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Penultimate Problems

Episode 15 of Law School begins five days before the constitutional review. The kids all gather together, gathering evidence to help serve them in Jin’s upcoming trial.

Ji-Ho figures out that Yang is going to testify alongside Jin, prompting him to shut the boy down and tell him he needs to work hard to fight against the both of them.

As we soon find out, Ye-Beom is the mole here and he’s been feeding back information about the case to Jin all this time. Well, Sol-A and Joon-Hwi soon show up and request they use his vlog, catching us up to the moments last episode where their video was uploaded and started to go viral. However, they’re concerned about Ko’s radio silence.

Back in court, Kang Dan rocks up on screen for the trial. Sol-A is obviously rattled by this and struggles to compose herself. In fact, she questions Yang about him keeping this a secret when they’re alone.

She’s interrupted by a call from Kang Dan though, but Sol-A hangs up on her. After all, she’s been silent all these years and not even bothered to contact her while she’s been in the US.

Eun-Suk eventually catches up with Yang and shows him the viral video making the rounds. He shrugs it off though, claiming she can help the kids just as she saved him by making Ko abandon Lee Man-Ho.

As we see from the past, Assemblyman Ko was the one who sent Lee’s son across to the US with Eun-Suk giving him the Lee Man-Ho act in exchange for saving James. Interestingly, she managed to ease Ko off by disguising a threat in the form of advice.

News online starts to spread as more truths are revealed. Photos of Sol-B are leaked showing her in juvie. This immediately throws a spanner in the works, although Sol-A tries to cheer her up by suggesting she take place in the Mock Trial Competition coming up. She rejects though, clearly shaken by what’s happened. However, that doesn’t stop her from showing interest though.

Speaking of which, Ye-Seul too is made out to be at blame for what happened with Yeong-Chang. She shows up at her desk and finds numerous post-it notes about her playing up the victim rather than being genuine. She stands up and gives an impassioned speech, thanking them for allowing her to study law.

As she walks away, one of the girls claims she’s being superficial. Sol-A and Sol-B both give her a piece of their minds for this.

Meanwhile, Ye-Beom feels the heat when Ko and Jung Dae-Hyeon question him over the video. He’s threatened, told that his time at the law school will be made very difficult if he continues on. He’s told to take the video down, leaving Ye-Beom with a hard choice to make.

In the morning, Yeong-Chang puts on a big show, issuing an apology video in front of everyone. Ko too also apologizes, but mainly to try and feign sympathy from people.

It’s all a big plot of course but when Eun-Suk shows on the video, she suggests that Ye-Seul join them in amending the rules. After some deliberation, she decides to join him.

In fact, Yang has already done the leg work, with a bill to prevent dating abuse already drawn up. He sensed that Eun-Suk was going to help make this a reality, using Ko’s trust to do exactly what she anticipated.

Later that day, Yang shows Jin the evidence needed to show that Ko and Seo were at the same funeral together. He encourages the prosecutor to look into this further, showing off the large wall of evidence he’s collected up that we saw last episode. This is all linked back to Ji-Ho’s father too, as Jin starts to realize everything is connected.

With this newfound knowledge, Jin remembers his meeting with Ki Du-Seong, who slips out that Ko was the one who suggested he stab Man-Ho. He’s having doubts about sticking by Ko’s side, and he worries that the side he’s chosen is rotten and will bring him down too.

Well, with Jin rattled and clearly conflicted, the group check Ki’s call-log and realize it links back to Ko. The comments online with the students? This could also be fabricated too, with fake trolls online used to stir up trouble.

Although everyone believes Ye-Beom has sold them all up the river, in fact he actually redeems himself. It turns out he secretly captured footage of Ko and Yeong-Chang quite literally faking their tears. He did so on his mobile and given the new video being uploaded, and how quickly the comments have spread, it seems incredibly suspicious – especially with Ko’s support still high.

As they all start to piece together the evidence, Sol-A receives a call from Kang Dan who tells her to stop and that this isn’t her fight. Eun-Suk immediately receives a call too,  claiming that Attorney Song is suing her for her part to play in BadFaMa.

The comments online are pretty malicious too, calling out Ye-Seul and the others. Sol-A is raging and struggles to keep her composure when she notices it all.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Kang Dan suddenly shows up before all the students. She immediately makes herself at home, introducing herself to the different kids.

Not long after, she shows up in Yang’s office, where Ko also happens to be. With all our main players together, it looks set to kick off at any moment.

All of them turn their phones off as Kang Dan admits she’s the reason they’ve brought them all together. Kang Dan decides to do everything she can to protect her sister. This includes deleting comments online, which we now see is a whole operation caught in the back of the cafe we saw earlier.

Although Ko thinks he has the last laugh, a search and seize warrant comes in for the cafe which wipes the smile right off his face. Just to rub salt in the wound, it’s suddenly revealed that this isn’t Kang-Dan after all – it’s Sol-A in disguise!

The Episode Review

The ending to Law School brings a big revelation as the noose starts to tighten around Ko’s neck. This episode essentially highlights how easily comment sections can be manipulated with a whole army of trolls ready to spill out whatever vile rhetoric is needed. I mean, just look at the Daily Mail’s comment section if you want more evidence!

With one more episode to go, the entire drama now hinges on whether Ko will bee arrested but with the evidence these kids have collected, it seems like Ko’s time at the top is coming to an end.

With these different cases simmering in the background, it seems likely that Jin is going to switch allegiances, especially if the reveal of his worries about holding onto a rotten rope are anything to go by.

Either way, Law School bows out its penultimate episode with a pretty good chapter, leaving things wide open for next week’s finale.

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