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Episode 13 of Law School begins with the end of the Ye-Seul trial. The fate of both Yeong-Chang and Ye-Seul now fall to the jury who have the difficult job of deciding on their verdict.

Meanwhile, Man-Ho smashes up the CCTV cameras which leads both Joon-Hwi and Sol-A to hurry home. There, they find Man-Ho’s anklet has been shifted across to someone else while the convict is actually with Yang. He looks set to inject Yang’s arm until the prosecutor stalls for time and questions why he killed Seo.

Man-Ho chuckles in defiance, refusing to disclose this, as the prosecutor points out he should inject the other arm to make it look more like a suicide.

When Man-Ho receives a call, Yang suddenly shouts out loud, prompting the convict to make his move and pounce on top of him. However, Joon-Hwi and Sol-A get there just in time and manage to thwart the threat.

Now we learn that the man Man-Ho confronted outside and put the anklet on is Choi Jae-Cheol. He happens to be one of the workers for the ankle monitor manufacturer. He was imprisoned for embezzlement and met Man-Ho in prison. This explains their link.

There’s no time to dwell on this though as the jury reach their verdict. This brings everyone back in again to find out the truth. Sol-A shows up with her sister, and the pair sit together, waiting for answers.  Ye-Seul is found not-guilty and they agree with her decision of self-defence.

This all comes about thanks to Sol-A’s demonstration, which shows that kicking Yeong-Chang originally could have been construed as him reaching for a knife. Ye-Seul wouldn’t have known from that angle and a history of abuse is enough to make her think otherwise.

Ko’s phone blows up as he realizes his son has lost. He’s furious, demanding all articles about Yeong-Chang be stopped. However, Bad Fama are also found not guilty as well.

Outside, Prosecutor Bae and Yang talk together about the past. They seem to have settled their differences, especially with Bae deciding to play fairly in the midst of all this. When she leaves, Sol-A heads out with Eun-Suk where she breaks the news that Kang-Dan is actually her sister.

Back at the police station, Jin arrives to see Man-Ho, who’s held for questioning. Alone, he decides to plead the fifth and dodges his eyeline, refusing to give up anything until his lawyer arrives. However, the evidence is overwhelming and it’s difficult to see anyone but Man-Ho as the culprit. Still, it definitely leaves Jin with questions.

These questions are only confounded when the anklet’s ping is actually directed toward a café that Jae-Cheol was in, not Man-Ho. Our convict decides he wants a cross-examination and refuses to play ball.

When he’s left alone, Man-Ho rings his contact who seems to have backed out of his side of the bargain, refusing to offer up a good lawyer. With no attorney to fall back on, Man-Ho tells them to take it slow and that there’s something more important going on. He tells Jin he’s surprised he hasn’t figured it out yet as he’s taken away.

While this is going on, Ji-Ho visits the investigators and tells them he wants them to testify against Prosecutor Jin.

Sol-B meanwhile, has a difficult decision to make as she contemplates what to do about the plagiarism issue. She heads back to see her parents, deciding to do the right thing. Her Mother is completely beside herself, dropping to her knees and pleading with the heavens for her daughter not to be kicked out.

Sol-B has made her decision though, and it’s joined by Dean Kang leaving as well. However, Eun-Suk hints toward Yang speaking to him first.

Sol-B and Ji-Ho both discuss their current situation, with the former encouraging Ji-Ho to look deeper into why Prosecutor Jin was at Ye-Seul’s trial. However, it soon becomes apparent that he’s working for Ko. He storms into Jin’s office and demands answers, but instead he’s pulled outside. On the back of this, Joon-Hwi also follows suit, deciding to work against him.

The Dean gives a speech to all the students at school, with Ye-Seul joining them. Interestingly, the topic in question is in regards to the moral implication of defending bad people. Sol-A is conflicted, unsure whether she could even do this – especially when Yang gives her an internship opportunity to defend Man-Ho. As Professor Yang says himself, “even bad people deserve to be defended.”

Well, Yang visits Man-Ho in prison but sadly gets nowhere. Whoever is instigating this and pulling Man-Ho’s strings, they have him wound tight. Anyway, Sol-A eventually shows up and begins her role in all this, but it’s obvious she’s not happy.

While Ji-Ho and Joon-hwi begin to write up their complaint against Jin, the prosecutor is surrounded by reporters who eagerly await his statement.

At the same time, Yang receives a hurried call from Man-Ho telling him he has something serious to say and he needs to talk. However, when Yang arrives Man-Ho is taken away in an ambulance. He’s been stabbed, and now it’s clear that Ko is the one behind all of this.

The Episode Review

Law School bows out with another decent episode, this time shifting the focus away from Ye-Seul’s case as she’s found not guilty and acting in self defence.

The whole Man-Ho situation is now starting to become clearer too, and it seems Ko completely set him up and forced his hand. That much is especially clear to see here, with Prosecutor Jin surely the missing puzzle piece that’s the deciding factor bridging everything together.

The ending certainly leaves the door open for an exciting chapter to follow next week, and Sol-A being tasked with defending Man-ho is a nice touch of irony.

Speaking of which, I’m guessing Yang is going to use his blood to save Man-Ho’s life; a throwback to what he did earlier in the season.

Either way, Law School bows out with another decent episode ready for next week’s penultimate double bill.

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