Living with Him – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Living with Him Episode 2 begins with Natsukawa rising to find Kazuto making breakfast for them both. He remembers Kazuto carrying him to bed, then sleeping on the floor so he could cuddle his arm. And afterwards, Kazuto denying he’s ever done something like that for a girl.

On campus, Kazuto’s high school friends, Eri Yoshida and Keita Haruna, introduce themselves to Natsukawa. Eri seems to recognize Natsukawa but she quickly heads to class with Kazuto. Haruna sits with Natsukawa to grill him about living with the perfect Kazuto, keen to uncover his weaknesses. Natsukawa makes guesses on the girl Kazuto could possibly like, but Haruna just laughs at him.

Later Eri catches up with Natsukawa, wanting his number so they can talk privately, without Kazuto interfering. Kazuto thinks she’s bugging him but a confused Natsukawa agrees.

As they chat, Natsukawa’s sisters call. They’ll be attending an event nearby and demand he take them to dinner – somewhere nice. Eri suggests they try the restaurant where she and Kazuto work. Alone before they part ways, Natsukawa considers asking Kazuto about the person he likes, but chickens out.

At the last minute, Natsukawa’s sister calls and cancels their dinner as their younger sister, Saki, hurt her ankle. She encourages Natsukawa to use the reservation and give them a preview for next time. But upon arrival, he decides it’s too much. Kazuto spots him outside and quickly drags him. He then brings him a dish to try – one with Mimolette, a word they’d been laughing about that morning.

The next day, as Kazuto is called away, his friends jump on the opportunity to hang out with Natsukawa. Eri confesses that she’s Kazuto’s ex but that he never treated her like he treats Natsukawa. That he was never interested in her in the first place, instead pursued by Eri. For example, she never got a fond pat on the head like Natsukawa… Eventually she broke up with him as he avoided even holding her hand.

After Eri shoots off, Haruna stays to gossip a bit more, talking about Kazuto’s potential love interests. He says you can tell who someone likes from the eyes. Natsukawa recalls chatting with Kazuto and the looks he would give him.

At home cooking, Natsukawa continues to ponder Kazuto – should he ask him directly – ‘Do you like me?’ He’s afraid of getting it wrong – but maybe he can employ a little skinship as a test?

When Kazuto gets home, he asks for a handshake – no problem. Then a hug – ditto. But it’s all like friends would touch. How about a kiss? And at that request, Kazuto is frozen in place.

The Episode Review

Kazuto’s school friends seem to be inordinately drawn to Natsukawa, keen to dig under the skin and definately with their own thoughts on their friend. As if they already believe he’s the reason Kazuto can’t keep a girlfriend. It takes the whole episode for Natsukawa to get there. Then he finally starts to consider that maybe Kazuto does have a romantic interest in him. But when he works up the guts to test him, he doesn’t get very far. And we’re left on a cliffhanger.

Let’s pretend we didn’t see that spoiler of a preview (that’s covered in the Episode 3 preview if you’re keen). With where we are so far and the clues we’ve been given, would you be testing your friend in such a way? Could you be that straightforward – even if you had an interest? 

That’s the point here – although he’s never revealed it clearly, even to us, Natsukawa surely has an interest but is afraid to mess up their friendship. Yes, that old chestnut. With only 8 more 30-ish minute episodes, how long would you hold it in? And don’t forget – somewhere we need time for a twist. Until next time…


Loving the pairing of Natsukawa and Kazuto? Or would you prefer to see Kazuto with Eri? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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