Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Cracks Beginning To Form

Episode 4 of Living With Yourself begins moments after Miles switches places during the love making where he changes the script of the play completely. While pacing around the house, Kate heads home early to get changed and congratulates new Miles for his promotion. She tells him they can go together and reluctantly he agrees to follow her and they head out to the diner. This gets us back up to speed as old and new Miles head home with Kate where they reveal the truth about their predicament.

Kate immediately tells her husband she wants new Miles out of their house and as they try to work out what to do next, new Miles speaks to his sister for advice. She tells him to go out and live his life, sleep with strangers and find love. Taking her advice, he heads out and sleeps with Kaylyn from work but, feeling unsatisfied, gets dressed and heads back to Kate’s instead.

With a pair of scissors in hand, he snips a locket of her hair and heads to the spa after sneaking into the house in the middle of the night. He asks the Koreans to turn Kate’s hair sample into a person but they refuse, telling him he shouldn’t even be there. Heading back to his new apartment, he decides to try and find his soulmate but only one name comes up – Kate.

As Living With Yourself reaches the halfway point, the first signs of new Miles beginning to crack come into play and this interesting examination of Miles’ morality is a nice touch in what’s otherwise been a pretty simplistic drama so far. There’s plenty of scope to explore this further too but for now this episode does a good job bringing everything into focus for the conflict ahead.

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