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Episode 14 of Law School opens with that plot twist a lot of us saw coming a mile off. Anyway, Man-Ho meets Assemblyman Ko, who shows him a photo of his son. Ko predictably doesn’t hold up his side of the bargain, double crossing Man-Ho and going back on what was promised.

Man-Ho however, lies dying in hospital after being stabbed last episode. He’s rushed into surgery after losing a lot of blood. Yang however, has the same blood type and decides to help, starting a transfusion. It’s no good though and Man-Ho eventually passes away.

Yang soon learns that he man who stabbed Man-Ho is the same one who did this to him, Ki Du-Seong. He’s claiming self-defence, prompting Yang to question whether that’s really true or not.

While this is happening, inside the court Jin requests a constitution review. He’s not the only one facing the hand of the law, as Seung-Tae too faces his disciplinary hearing with Eun-Suk. She admits that she’s pushing for him to be permanently excluded. If this is approved, he would never be able to gain entry at another law school again.

The kids – and Yang – realize that the constitutional review is going to be approved thanks to Jin’s ties with the Judge and Ko.

Meanwhile, Jin interviews Du-Seong and tries to figure out if he’s telling the truth or not about the stabbing. Well, news of Man-Ho’s death spreads across the air as Sol-A realizes that the photo of Man-Ho’s son is a big point of contention.

Joon-Hwi knows this too, as he and Sol-A both come to their own conclusions and realize this could have been used as leverage to force him to comply. The only question these kids have is who? Who could be responsible? It’s Assemblyman Ko guys, the most obvious candidate.

As they start searching for clues, Joon-Hwi is brought back to the hit and run incident from the past. A note reads “Let me leave this hell” which gets him and Ji-Ho deliberating over the wording. “Let me” denotes that someone else was pulling the strings and in the car that night.

Yang senses this is linked with Assemblyman Ko and heads up to question him over this revelation. The Seo they know would have got out the car to check up on him, so it’s definitely out of character. Could it be that someone stopped him from leaving that night?

Five months prior to Seo’s murder, Man-Ho barged into Ko’s car and head out with him. He handed over a flash-drive holding a copy of the dashcam footage within of the Jurae-dong hit and run. Man-Ho blackmailed him, knowing the truth, which prompts Ko to become frazzled.

Feeling the heat, Ko meets up with Jin in private as we cut back to the present. Ko encourages Jin to accept the plea of self-defence in order to win the crowd over and earn their support. This, in turn, will allow him to be better prepared when he moves up into politics. Ko also promises to get his request accepted with the Judge.

When Ji-Ho finds out, he’s obviously not happy and promises to do his best to take down Jin. The kids aren’t quite up to scratch yet though, but they work to try and find evidence surrounding who was in the car with Seo that day. Well, we don’t have to wait for long as it’s definitely revealed to be Ko. Who else could it be?

Seo wanted to stop but Ko forced him to carry on and drive off. This explains Ko’s stake in all this and how Man-Ho was able to blackmail him. This is only reinforced with Jang Dong-Su mentioning a meeting between Seo and Ko that took place, with both of them entering into some sort of agreement together.

Elsewhere, Ye-Seul decides to file a complaint against Yeong-Chan. In fact, she’s going higher than that and wants to go after Ko for inciting coercion too. Yes, go on Ye-Seul!

That afternoon, Yang gets in the car with Eun-Suk who admits that she believes Seo and Man-Ho’s deaths are linked to Man-Ho’s son. And just like that, James rings and face-times with her in the car, prompting Yang to see this take place with a wide-eyed shock. Now the pieces start to come together, as Yang learns that Ko was the one who sent Man-Ho’s son over to the US.

The next day, Jin’s case prepares to go ahead but Sol-A throws a huge curveball in the mix when she heads on-air and calls out Ko publicly for the scandals he’s involved in. Ji-Ho and Joon-Hwi both lend their voice to this too, with the latter confirming his suspicions over someone else being in the car the night of the hit and run.

It’s a challenge against Ko, but he realizes that if he tries to sue them for defamation, it gives them grounds to find evidence to back everything up that they’re saying.

This all bubbles up to the hearing, where Ko obviously plans to propose a bill to abolish the law. Yang shows up too but sits next to Jin instead. The reason for this stems from the Vice Dean, who was supposed to be there with Jin but handed his notice in of course. Instead, he recommends Yang go in his stead.

In order to argue his case, Yang sets up a video call with someone who can help… it’s Kang-Dan!

The Episode Review

So all the pieces come together to shed light on the real culprit here being Assemblyman Ko. It’s perhaps been written on the walls that he’s been behind everything since halfway through the show but seeing how the different kids and lawyers have pieced together their evidence to use against him is certainly intriguing enough to keep watching.

The artistic camera angles and distracting sound editing is still here, albeit somewhat subdued this time which is good.

Man-Ho’s death feels a little sudden although it’s clear that all of this is bringing the fight back around to Ko, making him pay for what he’s done in the past.

Some of this comes from Yang’s decision to join Jin in this fight which seems to be a round about way to make this prosecutor see sense and stop being manipulated by Ko. Seeing him turn back to the light and help the others take down the Assemblyman would be a pretty fitting and poetic way to end this drama as well.

With only a couple of episodes left, it remains to be seen what happens with this one but there’s a lot left unresolved and only so much time left. Roll on tomorrow’s follow-up!

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