Losing Alice – AppleTV+ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Bond

Episode 3 of Losing Alice begins with Alice snapping photos of her car in a parking lot. Part of the crew are already there, held up in a hotel room discussing the movie production due to take place. Specifically, they’re looking for a good set for the movie to play out, which eventually is settled on the same hotel we saw at the beginning of episode 1.

Alice remembers this from her past too, and when photos of the lobby are shown on the screen, she immediately perks up. It turns out this is the same hotel Hilik likes too so it seems like everything here is connected.

The camera crew note that this could be a nightmare to film in though thanks to the tight hallways. Alice is dead set that this is the place for them and sends a location scout out to check.

Before that though, she heads over to Sophie’s place. She’s in the middle of an argument with Ami, which is pretty awkward for her as Alice listens to her sobbing in the other room.

On her own, Alice looks through Sophie’s things and sees numerous images and strange documents that point toward her having an obsession with the girl.

When Alice finally does talk to Sophie again, she discusses her love of films and how she watched all the Hitchcock films at a young age. Alice wants to make some changes to the characters in Room 209 though, starting with Rita. Well, Sophie is having absolutely none of it and the two clash over their creative differences.

After a heated debate, Sophie convinces Alice to head out to a Gaga class with her. Alice eventually tags along and soon starts getting into the rhythm. They dance together (for a solid 3 or 4 minutes no less) and eventually begin growing closer together.

As the class draws to a close, Alice rings her husband. Their rift continues to grow, especially given Alice isn’t heading home to see the kids yet. You can certainly understand why David is aggravated.

In fact, Alice has absolutely no intention of heading home any time soon and heads out on a yacht with Sophie and her friend Dalit. Out in the middle of the water, Sophie starts skinny-dipping, which Alice eventually agrees to do too.

The buzzy cocktail of drinking and swimming eventually sees her flagged by the police on the way home. Alice manages to pass the breathalyzer though and even bags a lift home from Sophie.

Alice’s antics cause David to lash out when she heads home, angry at her for staying out all night. Sophie is currently sleeping on the sofa after driving her home too but she’s in no mood to sleep.

While everyone else is in bed, she opens up Alice’s computer and begins looking through the different photos. Noticing Tamir turn his bathroom light on and off again quickly, Sophie gives a cheeky kiss against the window.

Sophie eventually wakes David up, claiming to be cold. Well, he gives her a blanket and the two sit together, discussing the movie. Specifically, they talk about whether David is going to act or not. Sophie seduces him though, forcing David to eventually cave and succumb to her wishes.

The Episode Review

Losing Alice returns with another slow episode, which seems to be the recurring theme here across the three episodes available to watch. Much like Servant, there’s not a lot going on between episodes although the thin slivers of promise are enough to cling to for now.

The way the fantasy blends with reality here is a lovely touch and backs up the uneasy tone that clings to large swathes of this series.

Speaking of uneasy, Sophie’s influence over Alice and David continues, with the latter eventually conceding to Sophie and allowing himself to be seduced by her. I think it’s safe to say things are going to take a turn for the worst with this angle, especially when Alice inevitably finds out.

But there’s also moments that unnecessarily drag the show out longer than it needs to as well. Did we really need a 3-4 minute dancing scene? Do we need the long stares at the end of a dialogue exchange? It’s these sort of moments that just slow the show down when perhaps a more lively pace could serve this one a bit better.

Still, Losing Alice is certainly an intriguing and moody show, and despite its initial slow pace there’s enough here to stick with for the time being.

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