Lost In Space – Season 3 Episode 5 “Stuck” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Lost in Space Season 3 begins with Maureen and Judy awakening on the ship. They’ve had a pretty big crash landing, but they’re still alive. So too are Will, John and Penny, who find themselves tangled up and separated from the others on this strange boggy planet. Bit of luck it’s another planet that has breathable oxygen, eh?

Anyway, aboard the ship bigger problems are afoot. Maureen is sitting on a landmine, with her seat’s ejector engaged and looking set to go off at any moment. Maureen encourages Judy though, talking her through what to do. Only, that’s easier said than done when a large worm has half the ship in its mouth!

There’s some really nice flashbacks interspersed in this episode too, jumping back and seeing more of Maureen’s history. Finding out she used to want to be an astronaut is pretty telling, but she decided not to give up Judy to pursue this dream. Family comes first. However, that doesn’t stop her wanting to venture out into the stars.

Meanwhile, Don walks right into a bog, with some pretty devastating results. Debbie the chicken wanders off, prompting Don to give chase. Unfortunately he walks right into one of SAR’s robots. It scans Don before smacking him down and knocking the guy out.

Elsewhere, Penny and John manage to find Robot on the ship. However, the craft is completely abandoned. Robot also has a large piece of metal straight through its chest, so it’s certainly not going anywhere! The pair try to free him but one of those worms (a mini one this time) squirms through the wires and manages to get the ship working again. Unfortunately that also means SAR and his goons can find Will and the others.

Judy and Maureen work together to try and escape their predicament. Judy deduces that there’s a high percentage of hydroquinone in the worm’s saliva. If that’s mixed with hydrogen peroxide, it could induce vomiting. To get themselves free, they use the chair’s ejector and a handy nearby chest, to break free from the worm and scramble to safety.

After saving Robot, Penny and John catch up with Smith and Will. The pair set out to try and find the others, including Don who awakens groggy but still alive.

The Episode Review

This episode is essentially crafted around Judy and Maureen’s relationship through the years. After finding out about Maureen wanting to be an astronaut, there are some really touching flashbacks between the pair. Will and Penny’s stories are essentially here to help increase the tension and action, but it’s Maureen and Judy who make this episode so enjoyable.

As per standard Lost In Space fare, the chapter also has a fair amount of threats for the family to deal with. SAR is closing in on the family now, although the world’s threats are the dish of the day.

It’s also lucky these guys keep landing on planets with breathable oxygen, but then again that seems to be a running gag throughout the whole show by this point!

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