Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) – Episode 7 Recap & Review


The Piano

Episode 7 of Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) begins with Marc-Antoine confronting his wife and as she explains that she ran away because he took her daughter, he decides to lock her in a secret room. Alice decides to tell the newspaper the truth about the fire in a bid to save Victor. They warn her that this will hurt her father greatly but she insists, claiming she can’t let an innocent man die.

Jacques meets with the maid who reveals that his wife is pregnant while Rose gets ready for the celebratory dinner in her honour. Her husband takes her downstairs and as she greets all the guests, she announces that they’re expecting a baby. We then cut to Marc-Antoine telling his brother-in-law he will help him financially and that he took care of the projectionist.

Back at the Tremoille’s house, a drunk Jacques confronts his wife about the father of her child but is soon stopped by his mother in law. We then cut to Jean who’s told that he’s not needed anymore as Madame Huchon fired him. Before leaving, he heads to Rose’s room and asks her about the letter he received. He tells her that if his wife had been found alive and scared, he would have carried on loving her no matter what. This prompts her to open the door, revealing who she is. Relieved that his wife is alive, he vows to never leave her again.

Meanwhile, the newspaper has published Alice’s testimony, which shocks her mother while Adrienne begs her husband to let her see Camille, deciding to seduce him to get her way. As we jump back to Auguste, Marc-Antoine questions him about the article and demands that she writes a retraction after everything he did for him. Auguste then heads to his daugher’s room to tell her that Marc-Antoine has erased all evidence and orders her to do a retraction.

After playing piano together, Marc-Antoine falls asleep. Adrienne starts looking through his music sheets and sends a letter to the police. The episode ends with Rose leaving the house and Jacques taking a gun.

As we gear up for the finale, Le Bazar de la Charite delivers a pretty good episode, one that ultimately serves as the final layer of foundation for the drama to unfold. With Victor in the firing line to take the blame for the fire and Msrc-Antoine doing everything he can to make sure that happens. Once again there’s a consistency to the production too, with a lovely spinning shot while Adrienne and Marc-Antoine play the pain while looking at each other. These little touches really help the show stand out. Quite how the finale will play out remains to be seen but based on what we’ve seen so far, it promises to be very dramatic!


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