the overbearing CEO story?

I’m wondering if he appears in multiple tomes because the same author reuses the persona and just changes the names. He’s already a well-developed character, ready to slide into the best friend or second lead role as needed. But I’m not sure that jives with Xiao’En’s theory. Is it likely that a writer covers both sub-genres?

On to Aoran’s flickering – did Qingfeng see it? And does he know what it means? Maybe he just played along so as not to freak out Aoran. If he did spot it, I suspect he’d be able to put two and two together. Or perhaps because he knows the wedding is careening them toward an invisible end, it just doesn’t matter.

In the real world, Tianjian becomes CEO and has no clue what he’s doing. But there’s no one else available with Mingli incarcerated and Tianxing falling apart, so the Board gives him the nod. If Mingli wasn’t crazy before, this might put her there!

If the gang is heading back to the real world, rather than disappearing, now would be a good time. Of course, it won’t be nearly as much fun as the Planet ‘Overbearing.CEO’.

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