Living with Him – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Living with Him Episode 3 picks up with Natsukawa asking Kazuto for a kiss. But he says he can’t do it. Natsukawa gets flustered and starts babbling, saying he was kidding, giving them both a chance to backtrack.

Conveniently, Natsukawa’s family shows up on the doorstep, all instantly fawning over Kazuto. They have dinner together, the girls asking about baseball. Kazuto gets uncomfortable talking about it, so Natsukawa distracts everyone.

The sisters continue to praise, recalling childhood moments watching horror movies together with brave Kazuto protecting them. After walking the family out, Natsukawa’s Mom asks if he’s having any problems, since he made tonkatsu (pork cutlets). It’s a clear sign he’s troubled. She advises that he be honest with himself, whatever it is.

They part ways, the sisters upset to have made a mistake in talking about baseball. The guys talk too, Natsukawa admitting that asking for a kiss wasn’t a joke and apologizes for testing Kazuto. Does Kazuto like him as more than a friend? Conversely, Kazuto thinks he may have misled him, saying he couldn’t kiss him was more about thinking he shouldn’t if Natsukawa isn’t really interested.

Kazuto bravely puts it on the line, that he likes him. But says he doesn’t need an answer. Natsukawa replies that he doesn’t understand his own feelings however he’s loved living together. Kazuto offers to move out if he becomes uncomfortable, admitting he wasn’t planning on confessing ever.

Natsukawa wonders if there’s something other than kissing they can do to test things but he doesn’t have any ideas. Kazuto suggests a sleepover and like in middle school, they gather snacks and games, recapturing childlike fun in one small bed.

Later, when Kazuto climbs in next to a sleeping Natsukawa, he can’t help but watch him, recalling a time when they’d nuzzled together as kids after watching a scary movie. In his sleep, Natsukawa says the same thing to him, like back then, pulling him in to cuddle. Kazuto gladly falls into the hug.

The Episode Review

Oh dear. Kazuto is in danger. How long will he be able to stick around as Natsukawa ponders his feelings, possibly rejecting him? And Natsukawa – how long will it take him to sort his own emotions? He doesn’t seem highly against a relationship – if so, he would have immediately backed away. In fact, in testing, he was already considering it. Still, looking through one’s feelings take bravery. And time. 

Since they live together, there will be more opportunities to test things in little ways before making bigger decisions – like dating or moving out. Actually, the moving out may be daunting to Natsukawa as his friends are Kazuto’s friends. He doesn’t seem to have made any mates outside that group. Might he decide to try things to avoid being alone? It’s not like it’s never been done before…

Let’s hope he can get to an honest place. He could always decline dating but ask to live together anyway, leaving it in Kazuto’s hands. But Natsukawa is both pensive and considerate, so I bet he’ll think it through. What do you think? Let’s see…


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