Lies of P Guide: “Chapter II: Elysion Boulevard / City Hall” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Elysion Boulevard / City Hall

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Hotel Krat

Elyison Boulevard Entrance

Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard

Alchemist Bridge

Krat City Hall

Scrapped Watchman (Boss)


Hotel Krat

After the train station and defeating the Parade Master, we’ll be inside Hotel Krat. It’s a relatively small area in truth this one, with a few rooms that open up later on in the game as new characters or events become available. For now, you’ll find that this is our central base area; the Continental of the Lies of P world if you will.

You’ll first meet Sophia, and she’ll hand over a Moonphase Pocket Watch, which lets you teleport to the last Stargazer you rested at. It’s also worth pointing out that from here on out, you need to teleport back to Hotel Krat in order to level up, by speaking directly to Sophia.

To the left of Sophia, through the passageway leading out, you’ll find a woman in a wheelchair called Antonia. After speaking to her, she’ll hand over 1x Someone’s Memory outfit and the Show Off Clothes gesture. There’s also a note on the table too; Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide 1.

To the right of Sophia, you’ll find an equipment vendor called Eugenie. She’ll help upgrade your Legion Arm. To begin with, she’ll upgrade it with the addition of a Puppet String. This is very useful and will help pull enemies toward you, temporarily stunning them too.

Once you’re done, head through the doors at the back of the hotel and proceed through the courtyard. Interact with the door and we’ll be taken to Elysion Boulevard.


Elysion Boulevard Entrance

When you first arrive in this area, walk forward and you’ll have a brief encounter with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, courtesy of a carriage collapsing off the tracks. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of those guys!

Proceed beyond this spot and interact with the Stargazer. Next, head to the right and you’ll find a few more enemies and an area we can drop down into. Your best bet is to jump here first, as we can actually get a Rear Fatal strike on the puppet banging on the door and collect 1x Throwing Cell from the ground too.

Head up the staircase and circle around to get another Fatal Strike on the puppet facing away from you. At the end of this area you’ll find the passage branch off to the left and right. Make note of that doorway on the left (pictured below), as we’ll be able to fast travel through there later on.

Be careful of the puppet atop the carriage that’ll jump down here, but once you’ve dispatched that be sure to pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment just beyond to the right.

Turn around and keep moving along this linear passage. There’s a dog enemy and another two puppet soldiers, so be aware of these guys as they spring up.

Don’t proceed up the stairs just yet and instead open the chest, which happens to hold LADA F150 Frame. This is a very useful ring which will help reduce down physical damage done to your player.

Head up the stairs and follow the spotlight to the ladder. Climb up and be careful in this next area. At the top of the ladder there will be a wooden planks you can cross, but there’s also another puppet soldier just waiting round the corner.

Keep moving along the rooftops, being sure to block given there’s a gun-wielding puppet and another soldier. The best method here is to sprint over the gap, take out the gunman and then focus on the melee puppet.

Once you’ve done that, go back to your starting position and curl around to the left, where you’ll find 1x Emergency Gemini Protection.

Instead of turning right, keep moving to the left and interact with the machine to lower a ladder. This will save a bit of backtracking if you die. There’s also 1x Sawtoothed Wheel here too.

If you’re interested to know, this ladder links back to the starting Stargazer in this level (pictured below).

When you’re ready, from the rooftop area we’re currently in, turn right from the gunman’s position and over the lowered sign, where you’ll find another tough enemy stumbling out. This top-hat wearing foe wields an axe but it’s a little top-heavy.

In terms of attacks, your best bet here is to play defensively and guard. There’s one big axe strike where it’ll lean back (usually after a two-hit combo) and then smash the ground. Dodge roll away and then follow it up with a heavy attack. It also has a Fury Attack too, where it’ll swing the axe down, so be sure to get out the way of this.

Thankfully this guy doesn’t have masses of health but you’ll need to be patient to get down the health that it does have. Thankfully when you do, it won’t respawn again which is a bonus. Defeating this guy will actually net you 1x Star Fragment and 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule.

Once it’s down, head into the house and to the top of the tight staircase. At the top you’ll find a puppet facing away from you. Now, you can do a Rear Fatal strike but be aware that two more enemies will spring on you when you do, one from the edge of this room and another from the doorway.

One of these happens to hold a nasty spiked pike and will rush at you. You need to dodge out the way or hold your guard, but thankfully it doesn’t have too much health so it should only take 2 or 3 hits to destroy. Once they’re down, pick up 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule from the corner of the room.

When you leave, make sure you have your guard up. There’s a gun-wielding puppet over the boards. Hold your guard while you cross the board and take this guy out. Go back the way you came and take a left from the open doorway, balance across and collect 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive.

Instead of ascending that ladder (which is our destination) curve to the right and follow the path around.

At the end of this rooftop, you’ll find 1x Sharp Pipe and an enemy lying in wait. Be careful as it’s hidden round the corner and can catch you out. Be sure to dodge back quickly to avoid being hit.

When you’re done, you can either continue up the ladder, or descend down. If you choose to descend, there’s 1x Hidden Moonstone on the ground (next to a puppet lying in wait, be careful!) and 1x Dim Ergo Fragment. More importantly, this last pick-up is right next to a gate that leads back to our original Stargazer.

Do be aware of the pike enemy that will probably be at the top of this ladder should you respawn and climb back up!

Finally, go up the ladder and at the top, don’t go left just yet. Instead, circle around to the right (strike the wooden boxes to break them) and pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. We need to be careful in this area as there are enemies throwing electric grenades that will deal Electric Shock damage. This is where the Puppet String comes in handy.

There’s a few different enemies here, and after the first standard puppet, there are three pike-wielding enemies in a row. (There’s a 1x Dim Ergo Fragment by the first too, pictured below).

The best tactic we found was to use the Puppet String on each of these pike enemies to disrupt their lunge forward and quickly take them out. You can also guard against the lunge too if you’re out of charge for the puppet string!

When you jump down to a lower rooftop, don’t turn around to face the puppet behind you. Instead, run toward the pike enemy, dodging rolling past its lunge and immediately go for the electric bomb throwing goon. Getting caught by one of those bombs, while the other two enemies are striking you, is not fun.

Also be sure to pick up 1x Legion Magazine in the corner there too once you destroy this guy, then focus on the two melee soldiers. Drop down and head into the open house.

A pikeman will be round the corner so take him out and turn the corner. Inside the living room, pick up 1x Frozen Man’s Letter from the sofa and then double-back on yourself, heading up the ladder near where we first encountered the pikeman.

The electric bomb enemies are up on the rooftop, and at the end of the passage, 1x Fable Catalyst and 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment, located on opposite sides of the roof.

Drop down two floors through the holes in the ground and take out the pikeman waiting there. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get a fall-damage bonus by striking it on the way down.

Next up, is an optional miniboss on the rooftop.

Now, it’s worth noting that you can actually grab what’s in the chest (1x Life Amulet) without fighting this guy. In order to do that, run over the rooftop by hugging the edge of the roof to the right (near the spotlight) when the boss is facing away from you. When it turns, you can time it just right to dash over the wooden board, ignore the miniboss and activate the Stargazer on the other side. This will not only cut out a lot of backtracking, but there’s also a merchant here too.

Furthermore, if you do decide to tackle the boss, you won’t have far to go to use a bit of stealth, grab the chest and make a quick getaway.

For those who want to fight this guy, this menacing puppet has strong, nasty attacks but it’s also very slow too. It favours a jumping strike, which can be combatted by guarding; dodge-rolling just before it drops and hitting with a few strong attacks. Thankfully, it’s also quite easy to stagger too.


Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard

From this new Stargazer position, head outside and circle around the rooftops. There will be a few enemies here, including an electric bomb guy on a higher rooftop. There’s a wooden beam sticking out, which holds 1x Dim Ergo Fragment on the end too.

Turn back and head up the higher rooftop. Kill this electric bomb enemy, as there’s a collectible on the other side of the rooftop in the form of 1x Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide II. 

Climb back down and pass over another rooftop. Here, you’ll come across a red butterfly. 

Follow the butterfly over and kill it, revealing 1x Hidden Moonstone.  These butterflies are special enemies that will drop ingredients for levelling up your equipment, so it’s a good idea to kill these when you can. There’s also 1x Star Fragment here too. Pass through the house to the other side and hop down to the lower level balcony.

Speak to the Weeping Woman at the window and she’ll ask you to bring her child back from the City Hall. Now, it’s up to you what you do here. You can drop down into the courtyard, and in doing so another of those menacing Police Captains will start walking toward you. This one has a lot more health, it’s quicker and it can hit hard too.

Its move-set is identical to the one from the train station, but it’s also a lot more aggressive. However, should you defeat it, it’ll reward you with +918 Ergo, Krat Police Baton Head and Krat Police Baton Handle, so the choice is yours.

Behind its patrol route, you’ll find 1x Torn Doodle. A good idea here is to actually rush past the policeman, or at least lure it into the courtyard then run past, before circling around this area and dashing through the streets. Be sure to take a hard left and open the gate when you do, which leads back to an earlier section of the level.

Now, this section will hold a few collectibles across the ground. At the end of the alleyway is a chest which holds 1x Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter.

Turn back and head through the gate we just opened, taking out a couple of sword-wielding puppets, one of which will blast through the front doors in a house.

Instead of rushing past, dodge-roll inside and head for the back of the room. There’s an elevator there, which, when interacted with, will take us all the way back up to the Stargazer inside the house.

Exit the elevator on the ground floor and take a left, toward the closed gates. Just before you do, take a left at the carriage and behind it, by some boards on a house, happens to be 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool.

Finally, open the doors and we’ll be well on our way to getting through this area.


Alchemist Bridge

Mini Boss Fight – Mad Donkey

Mad Donkey is one of the more nimble enemies we’ll encounter and it’s actually not as difficult as it seems, despite the huge Cloud Strife-esque sword equipped. It’ll spin round, attacking relentlessly and swinging the sword down haphazardly.

He’s actually pretty clumsy with his strikes so your best bet is to dodge-roll past a lot of these and try to get behind him. In doing so, you’ll want to try and get some Fatal Strikes in if you can. One of the sword strikes, a simple, hard swipe straight down, will see Donkey pause for several seconds, allowing you to get behind him and hit that strike.

Donkey’s speed may be a problem for some, especially given the sluggish bosses we’ve faced so far. Keep dodge-rolling and moving around Donkey, being sure to try and keep a close distance while also avoiding the worst of the sword strikes by parrying every now and then. Getting behind Donkey is your best bet though and that powerful overhanging sword strike is your ticket to do so.

There’s not much to this fight, but if it’s causing you some issues, be sure to teleport back to Hotel Krat and level up your gear before continuing again!

Enigma Assembly Tool Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel Mad Donkey’s Mask
Mad Donkey’s Mask Krat City Hall Key  

Once Mad Donkey is down, we’ll have a brief cutscene before we can continue on. At the end of this bridge, take a left at the carriage to find 1x Hidden Moonstone behind the back wheels.

Finally, approach the gates and use the Krat City Hall Key we just obtained to open it up.


Krat City Hall

Interact with the Stargazer and then we’re ready to continue on. Thankfully, this area isn’t too long but it does end with a pretty nasty final boss. Proceed forward but before going down the stairs, head to the left and pick up 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

At the bottom of the stairs are three sword-wielding enemies but you can actually use your Puppet String on the electrical traps to do some bonus damage here. Under the streetlamp, pick up 1x Star Fragment. Further around this passage, next to the tipped carriage is 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule.

Climb up the stairs and use your puppet string on the electric trap to deal bonus damage to the soldier.

Before you proceed up the enxt stairwell, you want to take a left (marked 1 in the picture above) and follow this passageway around. You’ll be able to unlock another gate which bypasses a few soldier enemies, and there’s also 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment on the ground too.

From the courtyard with the fountain, proceed up the next stairwell (marked 2 in the picture above).

This open area has two paths leading off and another doorway leading forward. Ignore the way forward for now and instead, turn left. Under the streetlight, you’ll be able to pick up Krat News Issue 1124. On the right is another tough puppet, this one with monstrous robotic arms. It hits hard but it’s also slow and laborious with its strikes so bide your time, get behind it and hit with strong attacks to stagger quickly.

What’s more important, however, is what’s behind this guy. On the ground happens to be 1x Broken Baby Puppet. This is actually the solution to the Weeping Woman side-quest so if you wanted to double-back now (or teleport there later) you’ll be able to complete this quest. As a reward, you’ll be granted the Feel music track and 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

When you’re ready, head inside the next room and take out the sword-wielding goons here. There’s a few of them but also a chest on the left that happens to hold 1x Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet. At the end, you’ll also find a fountain, where we can use one of our Star Fragments to call forth a specter. These basically work as NPC allies that can guide us in boss fights, and can actually be super useful, especially if you’re struggling.

It’s also a good indication that we’re about to face a very difficult boss fight too!


Scrapped Watchman

Boss Fight – Scrapped Watchman

Phase 1

If the Parade Master taught how to use the basic mechanics of dodging and timing your strikes, Scrapped Watchman, will teach us how to use Perfect Parrying and dodging together to come out the other side in one piece.

The first phase is all about parrying and just simple dodges back (tapping your dodge, not rolling). You need to try and time your strikes so you can slash back and deal damage without leaving too much space. You’ll need to be patient, and be sure to dodge back when Scrapped Watchman uses either of his big swipes left and right.

Watchman also has a nasty punch down, where it’ll rise up on his hind legs and slam one arm down on the ground. Be careful with this though as he’ll also use a Fury Attack and smack down with both hands. This first phase is not dissimilar to the Parade Master fight though. The attacks will be slow, relatively manageable and it’ll be a case of parrying and dodging at the right time to chip away at its health.

Phase 2

Once Scrapped Watchman is down to 50% health, the boss will suddenly become electrified and with that, start beefing up its attacks. Along with extra Fury Attacks, it’ll also use an electrical shockwave that will pulsate out and hit you if you’re too near.

There’s also a jumping splash attack where it’ll jump down and smash the ground, sending currents of electric rippling out. For this attack in particular, and for the electric currents, you want to try and dodge backwards and then hold your guard up so the damage is minimalized.

The worst attack here will be the swipe and grab, which will be visible from him winding his arm back for a few seconds and swiping it in front of him. Be sure to dodge back and get away from this. Should it hit you, you’ll inflict massive damage. This, coupled with the swipes left and right, can be quite tricky to dodge.

Finally, Scrapped Watchman will use ripples of lightning protruding out from its body to light up the arena, and there will be a few spots that do lightning damage if you go near them too; visible from the patches on the ground.

Scrapped Watchman may be quite simple in the first phase, but the second will require a lot more deft parrying and dodging. If you dodge-roll too much, that jumping spinning attack will knock you flat. If you’ve got a rapier in your possession, that will certainly help for dealing lots of damage quickly, while being sure to parry at the right time for some of these attacks.

Ultimately though, you want to make sure you’re fully stocked with health at all times and be patient with the attack patterns. You don’t want to be all up in its face either, so be sure to back away from time to time, especially during the swipe attacks. Oh, and you can always use the Specter if you’re having trouble too. Eventually, you’ll best this guy, but it may take a few goes to get it right!

1x overcharged Storage Battery 1x Broken Hero’s Ergo 1x Core
1x Quartz 5040 Ergo  

After defeating the Watchman, Gemini will encourage you to head back to Hotel Krat and speak to Geppetto. There’s not much else we can do in this area so repair the stargazer that’s now appeared in the boss area and teleport back there now.

Hotel Krat Again

Inside Hotel Krat, be sure to speak to Sophia and she’ll encourage you to head up to the second floor to speak to Geppetto. One of the doors we weren’t able to access before is now open, and Geppetto will be inside. He’ll task you with finding Venigni, who was last seen at the warehouse… and now he’s gone missing. Geppetto will also hand over a key to open the City Hall courtyard gates, which is a bonus.

Rest up, recover, and when you’re ready, be sure to teleport back to the City Hall Courtyard to begin the next leg of our journey.

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