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When it dropped back in 2018, I wasn’t a fan of Lost in Space. Much like the Jupiter 1 landing, the show struggled to get off the ground, slinking across the ice and eventually succumbing to its own cliché-ridden story. Coming back from that, season 2 managed to cut out some of the contrivances and found its own voice, giving each of the characters a decent arc and a more menacing threat to overcome.

Given the cliffhanger ending and steady viewership, Lost in Space was always going to be renewed for a third season. Even if it is just for one final ride into the abyss. And what a ride it is.

Lost in Space throws everything and the kitchen sink at these final episodes, doing everything it can to ramp up the tension and drama every step of the way. Sometimes this is to the detriment of individual characters being fleshed out, but fans of the previous seasons will certainly be in their element.

Season 3 ultimately sees the big goal centered around reaching Alpha Centauri, the final stretch of the Robinson’s long voyage. With the kids separated from the adults, an interesting power dynamic begins cooking. Will and Judy are the defacto leaders of the other 97 children. They find refuge on a thin stretch of oasis but time is running out. Asteroids are inbound and they need to repair the Jupiter 2 before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Maureen and John are off on their own adventure. Needing to fix their ship, they find themselves traveling to dangerous worlds in order to salvage parts to fix Jupiter 1. But will they ever find Will, Penny and Judy again?

These two journeys eventually converge around the middle of the season, with a more defining story arc taking shape. Without revealing too many spoilers, a big bad lurks in the shadows, right off the back of Will finding a huge discovery that could change all their lives forever.

Visually, Lost in Space looks fantastic. The different alien worlds are all beautifully rendered, and there’s one absolutely gorgeous shot in episode 3 that typifies this. A moon lander rockets across the surface of a planet, showing off the desolate beauty around these two characters as the camera pans up. There’s menace in this tranquility though; monstrous meteors begin pummeling the ground, setting up a thrilling scramble to salvation.

These moments of tranquil beauty being shattered into sudden action typify a lot of the pacing for Lost in Space. The show has always been synonymous with this sort of quick-fire drama and season 3 is no exception. At times it does encroach on character development, although both Will and Judy have some great individual moments that help to offset that.

On the same subject, Robot also has a decent arc, exploring more of his history and origins. I’m being careful not to go into spoiler territory here but much like season’s past, his evolving relationship with Will is the real highlight here.

As a final send-off, Lost in Space Season 3 throws everything and the kitchen sink at these 8 episodes. Some people will undoubtedly be put off by the sheer amount of drama, tension, action and episodic issues that crop up. However, fans of Lost in Space will absolutely be in their element and love every second of it.

After a turbulent first season, Lost in Space delivers another good set of episodes to expand upon season 2’s much-improved story, leaving plenty of danger for Will Robinson and co. to try and thwart.

Despite starting off lost in TV space, Lost in Space finally finds its home, bowing out this final season with an action-packed and thrilling conclusion.

Lost In Space Season 3 releases on Netflix 1st December 2021 worldwide!

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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  1. Last season episode 8 is just rediculous.।।।।। Penny pick engine by itself.।।are u kiddyn.।।।। Will is injured but he is a hero so he can do anything because he is immortal.। Adulys are useless.।। And kids do impossible things.।।। U think audiance is a freek or something.।।।। Very disappointed by last episode.।। Make somthing realistic not a jokers show

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