Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 4: Moonlight Town/ Path of Misery” Walkthrough

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Moonlight Town

Path of Misery


Moonlight Town

Chapter 4 of Lies of P and onwards is where we start to visit a whole bunch of different areas and give how massive some of these guides have been (the last two have been nearly 4000 words, sorry guys!), we’ll be splitting it up into more bite-sized chunks from here on out.

With that in mind, from the previous Stargazer, head up the pathway toward the town and take an immediate left. There’s a rake-wielding puppet round the corner so take this guy out and head out through to the other side.

Walk along the muddy track, being sure not to fall down the edge of the cliff, and collect 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Return to the main courtyard of the town square and approach the campfire. Immediately dodge back though as another rake puppet will charge out from the wooden door and blindside you.

Inside the house happens to be 1x Thermite, while by the well is 1x Saw Blade. After collecting both of these, there’s quite a few puppets in this area so be sure to clear the square of these. When you approach the wooden bridge, be aware that it’ll break as soon as you step on the middle and bring you down to the lower level.

When you do fall, immediately take a right and pick up 1x Resplendent Ergo Fragment. As you move further to the left, two red butterflies will begin floating away. Follow both of these and you’ll be able to grab 1x Crescent Moonstone from them. On the pathway into the tomb, turn left and pick up Moonlight Town Guide. Watch out for the explosive barrels dotted about, and turn back to head out the door.

Follow the pathway up and climb the ladder. If you want a shortcut next time you die, the log leading over to a slightly higher platform links back up to that area where we collected the 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule This is worth bearing in mind if you die in the next section!

Climb the ladder and proceed forward. After defeating two puppets, you’ll come to a path split between turning left or right. Going right is our destination so for now, proceed to the left.

Be aware that there will be a puppet ambush ahead. Once you step into the little house (pictured above) the gate will drop and puppets will attack. Take these guys out, being sure not to find yourself cornered and collect 1x Star Fragment from the ground, 1x Thermite next to the chest and 1x Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter from inside the chest.

The opposite side of this chamber, you’ll find 1x Saw Blade inside a wall that’ll break when another rake puppet bursts out. In this same area is a lever which will re-open the gates again. Now we can head to the right path.

At the top of the shallow steps, turn to the left and you’ll find 1x Dim Ergo Fragment by the six gravestones. There’s nothing else of note here so proceed forward and get ready for another boss fight… but only if you tell the truth.

Interestingly, if you lie to The Atoned, you’ll gain humanity and also get the key to proceed onward. However, should you tell the truth, we’ll have a boss fight to handle.


Optional Boss Fight – The Atoned

The Atoned is very similar to the Mad Donkey and Survivor fights, only this time we’re tackling a foe with a few more moves and a deadlier blunt instrument. She also uses a Fury Attack where she’ll proceed forward and shoulder barge, inflicting Decay. Speaking of which, her other melee attacks also inflict this same status on occasion, so try to maximize dodging rather than parrying.

There a re a couple of windows for attack, notably after her overhead swing down onto the ground after a 5 strike combo prior to this. Furthermore, there are a couple of spinning strikes where Atoned will pause for a second or so, allowing you to hit them.

Ultimately though, this shouldn’t be too problematic a fight. Just be patient and wait for the right time to strike, being sure to dodge rather than parry.


1x Cable Railway Key

1x The Atoned’s Mask 2024 Ergo


Enter the cable car and press the lever, using the key we just obtained and listen to Gemini’s banter all the way up. When you depart, head toward the nearby Stargazer and repair it.


Path of Misery

From the Stargazer, head through the doorway and watch the brief cutscene. We’ll now have brand new puppets to deal with, which are basically the infected from The Last of Us. They move in exactly the same way; they’re quick, strike hard, but have quite a small amount of HP. Take out the first and then turn right into the hollowed out house to find 1x Hidden Moonstone.

Back on the main path, you’ll find a shallow river heading round to the right. Ignore this bit for now and return to the main path. Continue on, killing the two infected and head left, to pick up 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool. Further along this path, you’ll find 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment next to another infected and a wooden bridge.

Do note that this bridge will collapse when you attempt to walok over it! Still, take out the enemies, head over and follow the river to the left. Should you choose to go right, this curls round to the original area where we first saw this shallow river.

Soon you’ll ascend back to dry land again and be faced with a few more infected to take out. Destroy these guys and keep ascending, closer to the cathedral.

On the way, you’ll have a few more infected to take out and 1x Sawtoothed Wheel on the ground too. Collect this up and head into the church. To your left, bu the benches, you’ll find 1x Fire Abrasive. Right in front of you you’ll find Woman’s Prayer.

Opposite this beautiful statue will be our destination but for now, don’t go that way and head out the route to the left of this statue. 

At the end of this linear path, you’ll find a statue and a guy (Giangio) standing in front of it. Before you speak to him, head round the back of this statue and open the chest, which happens to hold 1x Belford Break Cartridge.

Speak to Giangio and he’ll give you Guillaume’s Ballad. He’ll also give you a Cube and a Recovery Wishstone. Everytime you use the Cube it will also expend the Wishstone inside.

When you’re ready, head back through to the church and open the double doors at the back. In doing so, it’ll open up to a breathtaking view of a huge cathedral, and lots of fighting on the bridge to that location.

There’s quite a few infected along this path, accompanied by a massive bloater too. Okay, I’ll stop with the Last of Us references here!

This big brute is much faster than the other larger enemies we’ve faced before so far, so you need to use a combination of dodging and parrying to take this guy out.

Fire is a particular weakness, so if you are struggling, don’t be afraid to throw a thermite or two at it. The burn damage alone will whittle away its health very quickly.

However, in terms of strategy, it’s best to wait for this brute to finish its big attacks and during a slight pause before winding up another combo, slash a few times and back up. Partway up the bridge, you’ll also find 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

On the other side of the bridge, outside the doors to the Cathedral, you’ll find 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule. When you’re ready, pull open the double doors and repair the stargazer. Things are about to get a whole lot more difficult!

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