Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Fitzroy’s Gorge” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Fitzroy’s Gorge

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Crimson Rector Percival (Optional Boss)

Fitzroy Gorge Exterior

Fitzroy Gorge Caves

Ruiner (Boss Fight)

The Courtyards


As soon as you enter Fitzroy’s Gorge, there will be new enemies to tackle. There are fire-breathing and also skeletal dogs too. Take these guys out and head to the top of the hill.

There will be a fork in the road here so head just to the right first and pick up Radiance Spell – Piercing Light first. However, we don’t want to go right just yet as this leads to our next destination.

Instead, head to the left. There will be a shortcut up to Skyrest Bridge, and also an optional boss too. Keep moving toward the city gates and pass through to start an optional boss.


Crimson Rector Percival

Optional Boss Fight – Crimson Rector Percival

Percival isn’t too difficult once you get your strategy down, but he does pack a punch so be careful if you’re caught by his attacks. He has heavy armour and he swings his two-handed sword around a lot. If you’re hit too often, it will also do bleed damage, so be wary of this. 

Like Delyth, he also has the ability to cast Holy as well, which will do additional damage to any of his attacks. 

These strikes generally stick to a simple two-hit and three-hit combo, with swinging arcs and methodical slashes across. The worst one comes from a spinning overhead slam, which is particularly difficult to tackle.

Percival also summons clones of himself as well, but these, thankfully, just stick to overhead slam attacks so aren’t too difficult, just keep an eye on them so they don’t hit you.

Unfortunately, this boss is made a little more difficult because of there being Umbral Parasites dotted around. There are four in total – one by where the boss first shows up, another by the door opposite, a third by the entrance gate we just head in through and one opposite on the other side of the arena. Essentially this forms a diamond shape.

Now, if you get rid of these while Percival is near, and especially when he tries to use Holy damage, it can be really useful as it’ll turn the balance of power in your favour.

Those combos do have an obvious wind-up and there’s also a little window of recovery too. The three-hit combo is a good one to get behind the boss and hit a strong attack, and when Percival tries to cast Holy, try to lure him near the parasites.

He isn’t too difficult but watch out for the sword strikes, and try not to get hit too many times in a row. Eventually he’ll go down.

1x Ring of Brilliant Protection  1x Crimson Rector Leggings 1x Vestige Seed

With the boss dead, grab 2x Regular Deralium Nuggets from the ground and open the chest to take 1x Bloodlust. Head inside the castle walls, where you’ll see an elevator. Take the elevator up and grab 2x Regular Deralium Nuggets from just outside the elevator doors. There’s also an iron gate here. Open it up and we’ll be back at Skyrest Bridge.

We’ll be back at an earlier area where we head inside the Sanctuary near Skyrest bridge, and it’s super useful for where we need to go later.

Now, head back to the fork in the road and head toward Calrath. 


Fitzroy Gorge Exterior

As you continue down the path, you’ll notice that it’s a tightknit clifftop path. Be careful not to fall off the edge here! Partway, activate Umbral and interact with the Stigma to the left where the blue moths are congregating. Doing this will net you 2x Umbral Scouring.

Further on along this path, watch out for the exploding enemy and from its location, pick up 1x Holy Salts. Now, you want to be quick down the next pathway as there’s a ranged enemy on the hilltop that will fire on you as you approach.

Rush down to the bottom and take out the enemies, hugging the rock to avoid being hit. Be sure to pick up 4x Small Deralium Fragment here.  Be careful of the fire hound that’s here and be careful of the ranged enemy. If need be, use ranged weapons of your own to avoid falling off the edge.

Continue to descend the path and use your Umbral Lamp (if you’re not already in Umbral) to pass through the iron gate. Be sure to pick up 2x Regular Deralium Fragment next to the corpse.


Fitzroy Gorge Caves

After passing through the iron gate, be mindful of the ranged enemy from afar that will continue to hurl projectiles at you. Unless you’re using ranged weapons too, you won’t be able to hit him so be sure to rush forward to avoid being hit.

At the top of this slope on the left is an Emergence Effigy. Use this and collect 1x Ring of Radiant Pre-eminence. A little further on, you’ll find a corpse on the ground next to an enemy that will attack. Do not grab this. It’ll be the same decoy Reaper from before that will deal a lot of damage!

Instead, head to the right of this area and collect 1x Fitzroy’s Sword. Continue forward and down the bone bridges. After taking out the enemies here, you want to take a right. 

Inside, you’ll find an NPC called Drustan. After speaking to him, drop own the next ladder and you’ll find 1x Cracked Rune Tablet. There’s also a shortcut down here too which links us to a later section marked with ** on the walkthrough, along with an Umbral Flowerbed.

Return back up both ladders and on the main path. There’s an Effigy to the left on the platform below, along with a 4x Small Deralium Fragment collectible.

Go ahead and leave Umbral and drop down the ledge. Kill the enemies here and descend the ladder. At the bottom is 1x Raw Mangler Axe. Down the next ladder, tucked behind the scaffolding, you’ll find 2x Regular Deralium Nuggets. Ascend back up both ladders and follow the rock path around. Instead of going down, go up to the left.

At the end of this path will be a fire hound and the earlier ranged enemy we ignored (or killed) from before. At its location you’ll be able to grab 1x Ammunition Satchel and 2x Manastone Cluster.

Turn back and go down the rock path on the left. This will meet back up with the area with the two ladders we descended earlier. At the bottom of the rock path, grab 1x Animated Vigor Skull.

**This is also the area where the Cracked Run Tablet collectible links us up to, so it cuts out a fair chunk of the level down.

Head outside and follow the path down.

When you reach the bridge, you’ll come to the next boss fight.



Boss Fight – Ruiner

Ruiner is a tough foe and unfortunately, due to it attacking on this bridge, there’s quite a tight arena for us to work with. He not only has a flaming axe, but he also has a big, monstrous shield too. As a result, Ruiner can inflict burn damage on you if it gets too close.

There’s the usual two and three-hit combos, but as the fight wears on, he actually extends this out to five hits. So be wary of this.

Along with standard melee strikes, Ruiner will also use a host of fire-attacks. The first will see him tap his shield and it’ll turn orange. This will then spew out a line of fire. From afar, Ruiner will stamp the ground and a line of fire will be thrown in your direction.

There’s also a variation to its simple overhead strike too, which will see it spew out fire on impact. Finally, the worst attack here to watch out for his rush attacks forward (which are met with fiery residues in its wake) and it casting a fire statue that will buff his attacks and power up Ruiner. You want to destroy this as quickly as possible. 

In terms of strategy, you want to dodge through the three-hit combo, preferably waiting for the second strike before dodging the final two. This way, if you mis-time a strike, it won’t be too punishing for you damage-wise.

A good idea is to try and make sure you’re not caught by the width of the bridge. The fire attacks don’t have great range but they can do a lot of damage over time if you’re hit. A good idea is to try and stay length-wise on the bridge so if you get in trouble, you can at least back off, recover HP and go again.

If you have any throwables, feel free to use them but in all honesty, this fight shouldn’t pose too many problems overall, all things considered.

1x Ruiner Axe  1x Ruiner Sleeves 1x Vestige Seed

With the Ruiner down, proceed over the bridge to the other side. On the way, be sure to enter Umbral so you can look for a path on the side, close to the flowerbed. There, you’ll find a corpse we can Soulflay to grab 1x Nohuta Ritual Hammer.

Continue forward and when the path descends, be sure to pick up 2x Briostone Pair and 3x Unique Berries. On the higher platform, by the twin-scythed reaper, be sure to pick up 1x Weighted Bolts.


The Courtyards

Now, it’s worth noting here that there are two paths that lead to the same destination. Going down the slope to the right will lead out to more fire hounds and a couple of collectibles, including 1x Smite Salts and 1x Bleed Salts next to the Effigy. There’s also an optional fight with The Lightreaper too. However, there’s also another way to go down, which is the way we went as it avoids this Lightreaper fight (which you’ll likely die to. If you do, you can still continue on that slope down after respawning).

Directly behind the Weighted Bolts collectible, enter Umbral (if you’re not already) and Soulflay the platform over toward us. Be careful of the ranged enemy hitting projectiles and proceed to the path on the right. Make sure you have a decent amount of HP and drop down to do a Plunge attack on the unsuspecting enemy here.

There’s also an Effigy here to return to Axiom and, at the far end, a corpse we can Soulflay which will give us 1x Umbral Eye of the Hooded Antuli. Turn back and enter the tower. Go up all the way to the top of the stairs. Watch out for the ranged enemy and wait for 2 shots to be fired off before emerging. Head out, kill the goon and collect 1x Snake Oil Grenade from behind her.

Go all the way to the very top of the tower and be sure to pick up 1x Animated Vigor Skull on the way. There’s a hole near the top leading to a narrow path. Climb the stairs and then the ladder. Cross the wooden beam and up the next ladder, which will reach the roof. There’s a Stigma here that will net you 2x Umbral Scouring and a chest holding Fitzroy’s Armor Set.

Go all the way down to the bottom and exit the broken tower. Circle back around to the left and grab 2x Magic Ward.

Continue on the path down and keep descending. Kill the two goons praying by the altar and into the next area, where you’ll find a shrine.

Pick up 1x Seething Vigor Skull and turn to the left, dispatching the enemies as you go. When you reach a sloped path to the left of an archway, head up the slope first.

Be careful of the armed soldier at the top, which will spew a good deal of projectile attacks your way. Try and take it out if you can and if you’re really struggling, use a Vestige Seed by the earlier shrine (with the Vigor Skull collectible) to respawn very close to this area.

After dispatching this enemy, enter Umbral and you’ll find a corpse on the large tree. Unfortunately, it’s also guarded by a Medacious Visage, the same optional boss from the last chapter.

You can use the same tactics as you did for this one here too. After dispatching it, Soulflay the corpse to grab 1x Saintly Quintessence. There’s also a corpse up on a smaller tree too which you can strike with a projectile to nab 2x Faint Vigor Skull.

When you’re ready, head back down the path and through the gate. Turn left and all the way at the very top of this pathway, you’ll be able to collect 1x Animated Vigor Skull.

Turn back and continue along the path to the left. You’ll find an enemy patrolling the area, the same flaming swordsman we faced at the top of the slope area. Take this guy out and behind the tree in the distance, grab 3x Unripe Berries.

Instead of proceeding inside the building, head to the right into the courtyard. Destroy the fire hounds lying in wait and at the end on the right, next to the iron gate, pick up 1x Ring of Night’s Fire.

Turn back and head all the way inside the building we saw the enemy leave earlier on.

Follow the winding pathway across and climb the ladder. On the other side of the building, back down the stairs again, be sure to pick up 1x Taxidermist’s Hammer. When you exit this house, we’ll be in a brand new area.

<<Forsaken Fen

Lower Calrath >>

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