Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Lower Calrath” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Lower Calrath

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Lower Calrath Depot

 Infernal Enchantress (Boss Fight)

The Rooftops & The Road


Lower Calrath Depot

This new area offers something visually different from what we’ve seen thus far in the game. The city is ablaze and the majority of enemies here focus on dealing fire damage.

Head through the doorway and look to the right of the burning tree to activate the Stigma. This will net you 2x Umbral Scouring and 1x Wooden Dark Crusader Cross.

Turn right and hop over the bridge, taking out the fiery zombies that will try and strike you. If too many manage to attack, they will inflict burn so be careful.

Go to the end of the corridor and turn left. Before climbing up the stairs, be sure to hop to the side and pick up 3x Fire Ward.

At the top of the stairs, activate the Vestige of Sebastian. 

From the Vestige point, turn left and head through the broken wall to the other side. Head left first, down the stairs, to pick up 1x Heavenly Vial, and then hop over the gap (by jumping) on the right to pick up 1x Map of Lower Calrath.

[screen 2]

Now, just beyond this point is a fire-throwing enemy that also happens to be protected by Umbral Parasites. This is another boss, but before we engage, let’s grab 3x Smite Salts from the crates on the left.



Boss Fight – Infernal Enchantress

The Infernal Enchantress is a magic-wielding witch that primarily uses fire-based attacks. She’s also surrounded by an impregnable shield that needs to be destroyed before we can even think about hitting her.

There are four parasites in total, two located on the left-hand side of this slope and the other two on the right. Use your Umbral Lamp to locate the exact place, but be careful as Enchantress likes to pelt fireballs if you’re out of cover. Use the wooden fences on either side to try and stay hidden while you search for their locations.

These fireballs will do a lot of damage if they hit you, so you need to time your dodge-rolls just right. Don’t get too close to the shield here, as Enchantress has a few other moves, which become more apparent once the shield is down.

The first will see her summon fireballs on the ground beneath you which will eventually explode. There’s also a homing fireball attack too, where she’ll summon balls to follow you. She also likes to use a nasty move where she’ll hold out her hand and spray a jet of fire straight forward.

You need to be patient with Enchantress; get in close and slash a few times after her fireball strikes but make sure you only do it 2-3 times because she also likes to power up and explode, causing a shockwave of fire to pulsate out. She’ll disappear from her initial spot and then switch her position in the arena.

You want to close the gap quickly, because those fireballs can be a real pain to deal with. Chase her down, slash a few times, dodge the flamethrower hand and back up before she explodes. 

This exploding move has an obvious wind-up, with her crouching and flames licking over her shoulders. The same goes for the flamethrower too, which will see one hand start to turn to fire before she spread out and fires it. 

Watch for these visual cues and eventually you’ll take her down.

1x Infernal Enchantress Flail  1x Infernal Enchantress Skirt 1x Vestige Seed
1x Infernal Enchantress Flesh    


With Enchantress down, search the boss area by the flaming tree and head off to the right down a pathway to collect 1x Magma Ring. Back in the main boss arena, this time go left, all the way up the stairs to the top.

When you reach the alleyway, head to the left and at the far end, pick up 1x Pyric Cultist Flail.

Continue along this path, being careful of the fiery enemies here that will all cause burn damage if they get too many hits in. As you progress, on the right will be a set of wooden stairs leading to an Effigy, which will return you to Axiom if you’re in Umbral.

However, before you activate this, go a little further up the pathway and by the wooden crates, enter Umbral. There’s a hidden bridge here we can head over. On the other side is a ladder we can knock down to activate a shortcut. 

Head back on the main path, and continue through Umbral. There’s a ranged enemy that will threow fireballs at the end of this, but also an iron gate we can pass through.

Once you do, Soulflay the corpse and grab 1x Grievous Ring. This also gives us a nice little shortcut to sneak up on another enemy waiting round the corner. Pass through the iron gate and kill this guy with a charged attack.

Take out this enemy and follow the curved path up. As you do, watch out for another Effigy to the left, which will take you back to Axiom.

Just beyond this point on the left is 1x Ammunition Satchel and 2x Manastone Cluster. There’s also a couple of nasty enemies beyond this point, includign a two-anded sword wielder and a couple of fiery zombies.

Take these out and continue through the doorway. It’s worth noting that on the left, jsut down a slope, is an Umbral Flowerbed too. However, on the main path you’ll eventually come to a fork in the road. On the left is a platform we can Soulflay (which is our main objective).

Instead though, take the stairs to the right (pictured below).

After taking out the enemies, at the very top on the far right you’ll be able to pick up 1x Poisoning Knife. Now, if you shift across to Umbral, there are two corpses you can Soulflay. One on the stairs to the right that we climbed to get this knife, and the other just round the corner to the left.

Soulflay both of these and proceed through the gap. Take out the wealth of enemies here and then Soulflay the corpse on the wall. In doing so, you’ll gain 1x Rosamund’s Sword.

Return all the way to the branching path and this time, Soulflay the platform to reach the left hand side. Drop down on the lower ledge to the left and continue to the very end of this path, taking out enemies as you do. At the end will be an Effigy we can use to return to Axiom.

Keep moving up the stairs and the Infernal Enchantress will return. Because of course she has. However, she doesn’t have a shield and her moves are a little slower this time. She still does some big damage so watch out and use the same tactics as before.

After taking her out, head forward and you’ll notice that there’s a platform on the other side to Soulflay. We’re too far away from that though so turn around and head toward the door directly opposite.

This is locked but to the left of this location, next to some crates, you’ll be able to grab 1x Bow of the Convert.

On the far right of the area (you’ll notice it while standing on the wooden platform by the Soulflay platform) you’ll notice an enemy sitting on the edge and a stack of broken boxes.

Destroy the enemy and then dodge-roll through the boxes. There’s a slight gap we can actually drop down here (pictured above), which will lead to us picking up 1x Cinder Arrows. There’s also a shortcut that will lead us back to our starting position.


The Rooftops & The Road

When you’re ready, enter Umbral and drop down to the lower platform (the one we just defeated the enemy and grabbed the Bow from). Soulflay the platform straight ahead and this time, we’ll be able to move it toward us. There’s also another just under the platform we can Soulflay to complete the platform.

After hopping over to the other side, follow the pathway along and activate the Effigy to leave Umbral. Watch out for a whole bunch of enemies here, including projectile-throwing goons and fiery zombies.  Grab 4x Small Deralium Fragment from the corpse. 

Head up the stairs to the left, lower the ladder to create a path down to the lower area. Just before you descend, head into the house on the right to pick up 1x Map of Calrath Slums. There’s also another Vestige point here too, the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch.

Just beyond the Vestige point, in the room to the left, you’ll find the Prole Armour Set. Out the back door, you’ll also find Drustan there, who’s pretty happy because he’s found a new helmet. Bless him. Talking to him a few times though will net you 1x Wheezing gesture.

Hand over the Unripe Grapes and head back out and at the bottom of the ladder we just pushed down, cross over the bridge and at the far end, you’ll be able to grab Tinct, Dark Oath.

Just to the left here, there’s a doorway which will lead us all the way back to the earlier slum area, just past the first Infernal Enchantress fight.

Circle back around and check on the right hand side (with the door we just opened to our right) for a path leading down with a corpse holding 1x Defiled Infantry Bow.

Return to the Vestige Point and while standing directly in front of the point, turn left and follow the pathway down until you reach a broken wall. Head through to the other side and we’ll be in the slums.

<<Fitzroy’s Gorge

Calrath Slums >>

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