Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 3: Workshop Union / Venigni Works” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Workshop Union / Venigni Works

Mission List (Tap to jump down the page!)

Krat City Hall Courtyard

Workshop Union Entrance

Workshop Union Culvert

Puppet of the Future (Boss)

Survivor (Boss)

Venigni Works Control Room

The Route To Moonlight Town


Krat City Hall Courtyard

Using the Hotel Krat stargazer, teleport back at the City Hall Courtyard again. With the key we gained from Geppetto we’ll now be one step closer to the next area, which encompasses the entire Workshop Union area. The puppets here are a little tougher than what we’ve faced before, so make sure to sharpen your blade if you haven’t already.

From your starting position in the courtyard, head to the right and interact with the bench. In doing so, you’ll collect 1x Faded Whistle. 

Follow the path into the city hall, and collect 1x Venigni’s Guide on the ground. There’s nothing to the left so keep following the path to the right instead.

At the end of this linear path, you’ll come to a set of double doors. Use the City Hall Courtyard Key and immediately take a hard right. At the end of this pathway, collect 1x Miracle Cure and then proceed round to take out the unsuspecting puppet opposite the double doors with a Fatal Strike. There’s also 1x Throwing Cell on the ground.

If you time it right, you can actually take out the patrolling puppet on the lower level as it walks around with a ground strike. Once that’s done, head down the ramp and take an immediate left by the barrels. Circle back around and you’ll find 1x Fable Catalyst on the ground (pictured below).

Now, instead of walking down the stairs, a better option is to actually hop over the rooftops. Head for the thin tree back near the Courtyard door and find a gap in the wall panels we can hop down.

Take out the spitting puppet that shows up and hop over to the rooftops. There’s a wooden panel connecting the two roofs, so hop over there and take out the puppet watching the big brute with a Fatal Strike. Just next to it is 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. Circle back around and hop down from the rooftop, following the tight alleyway around to find 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule lying on the ground (pictured below).

From the alleyway, walk forward and take out the puppet, being sure to pick up 1x Special Resistance Ampoule opposite the ladder. There’s a big brute here with a wheel on its back, but it’s optional whether you want to take this guy out. If you do, the fight plays out similarly to the brute on the rooftops back at Elysion Boulevard. It’s slow, lumbering form will slam round with punches. However, it’s also very slow so dodge-rolling and speed is the key here.

Once you’ve taken that guy out, you’ll be rewarded with 1x Star Fragment and 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Head down the white stairs and you’ll find yourself in front of a bridge.

Instead of going that way though, take a left to pick up 1x Gemini’s Emergency Protection. All the way to the right, hidden underneath a bunch of breakable boxes, is 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment. You’ll also find a ringing phone here too. This is the first of a number of Trinity Key puzzles dotted throughout the game.

Specifically, we’ll have a series of riddles to solve. The answer to the first riddle doesn’t matter, as whether we choose Human or Monster, we’ll still be rewarded with 1x Trinity Key. This will allow you passage into Trinity Sanctums, which hold rare treasure inside.

Finally, head over the bridge, taking out all the puppets as you do. On the ground just to the staircase will be 1x Legion Magazine. Head all the way up to the staircase and you’ll find yourself in Venigni Works.


Workshop Union Entrance

Drop down the ladders, and head toward the stargazer to repair it. Also be sure to pick up 1x Chain just behind this area.

Head up the staircase and enter the first room to the left. You’ll notice a drop down into another area. Some of these new puppet types will be inside, and they’ll take a few more hits to destroy. This is where your Fulmini comes in handy, so be sure to blast that a few times to get an advantage.

Once the two puppets are defeated, open the safe to reveal 1x Salamander Dagger Blade and 1x Salamander Dagger Handle. Open the door and you’ll be back at the Stargazer.

There are two pathways to go here, although it’s worth noting that the left pathway can be accessed later on in this level from the other direction. It’s also considerably harder too.

There’s another big brute with a wheel on its back at the end of the pathway (defeating that will net 1x Star Fragment). There’s also two puppets lying in wait and 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment on the ground.

The path to the right will see you head back up the staircase but this time, head to the right of the stairs to collect 1x Dim Ergo Fragment. Enter the large hallway and follow it around to the left, then turn right to come out on a balcony section.

There are two puppets ahead but note the underlined part in the picture above! Standing here will knock you down into the puppet factory and you’ll be quickly swarmed with puppets. Try to avoid falling here if you can by hugging the edges of this walkway.

If you do this, you’ll be able to grab 1x Hidden Moonstone. Even better, you’ll be at a high vantage point and will be able to see the factory floor and plan your move accordingly.

Balance over the pipes and follow the path around to find two puppets patrolling a platform. More importantly, there’s also 1x Sawtoothed Wheel to collect.

On the factory floor, you’ll find a chest holding 1x Belford Shock Cartridge. At the other end of the ground level, you’ll find 1x Factory Manager’s Report and just beyond that, in the next room, 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

From here, move into the next chamber and you’ll notice a box dangling from the roof about to fall down. As you approach, it’ll slam down several floors to reveal a mini-boss to take out.

Mini Boss – Shield Guardian

The Shield puppet is a big brute that requires patience to take out. The idea here is to let the Guardian strike at you, dodge-roll to the side when it drops its guard to hit it a few times. Electric is its weakness here so using your Fulminis is a great trick.

Do note though, that the Guardian will circle around with both shields up in front of it, and attacks will be nullified when it does. The key is to goad it into lunging forward, so you can then get behind and hit it a few times before backing up. Rinse and repeat.

Shield Guardian will also push forward with both shields, and rush with one shield up toward you if you’re at a distance too. Finally, it’ll kick out if you’re right in front of it. It’s worth bearing these moves in mind when you plan your strategy.

The idea is to hit a few times, back up and be ready to parry the rush forward with one shield. Keep dodging and moving around, and eventually it’ll go down

1x Legion Caliber 1173 Eergo  

Once the Guardian is defeated, head over to the stairwell in the corner of the room and follow the pathway up. There’s another Red Butterfly here, which happens to hold 1x Motivity Crank. There’s also 1x Thermite on the ground too.

At the end of this section, head down the ladder and repair the stargazer.


Workshop Union Culvert

In this new sewer section, collect 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive in front of you. There will be three different pathways to take here too. The path leading through the red sewer pipe heads outside to an optional area. There’s also a path just to the right of the sewer pipe heading further into the Workshop, and a ladder adjacent to the one we climbed down.

Although this section eventually snakes back round to the Stargazer from the other side, if you climb up, you’ll be able to collect 1x Hidden Moonstone just to the left in the next hallway.

There’s also a locked gate to the left (which connects up to that earlier pathway we mentioned) and all the way to the right, a hallway that eventually opens up to a large outdoor area. Now, there’s a large, intimidating puppet patrolling the area, but there’s also quite a lot of goodies on the ground too.

The large robot isn’t too difficult but later in the level we’ll be able to drain the poison from the area and tackle this guy on normal ground, preventing unnecessary damage. However, for those who want a challenge, you can still defeat it like this. At the end of the balcony, press the button to lower the ladder down and collect 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

If you look across to the top of the red pipes, you’ll notice that there’s another ladder. This will lead up and back to the original Stargazer in the Workshop Union.

On the ground in this section, you’ll find 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment, 1x Hidden Moonstone, 1x Dim Ergo Fragment and a chest holding 1x Booster Glaive Blade and 1x Booster Glaive Handle.

As for the Puppet of the Future, you can still technically beat it, even with the Corruption. Here’s how.


Puppet of the Future

Optional Boss – Puppet of the Future

Puppet of the Future hits hard, but it’s also slow. Don’t be fooled by its huge size, this foe isn’t actually as tough as it first appears. It has long, slow wind-ups for both its ball-hands slamming the ground and for its stomps. These are quite easy to dodge., just make sure you position the camera up slightly so you can watch for these moves.

Puppet of the Future also a spinning attack where it’ll churn up the corrupted ground and spin both hands around quickly. The idea here is to get in the middle, and pummel away with your Fulmini to try and inflict electric damage.

First up, head down the ladder and from the picture above, tuck yourself in to the little alcove just to the right of the red pipe leading into the corrupted water. This is a rare safe spot and you can actually use this to watch your corruption meter.

Should the purple bar reach the top and max out, it’ll turn orange, which will then slowly decrease whilst also damaging your HP the entire time.

Try and make sure this doesn’t happen (unless you’ve flicked the switch later in the level that is!)

Once it’s down to 50% health or less, Puppet of the Future will start slamming down on the ground with both legs. You can dodge-roll forward out the way of this. Just be sure to keep hitting it with a combination of Fulmini electrical blasts and powered up strong attacks. Be careful not to get caught in the corrupted water too long as well. Furthermore, watch out for the strikes because they will hit hard and damage you for a lot of HP!


1x Quartz

1 x Radiant Ergo Chunk 4335 Ergo


With the passage back to the original Stargazer now in place, return to the central sewer area and head inside the red pipe. There are a few puppets in this area, along with a larger brute.

Keep following the watery path along and you’ll find 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool and 1x Hidden Moonstone on the ground. There’s also a red butterfly here holding 1x Hidden Moonstone. Along with all of this, there’s another Big brute that will reward you with 1x Star Fragment and a whole bunch of smaller corrupted enemies.

Now it’s finally time to go the right way! Head up the passage to the right of the sewer pipe. When you emerge, circle around the rock and pick up 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment and 1x Fable Catalyst.

You need to be careful in this area, as there’s a large rolling molten ball that’s trying out Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, you’re about to star in the leading role for this one!

Proceed to the end of the path and collect 1x Dim Ergo Chunk where the puppet will be lying. To the left, all the way to the end of the passage is another 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

When you reach the end of this passage, timing your run so you leave just after the molten ball has descended, hop onto the rock to the left to avoid the next ball rolling down. When it’s passed, return whence you came.

Essentially we want to now time our runs up from where the ball is originating from, being sure to make use of the little alcoves all the way up to avoid being hit. Puppets will just mindlessly wander into the ball’s path leading to a useful (and hilarious) damage-dealer when they get crushed by the boulder.

Take your time going up here and be sure to stop by the gate. Unlock this and it’ll lead back to the earlier hallway where we fought Puppet of the Future.

Keep moving along this passage and be sure to take a right when the rock wall blows open. There’s a pike-wielding puppet we can take out, along with a long passageway. At the end is 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Before we move any further, return to the ball-rolling chamber and rush up to the end. Take out the puppet and open the chest to reveal 1x Fire Axe Blade and 1x Fire Axe Handle.

Head round the passageway and opposite the Red Fox will be 1x Star Fragment to collect. Speak to the Red Fox and Black Cat and they’ll have some items for sale. Specifically, Ripped Venigni’s Landmark Guide III. They’ll also mention that collecting three of these will net a big reward.

Continue down the passageway, defeating the puppets and take a left. Back up a little when you do, as puppets will crawl toward you. Watch out for them ganging up on you!

Eventually, turn left at the end of the passageway. You’ll see a locked gate to your left (which you can open) and a new, monstrous foe that bursts out the wood and will charge toward you. This guy works the same way as the lumbering white-suited puppets last chapter. However, it’ll hit hard and you can get caught with its blows if you’re not careful.

You basically need to bide your time, use Fulmini and dodge past its blows, being sure to parry when it starts hitting repeatedly on the ground. Defeating it will net you 1x Star Fragment. Oh, and from its starting position you’ll be able to grab 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule too!

With that foe defeated, head back and this time go to the right of the red sewer pipe we just entered. Collect 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment and 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule on the way, and then drop the button on the ladder. This returns us to the chamber where we earlier faced the Shield Guardian. Also make note of the Trinity door along this passageway too!

Remember the Red Fox and Black Cat? From their location, we now want to follow the pathway around and head up the stairwell.

At the top you’ll have a choice of two doorways. Take the door to the left and pull the lever to lower down This will, in turn, drop a red sewer pipe to let us pass to the earlier Stargazer by the Union entrance.

Before we continue into the doorway (and our destination) behind us, circle back and this time, go into the door to the right.

Collect 1x Special Purification Ampoule on the ground and then Doctor’s Confessions from the stairwell behind us. Under the stairs, is another room with a further staircase leading up. This will hold another collectible, “Have you seen this eccentric?!” There’s also a ladder leading down, where we’ll find a guy cowering by the table. Prepare yourself as there’s another optional boss fight here.



Optional Boss – Survivor

Survivor very much plays out in much the same way as the Mad Donkey fight in the previous chapter. Only, Survivor doesn’t use a giant sword; they just use a regular sized one. The key is to parry and guard, while dodging when they wind back for a big blow. The sword strikes are actually quite methodical and you should be able to get into a good rhythm to guard against these.

This fight may be a little tricky if you’ve been dodging a lot more than parrying in the game so far, but there are windows to strike and hit hard. You may be able to get a good Rear Fatal Strike in too, given Survivor tends to stop a few times.

Be careful of the Fury Attack it enacts though, where Survivor will spin several times and lash out with its blade. You want to dodge back twice if you can with this one. Eventually it’ll go down and you’ll net some decent rewards!


1x Stalker’s Promise

1 x Survivor’s Mask 1x Survivor’s Hunting Apparel

1796 Ergo



With Survivor down, return to the lever we just lowered to let us pass with the red sewer pipe. This time, you want to keep moving deeper into the chamber, past the furnaces and immediately take a left.

Hug the wall and climb up the staircase at the end. At the top, grab 1x Star Fragment and keep moving along the metal platform until you come to a Stargazer and Venigni himself.


Venigni Works Control Room

Repair the Stargazer and speak to Venigni. Next, head back down the metal passageway and balance over the ceiling beams.

In doing so, you’ll be able to net 1x Gemini’s Iron Protection, Descartes’s Note on the opposite platform and 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. There’s also 1x Hidden Moonstone on the ground by the boxes to the right of the corrosive liquid churner in the middle of the room.

When you’re ready, pass down the conveyor belt toward the ominous red warning lights. There’s a Specter summoning fountain and, unfortunately, an incredibly tough fight just beyond.


Boss Fight – King’s Flame, Fuoco

Phase 1

King’s Flame is going to be the toughest fight we’ve faced up to this point. It’s a nasty foe with some brutal attacks and horrible magic abilities. In terms of melee, it’ll swing round and strike the ground in a crescent arc, along with doing a variation of this where it’ll spin three times in one direction, hitting out with these crescent arcs, following up with a belch of fire.

There’s a standard fist-slam down, along with a spinning punch where it’ll turn the top half of its body and attack if you’re striking from behind. If you keep a distance, King’s Flame will use a Fury Attack where it’ll rush forward in one direction, hitting anything in its path.

The idea is to dodge-roll out the way of its Fury Attack and use the few second window to strike with a blast of Fulminis and back up. The melee strikes can be parried, but try to parry and then roll through to avoid having your guard broken. Eventually you’ll whittle the guy down to 50% health.

Phase 2

During the midway point of the fight, King’s Flame will open up its glowing orange middle and send a burst of flame rippling across the arena. This can be avoided  but you need to be quick. As soon as you see King’s Flame docile, charge over to the other side of the arena and try to avoid the fire. Should this hit you, you’ll have burn damage to contend with.

Along with all the previous melee strikes, King’s Flame will now blast oil patches across the floor, and follow that up with flaming projectiles launched across the arena. Should these hit the oil while you’re standing over them, it’ll do a lot of damage and leave you with burn damage too.

There’s also a new Fury Attack, where it’ll scuttle forward and then hit the ground with its fist. Be careful with this as it sometimes follows it up with the Fury Attack from Phase 1, catching you out.

You want to go into this with Fulmini definitely attached, along with that earlier Electric Blitz Abrasive. This nifty tool will imbue your sword with electrical currents, allowing you to deal extra damage.

You can always use the Star Fragments to call forth a Specter and it’s highly recommended to do this if you intend to use the Electric Blitz Abrasive. That way, you can deal maximum damage while also preserving your health for this phase. 

Phase 1 isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of the melee dodging and parrying, but Phase 2, with the additional fire and projectiles, can be difficult. Don’t be afraid to grab some projectiles from the Merchant over in Elysion too, and make sure you have Purification Ampoules attached to your belt; this immediately eliminates burn damage.

Eventually this guy will go down but it’ll be one heck of a fight to get there!


1x High-powered Flame Amplifier

1 x King’s Flame Ergo 1x Flame Grindstone

4576 Ergo



The Route To Moonlight Town

With the King’s Flame down, head into the room opposite and down the ladder. Along this passageway, you’ll find 1x Fire Canister and a sewer pipe heading back outside. This will lead to another 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment on the ground.

When you head inside the mine, grab 1x Thermite from the right of the mine-cart and then 1x Gemini’s Iron Protection from the cart. Keep following the track along, taking out enemies on the way.

In the larger chamber, don’t drop down to the lower level but instead, follow the passage along and you’ll find 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

Cross over the wooden bridge, being careful to parry the puppets throwing explosives your way. There’s 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment behind the wooden box and a chest to the right, which happens to hold 1x Big Pipe Wrench Head and 1x Big Pipe Wrench Handle.

When you’re finally ready, drop down to find 1x Hidden Moonstone on the ground along with 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment by a boarded-up passage. Grab this and dodge back, as a rake-wielding puppet will burst out. Behind that will be 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Finally, proceed up the passageway, where a tough foe is waiting for us.

It’d a good idea at this point to rush straight past this guy and repair the stargazer outside the mine.

Goad this tough foe deep into the mines and then rush back up the passage, all the way to the end and activate the stargazer. This way, we have a handy save and respawn point should we wish to go back and take him out.

Destroying this guy will net you 1x Star Fragment. In terms of strategy though, this puppet works in exactly the same way as the previous foe earlier in the level.

Once you’ve activated the Stargazer, we’ll be in Moonlight Town.

<< Elysion Boulevard / City Hall

Moonlight Town >>

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