Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Love In The Air

Episode 5 of Living With Yourself begins 1837 days B.C. (that’s before cloning) with Kate and Miles’ relationship hitting a roadblock. However, they do their best to put this out of their mind and head off to their new home where everything seems happy between them. Kate’s job as a designer is going well and their marriage appears to be okay for now.

We then jump forward 2 days before the cloning incident with Kate heading off to work and her relationship with Miles beginning to deteriorate. This goes one step further too as we jump to one day before the cloning. Miles and Kate’s relationship has hit rock bottom and desperate to find some enjoyment in her life, she hits the dating sites and posts a profile. This happens to be the night Miles hit his head on the bed in the first episode.

In the morning, Kate’s phone completely blows up with messages from prospective men on the dating sites and over breakfast, the two are barely talking to one another. Through Kate’s perspective, we see her day at work where she continues to be swamped with messages before heading home and seeing Miles making an effort with his dinner. All of this gets us up to scratch with present day where partway through a potential IVF treatment she learns Miles has taken $50,000 out of the account.

As the episode closes out and Kate looks through her dating messages, she heads out where she comes face to face with her date for the evening – new Miles.

With another cliffhanger ending and plenty of questions left hanging over the direction of the season to come, Living With Yourself does well to keep things interesting as Kate becomes a more central character in the series. Her inclusion injects the perfect amount of intrigue into proceedings too. With new Miles and Kate looking set to hit things off together, quite where the rest of the season will go from here remains to be seen.


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