Like A Dragon Gaiden Guide: “Chapter 3” Walkthrough

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden Guide: Chapter 3

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The Castle

Homare Nishitani (Boss Fight)


Chapter 3: The Man Who Knew Too Much

Kazuma is brought before Hanawa, who holds a gun and prepares to fire, overlooked by a parade of guns around him to make sure he gets the job done. Kazuma is dropped to his knees, Hanawa’s hands shake and… he drops the gun. He won’t kill Kazuma… and it turns out all of this was one big test of loyalty!

Yuki shows up with a briefcase holding 50 billion yen inside and everyone is on the same page. Kazuma though gives terms of his own, refusing to let the orphanage be watched anymore or he’ll sacrifice himself right now. Either way, we’re still alive and the terms are eventually agreed.

When you gain control of Kazuma, leave the alleyway and head over to Akame’s. After some flirting (which Kazuma is not in the mood for) and banter, we’ll have our next task. We need to reach Gold rank at the Coliseum (by completing and winning 3 fights) and Level 10 on the Akame Network (by completing side activities).

When you arrive at the Coliseum, the President will be waiting outside. He’ll have a Special Baton for you to test in the arena. It’s got electrical currents running through it, and he wants you to hold onto it to make for a memorable product. If you complete all the Bronze rank matches, he;ll give you the weapon and it’s got some good stats so it’s definitely worth doing.

Once you reach Gold Rank, head back to see Akame. She’ll hand over a Gold Tiger. This will grant you access to additional matches, the VIP Lounge and VIP room in the Boutique too, with more gear and equipment to unlock. Next, get the Akame Network to Level 10.

With all of this done, go and speak to Akame again. A cutscene will ensue, with her giving you a new task of reaching Platinum status. The cutscene is a good one, fleshing out more of Kazuma’s past, while also understanding what drives Akame too. If you’re polite, you’ll be able to grow your bond with her so you can… perform karaoke together? Brilliant!

After, Yuki will ask to meet at the Castle. There are a couple of Substories here too, namely levelling up the Akame Network to grow your bond, and competing at the Coliseum. For now though, let’s go to the Castle.

The Castle

Proceed forward and at the top of the stairs, by the demon face, be sure to use your Spider Gadget. In doing so, you’ll gain 1x Nutriment of the Conquering Emperor. Turn right and up the stairs here, and you’ll find Yuki up in the VIP area. He’ll discuss more about Nishitani, and specifically how he’s going to be a thorn in your side going forward. When prompted, select the option “Go On”.

A cutscene will continue, with Yuki discussing the dissolution and the fall-out, including the Omi Alliance patriarch and his ties to everything. The only solution here is for Kazuma to take out Nishitani so he doesn’t interfere in Clan business. The thing is, he’s settled in tight to the Castle, so how to get him out?

Nishitani will drop by a radio from one of his lackeys and request Yuki and Kazuma to join him. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of goons will show and attack, so be sure to work with Yuki to take out the Kijin Clan. It’s a pretty simple fight, but Kitahara in particular has a good chunk of HP. Watch out for his Heat Move, and be sure to Guard when he’s kicking at you. Eventually he’ll go down, especially if you use your Hornets to distract him.

After the fight, rush downstairs and take out the next flurry of Clan members that show up. Be sure to use some of the items lying around too, especially the flower pots, which will do a good chunk of damage.

Continue along the linear path, taking out enemies as you do. When you reach the dingy back area, balance over the beams and then open the briefcase on the right. This will hold 1x Military Bulletproof Vest. It’s definitely worth equipping this because in the next section, you’ll have a whole bunch of goons to take out.

Descend the ladder into a larger arena and get ready to fight. Just like before, be sure to take out all the weaker goons first. Use your Finishing Blows, alongside the Hornets to keep enemies busy. When you build up your Heat Moves, use these exclusively against Fukunaga. He has some simple moves, and his uppercuts can be countered, which will do a good chunk of damage, but it’s also good to get these big moves in on him. Eventually though, these guys will go down.

Approach the white circle and be sure to use your Spider Gadget as a zipline to boost up to the next floor. Continue through the ship, and be sure to open the briefcase on the left, which holds 1x Gold Plate.

Finally, you’ll reach the back of the Boutique and then be back out into the main atrium of the Castle again. When you emerge into the center of the area, we’ll have a big fight to contend with.

Much like the fight we had in the storage area just now, this one will be just as tricky. Fukunada hits hard with his sledgehammer but he’s also very slow too. A good idea here us to take out the smaller goons but do so while hitting Finishing Blows against Fukunada too. You can do some good damage with the items dotted around the room too, especially the tables, chairs and flowerpots.

When Fukunada does attack, you can counter his sledgehammer blows to get a good chunk of HP taken off. Be sure to use your Firefly too, which is quite useful for delaying his moves, and then hit with blows of your own.

Homare Nishitani

Boss Fight –  Homare Nishitani

Nishitani has some big attacks here and lots of HP to contend with. He’ll strike hard with his knives, and also some strong attacks too. He’ll guard against your strikes if you’re too obvious, while also stepping back around your punches. Be sure to grab some of the items around you, especially he chairs, and use these against Nishitami. You’ll clear up a good chunk of his HP doing that.

When you reduce hia HP down, a cutscene will see you enact a couple of QTEs before jumping back into fighting again.

This time, Nishitani will have his Heat Moves powered and he’ll do a lot of damage. You can counter these if you’re lucky but keep distance and bide your time. A good time to strike is just fter his knife combo, where he’ll spin three or four times. His Heat Move does a lot of damage too, so be sure to Guard and back up when he powers up.

Keep using items and eventually yhe patriarch will go down. 


When he does, he’ll get back up and chuckle, pointing out that he knows who you are. He knows you’re the Dragon…

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