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Episode 7

Episode 7 of Live On pick up from last week where Ho-Rang is dazedly wandering, recalling her last conversation with So-Hyun and rejecting the friendship. She spots three missed calls from Eun-Taek but ignores them.

He receives another post about Ho-Rang the Bully, and how the victim claims she wants to end her life.

On the bus, So-Hyun watches more Ho-Rang news pop up. The kids can’t believe Ho-Rang hasn’t taken her social account down, saying she’s shameless.

In the studio, Hui-Su is preparing equipment when Eun-Taek walks in. But she’s really there to continue the anti-Ho-Rang campaign.

Ho-Rang is searching for Hui-Su, who texts that she needs to speak to Eun-Taek in private, knowing this will push Ho-Rang around the bend.

Hui-Su and Eun-Taek are looking serious when Ho-Rang bursts in. Hui-Su pretends to be intimidated, tracking Eun-Taek’s reaction. He tells Ho-Rang it’s about a broadcast video and reminds her that as she hasn’t returned his calls, they couldn’t discuss it (or anything).

After Hui-Su exits, Ho-Rang and Eun-Taek start to argue but Ho-Rang tells him she’ll speak to him later – again. She runs after Hui-Su and pulls her into an empty room. Hui-Su is in her glory, with Ho-Rang starting to panic.

Flashback to middle school and the relationship between the two. Ho-Rang denied knowing Hui-Su, embarrassing her. To be fair, by side-lining her Ho-Rang probably inadvertently saved Hui-Su from being victimized too.

Hui-Su tells her she must give up everything – every friend she has – and become invisible. Like she felt back then. She mentions a video from the bullying incident and further threatens Ho-Rang, walking out with a certifiable laugh.

As Jae-Yi worries about Ho-Rang, Woo-Jae looks after her. It’s a little weird how he’s wiping her fingers. Yoo-Sin joins, coming up empty in seeking Ho-Rang. He doesn’t seem to notice the finger wiping thing. Feeling ignored, Jae-Yi swings from sympathetic to angry.

In class, So-Hyun asks Eun-Taek about Ho-Rang and says she’s been looking for her. She asks why he’s standing still and he tells her that he promised to wait. But it looks like he’s starting to doubt Ho-Rang’s intention. So-Hyun advises him to keep the faith.

Ho-Rang is hiding out but she hears kids talking about her, sees group texts and recalls Hui-Su’s threat.

At the studio, the team is business as usual. Hui-Su invites conversation by asking about Ho-Rang. Eun-Taek cuts her off and she blags an excuse. As they’re talking, Ho-Rang quits the team by text.

Eun-Taek chases after Ho-Rang but Hui-Su stops him in the hallway, acknowledging that she sent the notes to be read on air. She says he shouldn’t expect Ho-Rang to admit anything to him. Hui-Su is winding up a tight little package.

In the classroom, Ho-Rang picks up her stuff to leave and Jae-Yi stops her with another offer of friendship. She declines none too nicely and Jae-Yi asks about the posts. Ho-Rang admits that everything is true, insults Jae-Yi and walks away. Yoo-Sin tries to stop her but she brushes on by.

Back to Eun-Taek and Hui-Su in the hallway, she claims she was the victim of Ho-Rang’s bullying and Ho-Rang had only joined the broadcast team to sniff her out. Hui-Su carries on about how stressful it’s been and cries crocodile tears.

Jae-Yi complains to Woo-Jae, again, about Ho-Rang. Other kids ask about the possibility of a disciplinary committee, now that a victim and evidence has been produced.

At home, Ho-Rang reads a bombardment of social media comments and eats alone. Eun-Taek calls but she doesn’t pick up. He texts saying he’s outside her house and will wait for 10 minutes only.

She dashes out to meet him and he cuts to the chase, asking if she’s ready to talk. She claims the conversation she envisioned was to quit the broadcast team but he’s not buying it. He tells her he’s been waiting and worried. She advises him not to wait any longer and he regrets saying he likes her.

At the studio, the team questions Hui-Su about Ho-Rang and So-Hyun pointedly encourages her to tell the truth. Eun-Taek enters to say Ho-Rang has quit and reorganizes the team.

Hui-Su stays after to talk to Eun-Taek, thanking him for believing all she’s said. He says he doesn’t believe all of it and checks regarding the letters read on air. She makes excuses and escapes.

Ho-Rang stays home from school and chats with her Mom. Her mother believes her and tells her to stay strong.

Woo-Jae perceives that Eun-Taek argued with Ho-Rang. He dispenses the love advice we all knew was coming, saying nothing is black and white in a relationship. So true, Woo-Jae, so true. Eun-Taek gets a text from his Mom but replies that he’s too busy to see her.

In class, everyone is talking about Ho-Rang and more kids approach Hui-Su to confirm the facts. She sobs dramatically, with a hidden grin, receiving sympathy all around.

Jae-Yi and Woo-Jae are having lunch, as are Yoo-Sin and So-Hyun. Jae-Yi traumatizes Yoo-Sin by asking So-Hyun if she’s going to just date him already. Exactly.

Eun-Taek receives another text from his mom saying she’ll only be around for another week. He snap-decides to see her and runs out.

At her hotel, Eun-Taek’s mom spots him in the lobby and they have an awkward dinner together. Eun-Taek talks about missing chances. Her phone blinks on revealing an image of her family, including a text from her school-aged daughter.

Jae-Yi sees a charm hanging from So-Hyun’s bag and remarks that Ho-Rang has the same one at home. So-Hyun is surprised, as it had been a symbol of their middle school friendship.

After dinner, Eun-Taek’s mom talks about her feelings and it rings a bell for Eun-Taek, mirroring something Ho-Rang had said – ‘the more you love someone, the more you want to hide.’

The next day, Ho-Rang receives a text of the day’s broadcast from Eun-Taek. Letters are read including one obviously from Eun-Taek to Ho-Rang demonstrating that he understands her.

In the hallway, word among the kids is that Ho-Rang is quitting school. With a gleam in her eye, So-Hyun tells Yoo-Sin she has somewhere important to be and scampers off.

Hui-Su carries on about being bullied and her friends are looking bored now. She says she’s got some additional proof to show them. But before she can, So-Hyun enters, quelling her.

Eun-Taek tells the team to prepare for a live broadcast and in walks Ho-Rang. Flashback to the night prior when Eun-Taek and Ho-Rang met. She tells him everything, finally getting some perspective. They hug it out for good measure.

The team turn on the TVs in every class and So-Hyun makes sure she’s positioned across from Hui-Su. Ho-Rang broadcasts her story and it becomes obvious that Hui-Su lied. So-Hyun provides additional evidence from backstage at the festival showing Hui-Su’s tricks.

Hui-Su tries to defend her actions but sounds a little cray-cray. Meanwhile, Jae-Yi swoops in on her like a Valkyrie, ready for a fight. Ho-Rang finishes her broadcast, acknowledging her friends. Afterwards she thanks Eun-Taek for giving her time. 

The Episode Review

Finally, everything comes out in the wash. You would be so annoyed if you’d missed school that day. After being bullied about being bullied, Ho-Rang walks away from everyone, including Eun-Taek. But he’s a clever guy and finds a way to reach her, pulling her back in. 

Eun-Taek also finally meets with his mother, forging a link with her but also discovering that Ho-Rang is spot on about human nature. Of course, in postulating that his mother hid because she loves him, Ho-Rang revealed her own feelings for Eun-Taek as well. 

The live broadcast seems a fitting way to share the truth as not only do they have full access but a broadcast started the whole thing. At the same time, it speaks to the power of digital content as well as makes an astute observation on what’s considered news in today’s world. 

So-Hyun proves her friendship, whether it’s wanted or not. Or is it more the thrill of catching out a liar? I’ll go with friendship but I also see a future in forensic science for her, putting her academics, curiosity and good sense to work.

Hui-Su, played by Lee Se Hee also of Kiss Goblin (Viki) among others, is not a bad little actor. She impressively swings from full-on tears to wicked smiles in a flash as she plays the smallest fiddle.

Next episode is our last, where relationships are sure to be settled. Do you think So-Hyun and Yoo-Sin will finally get together? Will So-Hyun and Ho-Rang rekindle their friendship? I feel a certain amount of ‘happily ever after’ coming our way – let’s see just how much. Are you ready?

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