Living with Him – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Living with Him Episode 4 sees Kazuto confess to Natsukawa, but he doesn’t want to pressure him. Although Natsukawa certainly enjoys living together, he isn’t sure of his romantic feelings and needs more time.

While Natsukawa sleeps, Kazuto strokes his hair, admiring him but at the same time facing the fact there’s nowhere to go now that he’s confessed. A groggy Natsukawa understands and pulls Kazuto into a hug, so they hold each other.

The next morning, Natsukawa jolts awake, banging his head against the wall, waking Kazuto. Kazuto tries to massage his head but Natsukawa gets flustered claiming he needs to shower as he’s broken into a sweat – but not in a weird way. In the shower, he remembers Kazuto’s confession and burns himself in the hot water.

On the way to school a distracted Natsukawa freaks out when Kazuto throws an arm toward him. Kazuto remarks that he’s acting weird but before Natsukawa can respond, Eri joins them. She reminds Kazuto of a work event and invites Natsukawa too but he’s worried he’ll stand out. As they continue to chat, Natsukawa scurries off to his lecture.

Haruna’s in the same class and invites Natsukawa out for dinner but he declines. Instead, Natsukawa asks for love advice – what would Haruna do if he confessed to someone but the other person says he wasn’t sure? Haruna questions – are you waiting for an answer? If so, it’s best to move on quickly if there’s no reciprocation.

Kazuto meets them at the classroom door and as Haruna is about to tease him, Natsukawa says their conversation is off the record and runs away. Haruna tries to get Kazuto to have dinner but he’s got work.

At the restaurant, Kazuto has a chance to go home early, first excited, then recalling Natsukawa being weird, he decides to stay. Meanwhile, Haruna has his super-hot curry dinner but Natsukawa loses his appetite and heads home.

After work, Kazuto quietly sneaks in but Natsukawa is still awake on the couch. They both haven’t had dinner so make ramen, settling in with uncomfortable conversation until the awkwardness makes them laugh over nothing.

The next day, Natsukawa’s family cancels on him for Sunday. A nervous Kazuto wants to ask him something, but before he can speak, Haruna calls.

Natsukawa meets Haruna who thanks him for meeting, calling him by his first name. Natsukawa is in tizzy about it but Haruna brushes it off, saying he’ll thank him for coming with dinner. Natsukawa is excited so Haruna wonders if he typically cooks at home. When Natsukawa admits to doing house chores, Haruna wishes he had someone like that. They settle with Natsukawa agreeing to clean Haruna’s house on Sunday, for a fee course.

Kazuto leaps in, saying Natsukawa isn’t a cleaning service and has plans with him anyway. So Haruna takes the hint and heads out, calling Natsukawa by his first name one more time.

Kazuto apologizes for butting in and asks Natsukawa to hang out on Sunday. Natsukawa is enthusiastic and says he’ll come up with ideas. Surprised, at his enthusiasm, he was certain Natsukawa would say no. As they smile at each other, Haruna smiles too, watching from across the room.

The Episode Review

So Haruna plays matchmaker. Calling someone by his or her first name is an indication of a level of intimacy, such as family, a friend from before school age or a lover. As not even Kazuto – a friend from middle school – calls Natsukawa by an intimate name, it shakes up the formal Natsukawa. Kazuto too is thrown by it. It looks like Haruna is using it to push Kazuto to make a further move. And maybe to get Natsukawa to realize his feelings. Equally, he could have a little crush on Natsukawa too and maybe wouldn’t be too upset to have that turn into real intimacy. However, that last scene makes me think he’s going for the cupid role.

From the way Natsukawa is perpetually nervous, it seems like he’s interested in Kazuto too. So, it’s only a matter of time. Perhaps their Sunday date will be fruitful?


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