Losing Alice – AppleTV+ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Visit

Episode 2 of Losing Alice begins with Alice rushing outside her house as police sirens wail and bright lights strobe red and blue.

We then seemingly cut back in time to David making breakfast for the kids. After grabbing a newspaper, David reads an article from a critic about his film. Only, Alice is distracted and unable to concentrate. This much is especially apparent when Sophie shows out outside in their garden.

According to her, David invited Sophie over as they’re about to discuss the movie. Alice immediately confronts David about this and he acts a little shifty, telling her he doesn’t remember setting a meeting with Sophie.

Down in the living room, Sophie and David get talking with the former laughing loudly and clearly flirting with Alice’s husband. In the midst of their dialogue, we learn that the authorities still haven’t found Hilik either. Alice heads into the kitchen and smashes a glass on the floor. After cleaning it up, she drives Sophie down to the train station.

On the way, the pair get talking as Sofi asks Alice to direct her movie. She agrees, of course, which prompts Sophie to cheer enthusiastically in glee and head off to the station. Once there though, Alice notices Sophie dancing provocatively for a man on a bike, a man she eventually leaves with. As we find out later on, his name is Ami.

This Directorial offer eventually causes problems between David and Alice as they disagree over Sophie’s script. Alice is not happy he didn’t even bother to bring her name up when the film is in need of a Director. Meanwhile, David feels like Alice is overstepping her mark and encroaching on his territory.

As the two start arguing, they’re eventually distracted by a wild boar that brings them both into the car together. The rest of the night is relatively uneventful, with Alice flitting between thinking of Sophie and working on the script.

In the morning though, David and Alice have more important matters to deal with given it’s their daughter’s birthday. As Alice begins setting up the garden, putting the piñata up and flirting with Tamir, Sophie shows up unexpectedly. Things are inevitably tense, with David distant and still upset with Alice over the movie situation.

Eventually though, this couple sit down and talk through their problems. Alice encourages her husband and tells him that teaming up together is a good thing. It could also really help them out financially too.

Afterwards, Alice heads outside to see Yaara, who has make-up on and cut bangs. This happens to be Sophie’s present and Alice is clearly not happy.

However, a stray rat breaks up the commotion as David heads out and lets the rodent go. There, he runs into Sophie’s driver, Ami, who’s outside waiting but unwilling to head in.

Sophie begins getting friendly with Tamir before striking the piñata at Yaara’s request. As she does, Alice and David check the news and learn that Hilik has been found dead. As Alice looks up at Sophie, we cut back to that earlier segment and see Alice running outside to the ambulance. There, Sophie is lying on a stretcher and suddenly raises up with an oxygen mask on.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Losing Alice deepens the uneasy dread clinging to this show as Sophie starts stalking the family. It’s clear she’s beginning to integrate into their personal lives and this is causing Alice to become seriously unsettled. There’s a rift growing between Alice and David now too, a rift that’s being made bigger by Sophie’s influence.

Sophie’s story about the sordid affair and death certainly feed into this idea and it almost feels like the movie script is being rewritten in the present. Or is this a flashback? It’s hard to tell with the way this has been edited which just makes this slow burn thriller all the more endearing.

At the moment, the series has been a bit of a slow burn with a lot of drawn out sequences and some stylistic techniques reminiscent of Sam Esmail (the zoom shots out at the party for example.)

Outside the style though, Losing Alice begins to set things up nicely for its hedonistic third chapter to follow.

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