Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) – Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) begins with Madame Huchon questioning Rose about her antics during the night with Jacques, shocked at how far she’s willing to go to save her baby.

In the park, Camille wanders all alone before being attacked by two boys. Fortunately, Leo arrives to save her and narrowly escapes Marc-Antoine’s men in the process. He then takes her to her Aunt’s who promises to protect her. Leo quickly rushes to tell Adrienne where Camille is. Unfortunately, her husband is quicker and as she arrives, she sees him take Camille away.

After his wife’s visit the night before, Jacques has newfound interest for her, while we see Victor finding and confronting the projectionist about the fire. He admits it was an accident and how all the deaths he caused has been a burden for him ever since. However, Victor tells him to keep his mouth shut about it and reveals to Alice that it was her Dad that installed the cinema, meaning he’s the one who will take the fall.

Alice then rushes to her dad and reveals the truth, begging him to tell the police as she believes his connections will help him in his defense as it was an accident. This prompts him to visit Marc-Antoine and as he explains the real cause of the accident, Marc-Antoine refuses to accept it as he needs it to be an actual accident to help him get elected. As they leave the room, Marc-Antoine finds out where Victor is hiding from Julien. The latter then turns around and tells Auguste he saw Alice kiss the terrorist which makes him cancel the wedding.

Heading into the anarchist bar, Adrienne speaks to the people inside and claims she knows who the killer of Eva Schaff is. As she reveals it to be her husband, we see that Victor was her son and that Marc-Antoine worked as a spy for the Germans by encoding secret messages in her music sheets. Suddenly the police arrive to arrest Victor, just as Adrienne manages to escape.

Determined to find out who sent him the letter, Jean arrives at the Tremoille’s house, offering his services as a coachman. Jacques gratefully accepts as he actually needs one and hires him on the spot. As he walks into the room, Madame Huchon and Rose are shocked to see Jean there and, going back upstairs, Rose hysterically calls out for her husband but knows she doesn’t have any choice.

We then see that the projectionist has been run over by a carriage in the street, before cutting to Adrienne heading to see her husband’s speech. As she watches on, he promises to put all anarchists in prison if he’s elected, which is where we leave the episode for now.

Marc-Antoine is quickly becoming the lead antagonist here and as we reach further toward the back end of the series, everything is becoming far more dramatic and wracked with tension. There’s still an air of soap-opera drama clinging to this though and of course the story is overly dramatized, using the fire as a backdrop for the familial drama to play out rather than a driving force for the show. Despite that, there’s enough here to make for an engaging and enjoyable watch nonetheless.


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