Like A Dragon Gaiden Guide: “Chapter 4” Walkthrough

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden Guide: Chapter 4

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The Laughing Man

To the Golf Center

Head to the Grand

Homare Nishitani (Boss Fight)


Chapter 4: The Laughing Man

With Nishitani knocked out with a stiff right hand, it’s clear that things are going to get ugly from here on out when he wakes up.

When you gain control of Kazuma, go and speak to Akame. She’ll tell you to head over and check up on the Black Market Weapons shop, so go ahead and do that now. However, when you arrive you’ll find Mizorogi on the ground. He’s been attacked by a bunch of goons who have taken off. The bandits have taken gear from inside and high-tailed it away. Time to hunt them down!

Thankfully clues are not too far away. A homeless guy is knocked out just up the road in the park so be sure to approach and trigger another cutscene. It turns out this Collapsed guy is the ringleader of these goons who attacked Mizorogi!

Funnily enough, these guys were also behind the Welfare Scam too, so there’s a good deal of history here. Take out the goons but be careful of the Drones buzzing about. Youll need to keep on the move and not stay in one place too long. If you do, the Drones will end up doing a decent chunk of damage against you. The drones move in waves so it should be quite straightforward to dodge them, while simultaneously using as many items as possible lying around to take out the Patriarch and his men.

Given the number of goons, there’s a motorcycle just up the road you can use to clear out a good chunk in one fell swoop.

With the goons defeated but certainly not out the fight, complete any Akame missions or Coliseum stuff before resting on the sofa. When you awaken, head out the Hideout and round the corner. Yuki will phone and ask to meet. Go and do just that, he’s located on the bridge in the middle of Sotenbori. The plan here is to splash the cash and get Nishitani’s and the Kijin Clans’ attention. So naturally, Yuki will be joining us here too.

After an incident in the Cabaret club, beat thr Kijin Clan goons that show up in the street. You’ll be joined by Yuki while you fight too so this should be a simple fight.

Next, head down the street and into the Golf Club on the left. Another minigame will ensue, and if you beat Shishido and get a score above 500, you’ll not only gain points on the Akame Network, but also 300,000 yen, so it’s definitely worth going all-out here!

With the loitering around town continuing, it’s time to hit the clubs. In Syofuku-cho, a cutscene w include a whole bunch of girls will eventually pave way for another area, where we can go for some food. With all of these shenanigans done, you’ll eventually get on Nishitani’s radar.

Just before leaving, be sure to swing by Ebisu Pawn shop to pick up some new threads.

When you leave, head up the road and another fight with the Kijin Clan will ensue. It’s a simple fight in truth, despite there being way more enemies coming your way. Afte the first wave, another will show. Isobe is a bit of a tank with his health, so be sure to take out the other goons first before focusing on him. That way, you’ll be joined by your comrades in the fight and they’ll get some good strikes in too.


After the fight, head for the billiards club. Should you win against Yuki, you’ll gain 300,000 yen. It won’t take long after though for us to show up at karaoke. When all of this is done, go back and rest at Akame’s. When you do, you’ll get another cutscene confirming that Nishitani has left the Castle and he is pissed.


Head to the Grand

When you leave the Hideout, head up to the north of the city to trigger another cutscene outside the Grand. Kill the two goons and then inside, do the same for the big group of enemies that show up on the stage. Be sure to watch out for Mishimia’s sword strikes, which are easily orchestrated by him raising a sword up in the air and striking down. Other than that though, the rest of this should be quite straightforward.

After, we’ll have a new plan of action. With Nishitani and his most lethal goons gone from the Castle, Kazuma will be attacking head on with the Watase Family to snatch it from under his nose. Here we go!

Speak to Akame and select “Go to Castle”.

When you arrive, there will be a whole bunch of goons to take out. The Kijin Clan aren’t quite so light in numbers here after all! The fight is pretty chaotic, but try to stay close to your comrades while taking out the clan members. There’s a few high-HP goons and it’s best to save these guys for last. Be sure to dight over by the lounge area though on either side, as the chairs can be picked up and lobbed at these guys for extra damage. This is especially useful when they’re all grouped up together!

Your Drones are also quite useful here too, as they can chip away at the health of these guys in quick succession. Eventually though, they’ll go down and Kazuma will take control of the Castle.

With news leaked of the Castle to the press, Hanawa will ring in a cutscene and update on what’s been going on. Naturally, Nishitani will phone Yuki, and then Kazuma after. A big showdown is about to ensue, but before that happens, we’ll have another Substory pop up regarding the Four Kings of the Coliseum.

Brody the Clown will show with a knife and demand answers. Unfortunately, he’ll also be flanked by some of the drones too. In order to thwart his threat, be sure to keep moving around when the fight starts.

Brody isn’t too difficult in the grand scheme of things, but be sure to keep hitting your Rush Combos and Finishing Blows to take him down quickly. He’ll use Drones to try and slow you down, while he also has a couple of big moves, including throwing those drones at you and hitting with his knife. Despite some variation with his strikes, and a ton of HP, keep fighting and you should get him down.

When he’s defeated, the other three Kings will show and proposition you with fighting each of them in the arena. You’ll need to reach Platinum status for this. As it’s a side story, we’ll skip this for now and head back to Akame’s and rest up.


To the Golf Center

Leave Akame’s hideout after resting and go all the way up to the Golf Center. Another cutscene will trigger here, leading into a big fight with the Kijin Clan outside. You can get some pretty cool combo moves in with Shishido if you’re nearby when you build your Heat Move meter up, but otherwise, keep pummelling away at these goons.

There are some items lying about but be careful as these clan members could get you with the same thing if you’re not careful. Otherwise though, focus on Shimizu, who has a ton of health. If you can get the others out the fight, a 2-on-1 advantage with him should do wonders.

After the bout, approach Shishido and choose to go with him. There’s another fight that picks up right after this in a parking lot, but despite the sheer number of goons, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Entet the compound and approach the next door. Inside, defeat the goons that show up, and be sure to use your Drones too. There’s a good chunk of soldiers in here and the numbers can be overwhelming for Shishido if you leave him isolated.

The next room has another wave of enemies, so be sure to take these out before heading up the stairs and into the door too the right. Be sure to open the briefcases here, which hold some useful gear, including Nutriment of the Conquering Emperor.

Be sure to pick up the Spiked Bat that’s in this room as it’s super useful for a few more of these skirmishes. It does big damage and can strike a few enemies at once. There’s a good chunk of battling to be done next, when you enter the office area. In here, loads of goons will be attacking at once, so be sure to use the weapons in the area, especially the chairs, and swing away to take loads of these out at once.

After a brief cutscene involving your Firefly cigarette, be sure to heal up, equip your best gear and prepare yourself. We’ve got a big fight ahead of ourselves. Head forward through the doorway and when you arrive at the office, you’ll have a boss fight.


Boss Fight –  Homare Nishitani… again

Nishitani has a ton of health and compared to other battles, this one is likely to take far longer than all the others we’ve gone for up until this point. It’s a one on one bout too, with watching from the doorway. and Nishitani will use all the same moves he did at the Castle from before. He’ll strike out with his knife, have some big Heat Moves, and try to nail you with his combos.

He likes to guard and wait for you to finish a strike combo before lashing out with his knife, so do bear this in mind.

When he’s down to half purple health, a quick QTE will pave way for Nishitani to begin using Heat Moves. You can actually block this and reverse it, which will do big damage, so watch out for the outline of Nishitani turning red.

Nishitani’s knife strikes are vicious though and if he lands too many combos on you, he will inflict bleed. Be sure to use your Finishing Blows to take him out and watch out for his melee strikes. Bide your time, and he sure to use some Toughness Z to replenish your HP if it gets too low. Eventually though, he’ll go down.


With Nishitani defeated, a cutscene will see Kazuma working to get Nishitani out. Only… he turns his back on Shishido who proceeds to stab the Patriarch numerous times, killing him outright, Apparently Yuki is also in on this too. When the cutscene ends, we’ll be ready for the final chapter.

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