Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Facing Off and Flushing Out

Episode 9 of Liar Liar begins on the second day of the competition, with numerous academy groups getting unexpectedly eliminated by their own teammates. Their teammate is revealed to be none other than Sarasa’s doppelganger, who uses her abilities to shapeshift into their own teammates and eliminate the team.

Shirayuki shows the video shot by LIBRA, and they think about a strategy to overcome that. They decide to always keep their teammates in sight to avoid confusion. 

Later that night, Hiroto decides to head over to Sarasa’s room to discuss the situation. On arrival, she makes him wait for 10 whole minutes before opening the door, as she has not dressed properly.

She scolds him for looking at her and tells him to look outside the window instead. Hiroto taunts her about the scandals that could roll on social media if someone saw him through the window. They have a discussion about the shape-shifting ability, and she expresses how unfair it is for the doppelganger to enjoy the fame and status she worked so hard to create. He also discusses a plan to finish at the top of ASTRA despite the odds.

The next day, the doppelganger continues her carnage as she wipes out entire teams using her ability. Hiroto and his team proceed with caution, but Nanase leads the team, walking a few paces ahead. Enamoto stops her, but she is adamant about being in front. 

The two begin to quarrel when suddenly someone uses the blackout ability on them. During their argument, Enomoto says she could be Miss Hundred Faces, implying he can’t trust her before the game ends for the morning. Nanase walks out, claiming she will no longer be a part of the game, and Enomoto follows, saying the same.

In the afternoon session, only three players from Eimei Academy participated in the game. They are notified of the two groups heading from their north and south. They decide to stay and fight instead of running. They take formation as Hiroto faces Kurugugi and her team, while Noa and Shirayuki face another team from the opposite direction.

Seeing the two of them together, the other team begins to run while the two chase them, leaving Hiroto alone to face Tsuyuri Girls Academy. Kurugugi tells him to be reasonable and stand down, as the odds of winning a 1v5 are unreasonably low. He proceeds to challenge her and strikes down one of her teammates with a flurry of spell attacks. 

Just then, Shirayuki reappears behind Hiroto and uses a shield spell to defend Hiroto from Kurugugi’s one-shot kill. This brings her health down to 1 point. They begin to retreat while Kurugugi and her team chase them while avoiding the green tiles. 

Shirayuki stops and challenges Kurugugi to use her one-shot kill once again. As soon as Kurugugi slashes one of her teammates, she gets eliminated. Shirayuki reveals that she used the numeric adjustment to retarget the effect. They then continue to run while Kurugugi’s team follows. One of the teammates gets eliminated due to a trap laid down by Noa using her expertise.

Kurugugi challenges them, saying they’re now out of spells and she can easily take them down. Shirayuki steps in to defend her master, but Kurugugi’s teammate uses Medusa’s Magic Eye spell to prevent movement for a minute. Hiroto brings to her attention that she needs her teammate’s cooperation to use the one-shot kill. Kurugugi breaks his bubble, saying she can easily undo that, as the one-shot kill performs best when she’s fighting alone and eliminates her own teammate.

As Kurugugi unleashes another slash, Hiroto defends by using another spell. He reveals that he wasn’t out of spells, as the green tiles were a result of his Black Wings ability. Right before he could use any other spell, she used the Freeze Time ability to evade.

Noa returns after taking down the other team, and Hiroto appreciates her skillfulness. Hiroto gets to know about the opponents working under Miss Hundred Faces. Hiroto comes up with a plan, asking them to trust him.

Later that night Enomoto approaches Hiroto to apologize. He also speaks to him about the fight with Nanase. The two notice Nanase hiding behind a pillar listening to them talk about her. She begins to tease him for speaking well about her and realizing his mistake.

Hiroto breaks the news to them that he had himself eliminated with the intention of landing their team at the bottom of Miss Hundred Faces target list.

The Episode Review

This episode continues the ASTRAL competition, showcasing the third day of the fighting. Hiroto reveals some brilliant deception and decision-making abilities with his smart play against Kurugugi’s team, managing to eliminate 4 of her teammates. With all odds against his team, he also makes a very clever move by eliminating himself so as to put his team last on the opponent’s target list.

However, this chapter was only about survival as no major threats were eliminated, with Kurugugi escaping out of sight. The threat of Sarasa’s doppelganger continues to linger and has only gotten worse since the first 2 days.

The storyline walks down an interesting path though as victory in the ASTRAL competition seems to be the goal of the season. The anime has come a long way with respect to storytelling capacity with complicated rules and abilities showcased in a more casual manner while the games are ongoing.

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