Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Upper Calrath Mining District” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Upper Calrath Mining District

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Exploring The Streets

Onward To The Mines




Exploring The Streets

From the Vestige point, head through the doorway to the right but before heading outside, there’s a metal fence on the left. Use the Umbral Lamp to go through and pick up 1x Map of Upper Calrath Mining District. Head back outside and follow the path around, being sure to pick up Tinct, Justicar as you do.

Along the winding path, you’ll find a few enemies at the doorway to take out. Along the way, you’ll find an Umbral Flowerbed on an area with stairs in three directions.

Head up and take out the fiery zombies. As you proceed down the pathway, make note of the stairwell to the right and a metal fence (pictured above). Head through here using your Umbral Lamp and drop down to pick up 1x Scornful Effigy. It’s also worth noting that there’s an enemy here too that will burst out, followed by an Umbral parasite.

After killing the enemy, proceed through the iron gate on the opposite side, using your Umbral lamp to pass. There are more enemies in here including another axe-wielding that will burst out. Dispatch all of these enemies, including the Umbral parasites that are accompanying them and be sure to pick up both 3x Minor Holy Salts and 1x Old Mournstead Large Sword.

The latter is located at a doorway which you can pass through. Go ahead and do this and you’ll be faced with more enemies on the other side. As you emerge into this courtyard, head into the next doorway to the left (pictured below) after taking out the fire-wielding sword-users to grab 3x Fire Ward.

Directly opposite this location, look toward the gap by the fence and enter Umbral. Head through and immediately turn back on yourself. Climb up onto the roots up to the higher area.

Defeat the enemies and at the top of the next platform, grab 1x Crushing Gaze from the corpse you can Soulflay. Head out and you’ll notice a platform you can Soulflay toward you. There’s also a zombie on here too so you can pull it toward you and let it fall if you wish.

Hop over to the other side and we’ll be back on the main path again. Now, turn back as if you’re about to repeat the same process again, but this time look down diagonally.

**You’ll notice a point we can jump down. In doing so, it’ll cut out pretty much all of the next four paragraphs worth of collectibles but you’ll gain 2x Faint Vigor Skull.

All you need to do is once you drop down to the lower edge, drop down again and circle back to this starting position by continuing to go left. Otherwise, we’ll mark this with stars and you can head back here later in the level to backtrack**

Stay in Umbral though because the next location is directly ahead. Hop over the gap and Soulflay the corpse to reveal 1x Pendant of Parting (location pictured below).

Once you’ve done that, hop back over and near the first Umbral platform, you’ll find an Effigy. Activate this and then turn back and continue on the main path down the stairs. There’s a good deal of enemies here, so be sure to take all of these out first. Then, collect the item from the front of the catapult, which contains 1x Pledge to Adyr.

Turn to the right and look over the edge. You’ll notice an item hanging on the tree corpse, which happens to be 1x Vessel Root. On the way down, be sure to pick up 1x Charmed Paw on the path to the left, just next to the wooden beam.

Now, enter Umbral when you collect 1x Vessel Root and you’ll notice a corpse you can Soulflay over by the wall. Go ahead and do this, and you’ll gain 1x Saintly Quintessence.

From this spot, you now want to head toward the two archways to the Soulflay point’s right. Once you pass under the archways, turn to the left and head up the stairs. Still im Umbral, you’ll be able to pass through the iron bars here. Head up to the top of the pathway and grab 1x Banner Javelin of Protection.

**Now is a good time to circle back to the earlier point with the 2x Faint Vigor Skull pick-up if you wish**

Continue on round the corner and you’ll notice a Ruiner and more enemies. A good idea is to actually run straight past them, collect 3x Regular Delarium Nuggets from the left, and then hop down to the house on the right.

This house holds an Umbral Flowerbed which is a good place to put a Vestige Seed. After recovering, be sure to pick up 1x Lump Hammer. Hop out the building and down to the ground floor and under a tent, where you’ll be able to pick up 1x Old Mournestead Sword.


Onward To The Mines

Return to the house after dispatching the enemies and then open the door. On the other side, on the bookshelf, pick up 1x Adyr’s Authority. At the bottom of the stairs will be several enemies to take out, and also a Stigma point which also holds 2x Umbral Scouring. In the fireplace, you’ll also be able to grab 1x Chipped Rune Tablet.

Head through the room to the left of the fireplace and defeat the hounds out here. When you do, you’ll also find an Effigy that will return you to Axiom.

In the next room, you’ll find a winding staircase going all the way up (pictured above). Ascend and open the chest at the top to pick up the Overseer Armour Set. Go all the way down to the bottom of the stairs and you’ll find another pick-up. This is another boobytrapped item, but if you Soulflay it, you’ll get rid of the reaper and you’ll be able to grab 1x Charmed Paw and 1x Vestige Moth.

Turn around and proceed through the doorway. You’ll now be in a larger vertical chamber which will hold a number of different collectibles. First up, you want to break the crates by the wooden walkway on the left and pick up 4x Small Deralium Fragment. Next, use a projectile to knock down the item hanging on the corpse.

You now want to drop down to the lower beam and follow this around to the right. Activate Umbral and pass through into the hidden room. Soulflay the corpse and pick up 1x Umbral Tome.

Before you go any further, head out this room and back up to our starting position. Use the Effigy by the stairs (opposite the wooden grates) to Axiom. Now, proceed down the stairwell, past the Umbral Flowerbed to the very bottom, where you’ll be able to grab 1x Overseer’s Halberd.

If you wish, enter Umbral at this point and destroy the enemies that show up. By the wall is a corpse you can Soulflay to reveal 5x Umbral Scouring. Turn around toward the gate and pull the lever. When it opens, pick up 1x Map of Sunless Skein from the right hand side.

Proceed all the way through the tunnel to the other side and ignore the mine tracks for now. Instead, focus on the vestige point ahead. Activate the Vestige of Hooded Antuli and we’ll now be in the next section, ready to tackle the mines.

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