Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Heroes and Tricks

Episode 10 begins with Kurahashi celebrating the success of his plan. 

Hiroto and Sarasa visit Kazami to come up with a strategy to take down Miss Hundred Faces. He begins by questioning Libra’s stance on the matter, and Kazami confesses how terrified she is, as it puts the entire Libra organization at stake to indulge in such malpractices. Sarasa and Hiroto promise her that they won’t let the competition be ruined by Miss Hundred Faces.

Despite the prohibition on interaction, Hiroto, Sarasa, and Shirayuki secretly meet Kazami to discuss the United Army’s abilities. They realize that her ability works in the favor of all the teams supporting her, as they automatically tie for second place if she comes first. Hiroto realized that Kururugi ran away to capitalize on that, and Sarasa noticed the name of Kirigaya Touya, the holder of the Black Star.

Hiroto decides to use the MTCG wild card entries to make a return and redeem the status of the competition. He realizes his friend Shiina Tsumugi is the sixth assassin he has to face off against to clear through.

On the fourth day of the competition, Hiroto enters the MTCG with Kazami as his familiar. Kazami explains the importance of cards, quests, and coins. Hiroto’s goal is to collect more cards to level up his familiar and defeat five higher-level opponents before facing the sixth assassin. He can also swap cards for higher-level cards by paying in coins. On top of all that, he can also buy skill cards on his device.

Yuikawa from Ibara Academy tries to get back at him for knocking him out of the competition, showing off his quest stage. Just then, a team member from Tsuyuri approaches Hiroto and offers him four cards in exchange for 100 coins. She tells him her intentions and her desire to see the fall of Miss Hundred Faces, as her leader Kururugi was forced to join hands with them to secure the victory. Hiroto assures her that he will take care of them. 

Hiroto immediately jumps into his first fight against a level 6 and manages to win by predicting the level of his opponent’s cards. Hiroto realizes he needs coins if he has to speed run through the MTCG.

He decides to give up a number card for a reward card, leaving everyone stunned. However, the cards’ disparity is so huge that they come with an additional 99,000 coins. With this advantage, Hiroto continues to advance through his opponents. Finally, he comes across Tatara and Tsuji, who offer to trade their two nine-number cards with him to help him accomplish his goal. 

This brings Hiroto’s familiarity to level 27. Just then, Kagaya calls in as she is unable to access Tsumu-Tsumu’s personal data and urges him to squeeze it out soon. Just then, Yuikawa manages to reach the sixth assassin and taunts Hiroto. The battle between Yukiawa and Shiina begins; however, it is short-lived. Despite having level 33, Yukiawa isn’t able to take down the sixth assassin.

Just in time, Hiroto figures out that Shiina is using a negative 99 familiar and thus always manages to be less than the player. Hiroto quickly informs Kagaya about it, and Hiroto uses his exceed limit card to level up to 30. Hiroto reveals that Kagaya hacked into her level to change it to 30, making their levels equal. This wins Hiroto the battle and earns him the wild card entry to advance back into the game. 

Hiroto then challenges her real identity, as he believes she is Miss Hundred Faces, and Shiina confirms his belief by threatening him for the rest of the competition. 

The Episode Review

This episode of Liar Liar features an intriguing wild card round that Hiroto needs to clear to get back into the game. Towards the end of the episode, Shiina is revealed to be Miss Hundred Faces. The twist adds an interesting dynamic as the two share a sibling-like bond.

It also takes us through some interesting moves as Hiroto’s speed runs to the top. Unfortunately, the rules underlying these decisions are still not fully clear and can be confusing. Having said that, the anime has set that expectation right from the beginning so it’s hard to grumble too much.

With this episode, Hiroto manages to get back in the competition to join Akizuiki and Shirayuki, with their primary foe now revealed.

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