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Episode 6

Episode 6 of Live On picks up where we left off with So-Hyun reviewing backstage festival footage. Just as she’s figuring out who’s been playing tricks on Ho-Rang, Hui-Su walks in, followed by Ho-Rang who immediately grabs her bag to leave. Hui-Su gives Ho-Rang a hearty farewell. So-Hyun doesn’t mention what she’s seen.

In the classroom, everyone’s talking about the class trip. At the station, Hui-Su is going through the schedule with Ho-Rang, smiling as ever. So-Hyun keeps thinking back to the day of the festival.

The team notes that they have 10 seconds until Eun-Taek shows up. Ho-Rang can’t believe he’s that predictable, but in he walks. ‘Like clockwork’ is the phrase. The younger team members nod to each other – they’ve got it figured out.

There’s an audio problem with one of the videos so Eun-Taek tells Ho-Rang and Hui-Su to fix it before Monday, even though they’ll be on retreat. Hui-Su makes nice like she’ll work to Ho-Rang’s schedule and So-Hyun watches the exchange, agape.

Ho-Rang has been assigned to clean the studio and makes it known she’s annoyed with Eun-Taek over having to fix the audio track by Monday, which means working over the weekend. He confirms that he’s been going on easy on her as she was having a hard time and lists the exact number of seconds she’s been late per meeting. As she retreats in frustration, he spots her list of potential suspects.

Jae-Yi uses an excuse to contact Woo-Jae but tells him he doesn’t need to reply. At Ho-Rang’s house, they’re sorting what to pack for the trip. This is the product placement segment of the show and I admit I’m drawn by the beauty oil they’re using.

As the retreat begins, Yoo-Sin gets on the wrong bus wanting extra time with So-Hyun. He tries to get Eun-Taek to swap buses but that won’t work so he snags Woo-Jae’s place instead.

As their bus pulls out, Woo Jae is left behind and receives a text from Yoo-Sin telling him where to pick up the other bus. He ends up in the last available seat, in line of sight of Jae-Yi. As they exit the bus, Jae-Yi notices that Woo-Jae left his hat behind. On the other bus, Eun-Taek receives a call from his mother but ignores it.

At the venue, So-Hyun offers to take a photo of Hui-Su and her friends. She pretends to lock the phone by mistake and Hui-Su tells her the password. Our So-Hyun is a clever girl.

The first activity is folk dancing and an opportunity to pair up. Yoo-Sin is thrilled to hold So-Hyun’s hand. Eun-Taek dances with Jae-Yi and Woo-Jae awkwardly leads Ho-Rang.

Eun-Taek and Ho-Rang have a moment and other kids notice, including an annoyed Hui-Su. She gets up to dance and So-Hyun takes the opportunity to nab her phone. Now that she has the password, she’s able to confirm that Hui-Su has incriminating photos of Ho-Rang.

Hui-Su notices her phone is missing but a staff member finds it for her. Everyone is settling into their rooms and Woo-Jae realises he’s left his hat behind. Ho-Rang notices that Jae-Yi has the hat and talks about how Woo-Jae was looking at Jae-Yi during the day. Jae-Yi asks again about Ho-Rang’s love interest but gets nowhere.

Lights out in the dorm and as Jae-Yi caresses her last message from Woo-Jae she accidentally calls him then hangs up in a panic. They exchange texts and agree to meet to return the hat. As Jae-Yi avoids the hall monitor, Woo-Jae pulls her to safety behind a door. He admits he misses her and Jae-Yi kisses him in response.

In their room, Hui-Su and a bunch of girls are looking at photos on their phones. Just as she notices that her pictures have been deleted, a text arrives.

She meets So-Hyun who confronts her about harassing Ho-Rang. Hui-Su explains her hatred and tries to get So-Hyun on side, but no dice. Hui-Su reveals what happened and how she’d witnessed the incident. So-Hyun is devastated, recalling the past.

Woo-Jae and Jae-Yi talk about their relationship and Woo-Jae suggests they get back together. They agree to try harder to understand each other. Jae-Yi asks to keep their reunion on the quiet, as she’d said they’d never reconcile and needs time to back-peddle.

Ho-Rang and Eun-Taek are both outside and take cover so as not to be caught by the monitors. They figure out that Woo-Jae and Jae-Yi must be together too. Eun-Taek says he couldn’t sleep and Ho-Rang teases him that it’s because he forgot to add it to his planner.

He admits it’s because of a call from his mom and tells her the story of his parents’ divorce and being abandoned by his mother. Ho-Rang offers a different perspective.

The next day, So-Hyun threatens Hui-Su to stop bothering Ho-Rang or else she’ll reveal her.

After the trip Yoo-Sin waits for So-Hyun while Jae-Yi ducks out with Woo-Jae discretely following. Ho-Rang waits for Eun-Taek and Yoo-Sin suggests the four go out for pizza together. Jae-Yi and Woo-Jae are spotted together but only Yoo-Sin reacts.

The six gather and they all tease Jae-Yi about claiming she’d never get back with Woo-Jae. Then everyone finds out about Eun-Taek and Ho-Rang. So-Hyun has a mixed reaction but separately tells Eun-Taek she’s pleased he’s looking after Ho-Rang.

On the way home, Eun-Taek asks Ho-Rang if she’s arranged to recut the audio file and says he’d like to hang out afterwards. She receives a text and tells him she’ll contact him later. Jae-Yi and So-Hyun see yet another post about Ho-Rang.

Ho-Rang meets Hui-Su to confront her about the post, saying she’d figured out she was the culprit. Hui-Su says she left clues intentionally and tells her she’s asking the wrong questions, revealing she knows the whole story.

So-Hyun shows up and Ho-Rang lashes out at her for not ignoring the situation. She tries to console her but Ho-Rang won’t have it, telling her she doesn’t want her pity. In tears, So-Hyun tries to apologize for not understanding back then. Ho-Rang tells her how embarrassed she is and that they shouldn’t cross paths again. The episode leaves both girls sobbing to themselves. 

The Episode Review

The secret comes to a head with Ho-Rang and So-Hyun both figuring out that the covert bully is Hui-Su. But as Hui-Su is neither the middle school bully nor victim, she’s happy to just torture Ho-Rang and await her downfall from social media princess status.

Astute So-Hyun figured out the mystery and is empathetic towards her agonised former friend but it looks like Ho-Rang decided to take a lone path long ago and isn’t letting go anytime soon.

It’s sad to think that Ho-Rang is so jaded she can’t accept So-Hyun’s concern. But there’s still time. It will be interesting to see how she treats Eun-Taek when he finds out the truth, as everyone will eventually. Hui-Su is determined to make it so.

Finally, Jae-Yi and Woo-Jae reconcile. We saw this coming a mile away. And now that they’ve agreed to work on understanding each other, they’ll likely end up advising all the others on matters of the heart. After all, it’s the fourth time they’ve gotten back together – they’re experienced now.

Aside from playing the much-needed jester, Yoo-Sin is also in charge of getting the others out to socialize, for heaven’s sake. Its an incredibly introverted group who would probably be home studying or simply at home if not for Yoo-Sin dragging them for some fun. That guy will grow up to be a successful party planner. 

Now that we know the whole reveal, what do you think? Two episodes left to round out all the relationships. I’m rooting hardest for Ho-Rang and So-Hyun. 

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