Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Conference

Episode 6 of Living With Yourself begins with Kate dating new Miles. As they hit it off together, the future of old Miles and Kate’s relationship hangs in the balance as she drives off to the city for her design conference.

We then jump forward five days with old Miles heading to the fertility centre and trying to make amends in his life. Heading to the work conference, he comes across farmer Ray in the audience. After hearing everything going sideways, he revels in new Miles’ message falling on deaf ears with the crowd. However, when he learns it may mean losing his job, he phones new Miles and tells him to get down to the meeting.

Taking the initiative, old Miles heads to the bar where he talks to the farmers about his Grandfather until Broadspan, the rival company, threaten litigation. Despite his company winning, Ray learns Miles lied about his family and to make matters worse, the next day he hears from Kaylyn that Miles hasn’t been at work for a week. Opening up the front door, he finds a large box and after moving it into the garage, he opens it up to reveal a large, dead pig. As he gets back into his car, a bag is thrown over his head as he’s kidnapped from his house.

Has new Miles kidnapped old Miles? Lots of questions remain hanging over this one and quite where the series is likely to go next remains to be seen. All eyes point to a Cable Guy-esque finish with new Miles going completely off the rails and unhinged but whether Living With Yourself goes down this route or not remains to be seen. For now though, the series does well to keep things interesting with its latest big plot twist.


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