Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Calrath Slums” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Calrath Slums

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Hopping Over The Rooftops

Bonfire Arenas

Spurned Progeny (Boss Fight)

When you first enter the slums, continue forward and watch out for the archer just round the corner. Take this guy out and continue forward until you come to a broken brick wall in front of a tunnel (pictured below).

Use your Umbral Lamp to head inside and you’ll find an Umbral Flowerbed here. There’s also a chest holding 1x Sword of Skin and Tooth2xHoly Salts, 2x Fire Saltsand 2xWither Salts.


Hopping Over The Rooftops

Before heading up the stairs, return to the main street and continue along. On the left, you’ll find a narrow path. Behind the building you’ll find  a corpse holding 2x Ammunition Pouch and 2x Small Manastone Cluster. There’s also another corpse here holding Tinct, Guardian.

Now, before you continue on and miss lots of goodies, return to that Umbral Flowerbed from earlier. This time, head up the stairs to the top ans follow the path along. Proceed to the end of the wooden walkways and drop down into the building and you’ll find 1x Scale-Breaker on the ground.

Be careful here as there are a number 0f enemies that are connected to an Umbral Parasite. If you haven’t already, head into Umbral and take this out before fighting off the enemies.

Just behind this pick up, accessible with Umbral activated, is a hidden room holding 3x Fire Ward and an Effigy. If you use this, grab your lamp and head back whence you came. Go back up the stairs and jump over the gap to the other side.

Follow the wooden ladder across to the other side (pictured above) and defeat the enemies lying in wait. Take a right and hop over the rooftop to the other side. Follow the path down until you come to a ladder. Climb to the top and circle around to pick up 3x Ammunition Satchel and 2x Manastone Cluster. There’s also a ladder you can push down here.

This will actually link us back up to the earlier Vestige point in Lower Calrath. This will also solve the mystery of the raised ladder when we first entered the slum area (pictured below).

Return back to the rooftops again, following the path we just head round. When you reach the burning house (pictured below), hop over to the other side and be sure to break the wooden barriers to open up a new area.

Head through, and circle around to the right until you find a fiery entranceway. Defeat the enemies in this area and then dodge-roll through. Enter Umbral and activate the Stigma that’s inside here. This will also net you 2x Umbral Scouring.

Head through the path to the right and pick up 1x Cinder Bolts from the ground. Return to the larger area in the house and continue forward. Break the boxes straight ahead to uncover 1x Adyr’s Mark Ring.

Just to the left of this location, drop down to get the jump on some of the enemies here. Just to the left you’ll also see a pathway curling around. Move in this direction until you reach the main street (pictured below).

You now want to move to the left and then immediately to the left at the top of the stairs. Follow the narrow path around you’ll be linked back up to the earlier point with the Tinct collectible. Go down the stairs to the right of the glowing tree log and you’ll find yourself in a larger arena.


Bonfire Arenas

There are a fair number of enemies in here, including a Ruiner, a Visage and several other goons too. It’s actually quite a good idea to rush past these enemies and head to the left, up the pathway to the top. There’s an Umbral Flowerbed here which is an excellent spot to use a Vestige Seed.

Head back down and clear out the enemies. In the corner of the area you’ll find 3x Fire Ward. On the tree at the centre of the area there’s also a corpse holding 1x Antediluvian Chisel.

Finally, there’s a small alleyway you can go down to pick up 1x Tassara’s Axe.

After doing all of this, head back up the original walkway with the Umbral flowerbed. Just to the left of this point, dodge-roll through the wooden boxes and you’ll find some enemies and an Effigy at the end of the path.

Turn left and head up to the rooftops. Follow the path all the way to the right and pick up 2x Regular Deralium Nuggets from the opening to the house.

Turn back and head to the right until you find a stone walkway to the other side. 

Curl back on yourself and head down the ladder just ahead. This will lead back to the main street. You want to take the path to the right (pictured below) and enter Umbral as you do.

At the end of this walkway, you’ll find a hidden ladder we can now climb up. At the top are a whole bunch of enemies, but take these guys outy and enter the house. Midway through the chamber (being careful to watch out for the ranged enemies afar) be sure to grab 2x Regular Deralium Nuggets from the ground.

On the otherr side, push the ladder down for a shortcut from the bonfire arena. Continue along this path and at the end enter the next house. Wat ch out for the explosive orbs and you’ll find an Effigy on the orher side.

However, you’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for a similar brick wall from earlier in the chapter. Use your Umbral Lamp to pass through and pick up 1x Serrated Staff.

Circle all the way back to the main alleyway (the one we turned right on to go through all those houses) and face the bonfire for another big challenge.

There are a whole bunch of enemies here, including an Infernal Enchantress, fire hounds and all sorts of other nasties lurking about. Take all of these out, and be sure to check the tent where you’ll find 1x Garish Display.

Continue on and proceed up the large ramp to the left. Midway up, you’ll find a wall of flames we can actually pass through with the use of the Umbral Lamp. The ladder up leads to 1x Saintly Quintessence and a whole host of tough enemies. On the same floor we’re currently on, there’s also a corpse with 3x Wither Ward.

Return through the fire wall and continue ascending, taking out enemies as you do.

Enter through the building and just left of the ladder, you’ll find a door. Use your Umbral Lamp to pass through. Inside is an Umbral Flowerbed, but also a chest that holds 1x Inferno Spell, Lava Burst.

Collect this and proceed back through the Umbral walkway. Climb the ladder and at the top, on the right, you’ll find 2x Faint Vigor Skull.

There’s also an enemy sitting on the edge of the wall which we can defeat. Turn right and head up the wooden walkway.

When you enter the interior area again, there are more enemies to take out. Continue ascending the stairs and take out the two dog enemies. When you do, collect 1x Blackfeather Ranger Axe. Enter Umbral and check to the left of the barrels by the wall to find a ladder we can climb up.

Climb to the top of the stairwell to the left and use the Effigy to return to Axiom. There’s also a Flowerbed up here too and it’s highly advisable to use this, given what’s coming next. Break the cart blocking one of the alleways on the left and follow the path all the way down untuil you reach a burnt corpse. It’s holding 1x Ring of Nourishment so go ahead and collect this.

When you’re ready, return to the burning street and defeat the enemies as you d.

Eventually you’ll come out to an open courtyard and a pretty menacing foe to face.


Spurned Progency

Boss Fight – Spurned Progeny

Phase 1

Spurned Progeny is a tough enemy and it’s also huge too. It’ll dwarf over the entire arena and it can be difficult to judge its attacks. It’ll us a mixture of ranged and melee strikes, and you want to focus most of your attention on the glowing red leg. 

There’s a coupe of big melee moves to watch out for though, including a couple of big slams down in front, a sit-down splash, a two and three-hit combos all including big periods of rest between them. However, each of these strikes will deal a significant amount of damage. You want to especially watch out for the sweeping strike with his arms, where he’ll hit around the front and side of the area he’s facing and deal big damage.

As far a ranged attacks go, there’s 3 eruptions that will spring up from the ground and track your location, so keep running when this occurs. This phase is relatively straightforward, just watch out for the big strikes, bide your time and keep an eye on the sit-down attack and the three-combo strikes so you’re not caught out

Phase 2

When Progeny is down to about 75% health, it’ll spew out lava and the entire bottom arena will be covered in fire. Hurry up to the battlements above and prepare for the next wave. There are three different sets of stairs you can scramble up, but be sure to do this because if you stay on the ground, you will die.

Once you’ve made it up there, keep an eye on Progeny. It will use several different moves, including straightforward slams (dodge-roll through this and strike back) along with a nasty tongue-fist move.

This last move is horrible and will release a shockwave of fire out in all directions. You essentially want to hurry over and hide by the side of the stairs, partway down so you’re shielded from view, to avoid being hit. It’s definitely worth bearing this in mind because if you stay on the main battlements, it’ll slam down several times to try and hit you, which can be a pain to avoid.

Along with the simple slam attack, there’s also a big swipe which can be dodged by using the stairs on either side. However, its also worth blocking too so you’re not too far away from the ensuing slam attack that follows.

Another move to watch out for is a variation to the earlier shockwave attack. This one will see Progeny fire off a huge orb in the middle of the arena, which will then explode. When it does, you want to rush round to the next platform as the entire area will fill with lava, which stays for a good deal of time afterwards (pictured above).

If that wasn’t enough, there’s one more big attack that will see Progeny raise a big orb into the sky and essentially Spirit Bomb the entire arena. When this happens, you want to hide behind the raised battlements on either side of the middle platform to avoid the shockwave. If this hits you, it will kill you.

The best times to hit will be after the straightforward slam down. The wind-up to this is very obvious as it’ll raise a hand to the sky, outstretch its fingers before slamming a fist down. When it does, there’s a window to get 1-3 hits in maximum.

Every other attacks is very difficult to counter or dodge to get attacks in so be patient and wait for your window of attack to open!

Phase 3

When Progeny has about 10% health or so, it’ll drop to its knees and the lava will disappear from the arena floor. It’ll also use that same Spirit bomb orb attack from before, and you need to hide behind the battlements quickly, just as instructed above, to avoid being hit. 

After, you’ll notice Progeny is docile but also charging up the attack again. A good idea is to get on the platform in front of him and jump down to get a Plunge attack in. This will not only do more damage, it’ll also help to get rid of him quickly. If not, you’ll need to get a few hits in, then return up to the battlements to hide from the next attack before continuing on again. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually this incredibly tough foe will be defeated.

1x Spurned Progency Flesh  1x Giant Eyeball 1x Vestige Seed
8x Umbral Scouring  11500 Vigor  

With the Progeny down, activate the Stigma, collect 2x Umbral Scouring and 1x Remembrance of a Spurned Progeny, and you’ll notice an Umbral Flowerbed just to the right of this. Although to be fair, it’s not worth using given how near the previous one was.

It’s also worth noting that there’s 3x Smite Salts to pick up behind one of the pillars on the ground floor.

Just to the left of the main arena you’ll find a doorway with a statue outside on either side (pictured below).

Head inside and up the stairs to activate the vestige point, Vestige of Doln. Rest up and then we’ll be ready to tackle the next part of Calrath.

<< Lower Calrath

Upper Calrath Mining District >>

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