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Episode 8

The long-awaited finale of Live On lands with Ho-Rang recalling the relationships she’s built with friends and how they’d given her strength to do the live broadcast (of Episode 7). She hugs Eun-Taek in relief but the peace doesn’t last. Their moderator is on the warpath over the unplanned programme and Jae-Yi is demanding Ho-Rang’s attention.

Jae-Yi gives her a line-backer hug, in tears that Ho-Rang had kept it all to herself. Yoo-Sin runs in with similar thoughts but Eun-Taek blocks him – ‘say it from there.’ Yoo-Sin and Jae-Yi argue about who is Ho-Rang’s best friend and she thanks them both. She asks after So-Hyun and Jae-Yi notes she had it out with tormentor Jeong Hui-Su.

Everyone in the studio is punished, including Yoo-Sin, who isn’t even on the broadcast team. So-Hyun responsibly reports in for her penalty. They’re all in trouble but the punishment of cleaning the auditorium doesn’t sound too bad, so their teacher must have been at least mildly impressed by the content. He sends Ho-Rang home as she’s meant to be having a study day.

Ho-rang instigates a chat with So-Hyun and they awkwardly make a start but are interrupted by girls who spot Ho-Rang, a celebrity at school again. They agree to speak later.

Hui-Su is also a known entity and as she walks down the hallway, everyone is commenting about her, none too nicely. She spots Eun-Taek and tries to defend herself but he suggests she quietly leave the broadcast team. Reality is starting to bite.

Outside Jae-Yi and Yoo-Sin talk about Jae-Yi’s 1000th day anniversary with Woo-Jae. She says they promised to surprise each other with gifts. Yoo-Sin is impressed, as it means they’ve fought for 1000 days. She denies but he’s not buying. When Woo-Jae appears, she says she doesn’t need anything big, but he just says ok, missing the chance to dig in.

At home, Ho-Rang scans through a mix of social comments, most of them supporting her. She takes a v-call from Eun-Taek but pretties-up before answering the phone. Of course, she dresses like that all the time. She admits she was waiting for his call so he’s pleased. Since the broadcast, she says she feels relieved and they make plans to meet the following day.

Ho-Rang and Eun-Taek meet for their date, both having made an effort. Meanwhile, Yoo-Sin meets So-Hyun at the library to hang out during her volunteer hours. He says he’s already finished his. As they’re chatting, a former classmate of So-Hyun enters super excited to see her. He’s less thrilled to meet Yoo-Sin.

Ho-Rang and Eun-Taek sit down at a sushi restaurant and talk about likes and dislikes. Eun-Taek is not so keen to hear Yoo-Sin once called her 12 times in a day. Conversely, he admits he dated someone for 200 days, piquing Ho-Rang’s green monster. Afterwards, they hang at the record shop then head out for a walk, holding a handwarmer together.

At the library, Yoo-Sin asks So-Hyun about books she’s read, impressing her with a studious side. Her middle school friend reappears talking about the good times. So-Hyun claims she can’t remember but he is not at all discouraged and asks if she remembers dating him for a month. He’s heartbroken when she says she doesn’t and luckily a librarian calls him away. Yoo-Sin carries on sorting books with a smile.

Ho-rang and Eun-Taek’s date continues, they snack, chat and take pictures at a photo booth. Since she deleted her images on social media, he thinks she needs some new ones. He spots his label on her phone and is unhappy with the professional ‘Ko Eun-Taek, SHBS Captain,’ while Yoo-Sin’s name has a heart.

After the library, Yoo-Sin walks with So-Hyun and gives her his coat. He mentions Ho-Rang’s broadcast and her saying she couldn’t tell her only friend. That rings bells for So-Hyun.

Ho-Rang and Eun-Taek take in a city view and talk about when they first met. Ho-Rang confesses she likes Eun-Taek and he re-confesses right back. They agree to date and he wants to be called (the less formal) ‘My Dear Eun-Taek.’ Even Ho-Rang cringes. She can’t bring herself to say it but he hugs her anyway.

Ho-Rang asks to re-join the broadcast team to see it through. Eun-Taek notes that she and So-Hyun seem to have made up. He’s not surprised when So-Hyun shows up with Ho-Rang’s favourite snack, tteokbokki*, and leaves the girls to continue their heart-to-heart from the previous day.

The girls eat their snack, still a little self-conscious together. Ho-Rang thanks So-Hyun and she, in turn, apologises for not doing more two years back. Ho-Rang invites her to sleep over.

At Ho-Rang’s house, they have girl-talk, finally getting a little more comfortable. They talk about the past, beauty products and boys. Ho-Rang admits it’s Day 1 with Eun-Taek.

Woo-Sol and Jae-Yi text each other and Woo-Sol discreetly checks to see if Woo-Jae remembers its nearly their 1000th day. She spots hearts on his notebook and believes all is covered. It’s actually an ad he’s writing for the Student Council. Uh-oh. Jae-Yi texts her friends photos of the anniversary gift she created.

Ho-Rang goes to school the next day and even shows up early for the broadcast meeting. She and Eun-Taek chat, touching hands and he jumps away when the other members show up.

Jae-Yi is late for school and Woo-Jae gives her penalty points. They talk about their upcoming date and he confirms that he’s organized a venue.

Eun-Taek announces Hui-Su has left the team and they talk about her transferring schools. Ho-Rang is surprised to hear it. When she spots Hui-Su in the ladies’ room, she advises her to come to her senses and forget about what others think. Hui-Su should find someone nice to stand by her side like she’s trying to do.

Jae-Yi and the team are sorting the auditorium. She’s annoyed because Woo-Jae didn’t seem to realize it’s their 1000th day but thought it was just a normal date. She’d given him his gift but walked away before it turned into an argument.

Eun-Taek shows up late – what? And doesn’t look himself. Before Ho-Rang shifts to help Eun-Taek she perceptively tells So-Hyun to consider Yoo-Sin and date someone she’s interested in for once.

Outside Woo-Jae presents Jae-Yi with a 1000th-day gift and apologises, saying he had marked it for the following month, discounting the days when they were broken up. They successfully clear up the misunderstanding.

Kim Jin-Woo, the middle school ex, calls So-Hyun and Yoo-Sin hands over her phone. She asks why Yoo-Sin doesn’t ask her about Jin-Woo. He states that its not his place. She confirms she’s comfortable with Yoo-Sin by her side and thanks him for all the sweet things he does.

With some patience, Ho-Rang gets Eun-Taek to share that his mother left unexpectedly and he didn’t get to tell her what he wanted. Ho-Rang believes his mother understands and will wait for him. She notes he’s finally acting his age.

On the day of the video festival, things are wrapping up. So-Hyun deletes chats with all other guys except Yoo-Sin. Eun-Taek texts with his mother, saying he’ll miss her. Ho-Rang prepares to lead the festival.

Before she does, she reflects on her friendships. Eun-Taek helps her get ready to go live. She thinks how life is like a broadcast without pause or rewind. She realizes it’s the people beside her who make a good show. And then steps on stage to cheers from the school.

The Episode Review

With a longer than normal wait for the episode, Live On delivers a K-pop fest for the finale as NU’EST’s MinHyun and Victon’s Choi Byung-Chan are joined by TXT’s Yeonjun in a cameo appearance as So-Hyun’s ex-boyfriend Kim Jin-Woo. If you’ve latched on to the cheery theme song of the OST, ‘Your Light,’ it’s also courtesy of TXT. The Japanese version of the tune (YouTube, Spotify, etc) is catchy too.

Lots of cuteness as the team wrap up with a resolution to several of the pairings. The most satisfying of all, Ho-Rang and So-Hyun rekindle their friendship. Nothing says besties like a sleepover, sharing beauty tips and talking about boys. And they had quite a few things to talk about, including the link-up of Ho-Rang and Eun-Taek. No real surprise there, but gratifying.

Jae-Yi and Woo-Jae seem to have finally figured out how to complement each other too. And what of So-Hyun and my favourite, Yoo-Sin? That one is left a little open – but there’s a possibility there since she’s removed herself from multiple other chats. And as we discover in the library, Yoo-Sin is more than just a sunny smile.

With Hui-Su planning to transfer schools, there’s an elucidation there too – I mean, what else could she do? It would be a tough couple of years to live that story down. Ho-rang gives her a little canny advice – to find someone nice to stand beside her. Sounds good to me.

The power of friendship seems to be the overriding theme of this final episode, with friends and couples all learning how to respectfully support each other. And what could be a more important lesson? Live On, my friends!


*Curious about tteokbokki? The popular street-food is made of stir-fried rice cakes in a spicy red chilli paste sauce with a variety of toppings such as green onions and hard-boiled eggs. The flavour is spicy and slightly sweet.

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