Lost In Space – Season 3 Episode 6 “Final Transmission” Recap & Review

Final Transmission

Episode 6 of Lost in Space Season 3 begins with the Robinson family reconvening again. There are still more repairs that are needed to get them flight-worthy, with Penny and Judy teaming up to try and speed up the process. For Robot, he’s tasked with sealing up the hub-roof panels.

Will and John meanwhile, head out together and end up having a heart to heart while scouting the perimeter. John promises that when they reach Alpha Centauri there’s no more running away; they’re going to spend some proper father/son time together. As they look through their binoculars, Don comes wandering out the fog toward the ship.

With the gang all back together, Don reveals that he was scanned by one of the robots. The robots did the same thing to Grant Kelly too, scanned while in cryo-sleep on the Fortuna.

This scanning appears to allow the robots to see everywhere someone has traveled in their life. “Like cosmic breadcrumbs,” Maureen realizes. Given Don is the only one among them who has been to Alpha Centauri, that would give away their whole plan.

Will though, refuses to let this happen. He heads into the cargo hold and decides to confront SAR himself. While he’s gone, Don deduces whether they should sabotage SAR’s ship. The others aren’t so sure. As the gang all begin questioning what SAR wants, they eventually realize that Will has gone.

Smith finds a final transmission from Will, and hands it over to Maureen. When she realizes Will has gone off to see SAR, she suspects the worst.

Will meanwhile, comes face to face with SAR. Will isn’t afraid though and he talks about SAR’s programming. He shows the robot the skull and speaks plainly about the alien city. It would appear that those inside were SAR’s creators but with them all extinct now, the robots are free to choose their own path in life.

Now, SAR’s motivation stems from trying to work out how Robot changed his programming and just why he’s so loyal to Will. As Will shows the skull to SAR, the robot smashes it in his menacing claw and reveals that he’s the one who killed them. Next on that list though is Will.

As he stabs Will in the heart, he falls to the ground as the Robinson family race up just in time to see this happen. Robot is blinded by anger, charging at SAR. After taking out his goons, the family turn their attention to trying to save Will. The only way to do that is to get Will over to Alpha Centauri.

To slow his stab wound, the gang place Will in a cryo pod and take off, bound for Alpha Centauri. However, SAR too is also bound for the same place, ready to make the leap.

The Episode Review

With Will’s life hanging in the balance, it all comes down to reaching Alpha Centauri before SAR does. The entire episode is essentially crafted around Will and his choice to confront SAR, which has been a consistent theme through this whole episode.

However, seeing Will’s continued relationship with Robot is what makes this show so endearing. Robot has obvious affection for Will, which has been clear to see across most of the three seasons. The ending here though, hints that we’ve got quite the final sprint to the finish line.

Will the Robinson family make it to Alpha Centauri and stop SAR? We’ll have to wait and see!

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