Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) – Episode 5 Recap & Review



Episode 5 of Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) begins with the maid tearfully telling Marc Antoine that Camille disappeared while out in the park. Suspecting his wife is the one responsible, he frantically looks through his daughter’s things and finds Adrienne’s note. Calling on his men, he sends them to look for her.

Meanwhile, Adrienne is questioned by Celestin about the reason she wanted to disappear and tells her he will keep her there for a while for her safety. We then cut to Odette’s husband Jacques, returning home and greeting his son and mother-in-law, who doesn’t seem happy to see him. After Madame Huchon berates him about his absence and mistress, Jacques visits his wife but is shocked by her looks.

The day of Alice’s engagement party arrives but she’s nowhere to be seen. Julien goes looking for her though and eventually finds her after leaving Victor, vowing to help prove his innocence. After finally proposing to her by the lake, they return home to the festivities.

Madame Huchon meanwhile wakes Rose up as she’s found a woman who will help her with an abortion. However, Rose is adamant that she wants to keep the baby and threatens to call the police to reveal everything. Madame Huchon has the upper-hand though and tells her she will spin the story to the police to make them believe she was manipulated by a maid while grieving her daughter.

Back at the station, Celestin relays to Adrienne that her daugher hasn’t come back home and explains that her husband once savagely killed a woman, Eva Schaff, 15 years ago. This prompts her to panic and seeks the help of Hugues to find Camille. Meanwhile, Marc-Antoine discovers his wife was seeing someone and after beating the truth out of Leo, finds out Hugues’ identity and address.

Hugues rushes back home to find Marc-Antoine there, who starts hitting him and asking the whereabouts of his wife. Lying, he tells them she left the country and recalls how he met Adrienne and how they became an item. Unhappy, Marc-Antoine stabs him in the stomach repeatedly.

Celestin arrives at the Jeansin’s household to question Alice about Victor. She tells him that he saved her from the fire and is ready to testify in his favour. This causes Julien to fly off the handle, furious as he tries to stop her, grabbing her arm infront of all the guests. She then heads to Rose and, still thinking she’s Odette, explains that Victor is innocent and actually saved her. Rose also reveals that she saw someone in the projector room trying to extinguish the fire when it started and come to the conclusion that it could be the projectionist.

In the evening, Alice relays what she’s found out about the fire to Victor and as they kiss, we see that Julien has been watching them all along. In hospital, Adrienne is at Hugues’ bedside, waiting for him to wake up. As he does, he barely manages to tell her to be careful of her husband and to take care of herself, just before dying. We then cut Rose visiting Jacques in the middle of the night and forcing him to have sex with her as we close the episode.

Although the show continues to weave romance and soapy melodrama, Le Bazar De Charite is a lot more tense now as Marc-Antoine starts hunting for his wife, killing Hugues in the process. There’s plenty of drama across all three storylines though but now things are starting to become a lot more intense. While last episode doubled down on the soap opera elements, this time around there is a little more effort to blend this in with the fire itself which is good to see. Still, there’s plenty of questions left unanswered here and as we gear up toward the third act, who knows what will happen next!

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