Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 1: Krat Central Station” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Krat Central Station

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Krat Central Station

Police Captain (Boss)

Krat Central Station Plaza

Parade Master (Boss)



Welcome to Lies Of P! This highly enjoyable Souls-like has some great level design and lots of tough enemies to face along the way. This opening section ultimately serves as a taster for what’s to come. It’s essentially a prologue area but a good one to get used to the style of play, general level design and mechanics that this one works with.

When you gain control of P, head forward from your starting position into the next carriage. Interact with the lamp on the ground and a mysterious voice belonging to someone called Sophia will echo through.

She’ll tell you to come to Hotel Krat, where she’ll explain everything that’s going on. We’ll then be in possession of Monad’s Lamp.

This item will basically illuminate dark areas and can be attached to your belt, which serves as a quick way to use items on the fly. There’s a choice of the Upper Belt and Lower Belt, which can be selected using your directional pad. You then use X (square on PS) to quickly use it. 

Interact with the door ahead and keep moving until you reach the desk at the other end. Interact with the sword and you’ll get to choose which combat style to play with going forward.

The three choices will either favour a balanced play-style, more dexterity or more strength. This will also alter your base stats depending on what you choose.

Once you’ve opened the door to your right, you’ll be on the central platform in the train station.


Krat Central Station

From your starting position, you’ll notice a solitary figure wandering about. This is the first of our puppet soldier enemies. In the train station, they’re quite flimsy and easy to beat, simply slash at them and be sure to use your dodge to get away from any strikes.

Keep moving forward and watch out for this tricky customer, another constable that happens to be lying dormant. It’ll rise up and try to attack when you get near. To the right, happens to be 1x Sawtoothed Wheel.

Move into the next area and interact with the purple pulsating cell at the foot of the statue. This happens to hold 1x Pulse Cell, which works the same way as the Estus Flask from Dark Souls. These will refill at every save point and over time, they will increase too.

There are three more soldier puppets to take out, one of which lying dormant next to 1x Dim Ergo Fragment on the bench.

Move up to the next area but when you reach the closed door at the top of another staircase, ignore this and turn right. We need a key to open it and we can’t get that just yet.

In this next hallway, we’ll learn about guarding, which will be very handy in combatting against gun-wielding puppets. There’s one at the top of the staircase to the left, and it’s encouraged to take this guy out first. If you don’t, you could get caught out while trying to combo strike the soldier.

Before you continue forward behind the ranged enemy, head back down the stairs and pass into the bathroom on the right (where the soldier rose up from the ground). Be careful in this next area.

After a small passageway, turn left and you’ll be in the bathroom. There’s another soldier waiting just round the corner.

Once you’ve killed the soldier, pick up 1x Thermite on the ground. Now we can head back up the staircase and into the next area.

At the top of the big stairwell, there’s another enemy at the end of the hallway, standing in a spotlight. You can take it out with a fatal strike, which is a good way of dealing lots of damage to an unsuspecting enemy.

Circle around the landing and take out the next enemy that shows up. At the end of this hallway, enter the office and pick up the Passenger’s Note. If you read this, it’ll encourage you to leave the station as there’s “a huge puppet smashing people to death” in there. Lovely. That’ll explain the ominous banging noises then!

Keep moving along the landing, and take out the next enemy. Be careful though as two more soldiers will rush up and attack when you show up on the scene. Don’t go down the stairs just yet, but instead move into the room ahead to collect 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

Go all the way down the stairwell and immediately proceed to door with the red lock device on. Interact with it and the door will swing open. You can also collect 1x Fable Catalyst.

These doors essentially work to bypass big parts of levels so if you do happen to die, you won’t have to trek miles to get back. In this case, you won’t have to trapse all the way round the hallways and landings.

When you’re ready, turn and approach the giant puppet in the corner. It’s boss fight time.


Police Captain

Boss Fight – Police Captain

So here we go, the first proper test of our skills so far. And naturally, you’re probably going to die a few times here. The Police Captain tends to use a flurry of different strike combos, along with a shoulder barge attack too.

Generally, that shoulder barge is used to bridge the gap between you and the boss. In terms of the strikes, the Captain will use obvious wind-ups so you can time your dodges, but the tricky part is figuring out if it’s a single strike, two hits or even a three-strike combo. The latter is very tough to dodge, given it’ll include a 360 degree turn midway through.

The game really emphasizes that parrying these attacks isn’t the best way forward. You need to learn to dodge and dodge-roll at the right time in order to capitalize. You can choose to go the route of doing strong attacks, but that also leaves you open to a counter.

The best tactic we found is to use simple strikes after dodge-rolling through the single hit from the Police Captain. You’ll notice this coming because it’ll swing down hard, then take a few seconds to right itself again.

You can try to parry if you want but ultimately, it’s best to leave that for if you get caught in the middle of the three-strike combo.

Otherwise, keep dodge-rolling and attacking when the moment arises. Try not to use your Thermite collected either earlier, there are tougher bosses ahead! Oh, and do be sure to heal regularly to make sure your HP isn’t too low. Eventually though, it’ll go down.

Krat Central Station Main Entrance Key Workshop Union Lightweight Frame  

With the Police Captain down, be sure to collect 1x Sawtoothed Wheel from behind it. When you’re done, return to the main entrance of the station, the door we couldn’t previous open can now be accessed.


Krat Central Station Plaza

With the station now cleared, head out into the pouring rain and interact with the glowing blue light on the ground to repair the Stargazer. Stargazers are this game’s version of campfires and they can allow you to switch gear, teleport to different levels and (for this prologue section) level up your stats using Ergo.

Although these Stargazers also help recover full HP and Pulse Cells, they’ll also respawn all enemies (minus bosses) in the area. 

From your starting position, explore to the left, being sure to take out the new puppet dogs that are lurking about. These guys are quite nimble but require less hits to destroy. To be honest, they shouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

By the broken carriage you’ll find 1x Fable Catalyst, while on top of the chest by the boarded up door, you’ll find Krat Times Issue 183

On the right side of the plaza, there’s 1x Dim Ergo Fragment by the carriage. Beyond that, further to the right and next to a starcase, you’ll find 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Move up the stairwell and there’s 3 puppet soldiers up here. Take them out and pick up 1x Sawtoothed Wheel next to the locked gate. When you’re ready, head to the other size of the plaza, opposite the Stargazer, and you’ll find a large stairwell leading down. Don’t go down here yet; instead, follow the path to the right instead.

Dispatch the puppet here and you’ll notice a doorway leading to a seemingly pointless passage with a locked door at the end. This won’t be accessible just yet, but we’ll end up circling back to this area from the other side, and it’ll be a crucial passage to cut out lots of winding corridors and enemies!

Head back across to the end of the elevated walkway, and sneak up behind the gun-toting puppet. A Rear Fatal strike will work wonders here. You’ll also notice another puppet pounding on the door, and it won’t recognize us if we sneak up on the gun puppet.

Take these guys out and collect 1x Dim Ergo Fragment from the ground. Keep following the linear pathway along until you reach a more open outdoor area. Take a left and collect 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment from the stairwell.

Keep moving along the passageway, with the broken outdoor fences to your left. As you get further along, you’ll get a heads-up about Fury Attacks, and then a menacing porter puppet will show. 

This certainly isn’t as bad as the police captain back at the station but it does have some nasty moves. Watch out for the Fury Attack (typified by it glowing red) and try to perfect-guard if you can.

If not, dodge roll around when the porter drops a strong attack and get some swipes in. It’s not actually that tough and you may be able to stagger it with a charged attack too.

While you don’t need to, continuing along this passage rather than turning right will reward you with an awesome view.

When you’re ready, continue along the pathway and take out the enemies, being sure to pick up 1x Thermite from the ground. There’s a fair few enemies grouped around here so a good idea is to try and get them all to follow so you can unleash a combo and strike them all at once.

Instead of proceeding forward, take a right and follow the pathway along. At the top is 1x Dim Ergo Fragment, and also a good spot to hit a drop attack on enemies.

After dropping down, head through the doorway to the right and follow the passage down to a locked door, where you’ll be able to grab 1x Venigni’s urgent Repair Tool. Now, we can head forward through the doorway, which leads out into a larger area, with two more starwells. One is on the left and another heads up and over a bridge (pictured below). Go left first.

At the bottom of the stairs is a dog enemy, another police puppet and 1x Fable Catalyst too. The stairwell to the right meanwhile, will open up a fast-travelling route to this exact location.

Interact with the door on the right to remove the lock to wind back to the Stargazer. Now, if we die we can easily head back here simply by turning right at the stairwell rather than down and around all those enemies.

When you’re ready, head over the bridge and interact with the next Stargazer. There’s also a merchant just beyond this too who will sell some consumable and gear, should you need it. And chances are, you probably will given what’s coming! Oh, and there’s a few pick-ups here too, including 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

If you keep moving to the left, next to the stairwell leading up, you’ll snake around to the left and be able to grab the note called “Introducing the Parade Puppet!”

Head up the stairwell to the right of the Stargazer and prepare yourself, this boss is not easy.


Parade Master

Boss Fight – Parade Master

Phase 1

Parade Master is a tough foe, armed with stiff punches, nasty combos and a huge, bulky form that can do serious damage. Parrying is pretty useless here, so you want to focus on dodging. It’ll take a few goes but Phase 1 is actually quite straightforward once you suss out Parade Master’s attacks.

The move-set is similar to the Police Captain earlier on, with shoulder-barges used to slide across the ground and bridge the gap in the fight.

There’s a simple left hand jab down, a two-punch combo and a three-punch combo. There’s also a Fury attack too, where Parade Master will slam both fists down on the ground infront of it.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a running splash attack, coming in two forms – a Fury Attack and a standard splash down. Finally, there’s a double-slash, where Parade Master will swipe in an X shape with both its fists.

When Parade Master winds up its hand in the air to knock down, you want to dodge roll toward and around to dodge the punch.

This will open up Parade Master for some good hits and the chances are, it’ll either follow-up with a splash attack (which you can dodge by just tapping the dodge button and jumping backwards) or a two-hit combo (in which case, use the dodge, then dodge roll).

It’ll always favour the left hand to punch first so you’ll want to try and stay on Parade Master’s left-side if you can, as it’ll constantly have to turn in order to right itself and face you. This will allow you to get some good hits in.

The best times to hit with heavy attacks, especially charged ones, will be after the splash attack (if you dodged) and after the single-punch. Once you’ve dealt 50% damage, Parade Master will become a lot tougher

Phase 2

When Parade Master starts burning, it’ll remove the cage from its back, stick its foot through and then pull its head off, using it a horrific mace. This will not only increase Parade Master’s range, but also make it much faster and tougher to dodge.

There are two specific windows to attack though and that comes from Parade Master stepping forward with 3 quick steps, and then slashing with its new weapon to the right and then the left. You need to dodge roll through both of these and then hit Parade Master with a heavy attack, preferably slightly charged too if you can.

The other time to attack is just after Parade Master does its familiar splash on the ground, which you can follow up with a good deal of slashes as it tries to scramble back up.

You need to play safe here, and if this fight does become challenging, you can always throw a few Thermites during Phase 2 of this while keeping a distance. Eventually, it’ll go down.

1x Parade Leader’s Ergo 1x Quartz 1850 Ergo

After defeating the boss, head through the doorway at the back and you’ll find yourself in a new courtyard area. Before heading up the stairs, head to the end of the  At the end, you’ll find yourself right in front of Hotel Krat. On the way, pick up 1x Dim Ergo Fragment and 1x Fable Catalyst.

When you reach the top, head to the left and over the bridge. In this new section, explore to the left of the door to pick up 1x Dim Ergo Fragment, and on the right to grab 1x Hidden Moonstone. This item will let us upgrade our weapons and is incredibly useful.

Finally, head up to the front door and you’ll be greeted with the hotel security system. You’ll need to lie to head in, so select “Human”, to trigger a strange effect on P and start the opening credits. 


Elysion Boulevard >>

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