Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2 Review – An absolute must-watch

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Father, Consume Me
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Mr. Mosley Was a Good Man
You Go, I Go
Jump Stops Will Change Your Life
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There are a number of inspirational and motivational quotes and speeches out there. They’re great to throw on just before an intense workout but some quotes resonate more than others – and of course that will differ from person to person. When it comes to adversity, how we face failures and defeats really separates the men from the boys. As they say, pressure builds diamonds. And perhaps there’s no greater pressure for these young men than community college basketball.

The first season did an excellent job keeping the usual Last Chance U vibes going but unfortunately was cut short due to a certain worldwide pandemic. Season 2 however, returns with a bang as Coach John Mosley returns with a brand new batch of youngsters, intent on putting them through the ringer and winning the State Championship. With fly on the wall cameras and 8 episodes clocking in at a little over an hour each, Last Chance U captures every up and down these kids face along the way.

Unlike the first season, things here feel much closer to the desperate hope seen in something like Sunderland Til I Die, with the team struggling to find an identity and click together. The losses are trickling in, complacency is ready to strike at any moment and John starts doubting himself. Everything looks set to implode like never before.

The second half of the season does change in tone and feel but that underlying layer of tension is rife all the way through every single game, which are beautifully shot and edited together.

Once more the show captures the essence of what these youths are going through, including personal backstories, interviews with family and friends, as well as talking head interviews separate from the action happening on and off the basketball court. John Mosley is still the glue that holds everything together though and his fiery pep-talks and speeches are goosebump-inducing at times.

The soundtrack plays in this too and every song feels like it has been deliberately chosen. In episode 4 we get “Method to the Madness” playing just after discussing Mosley’s coaching style. The end song in episode 8 is another fitting tribute to the season too, but I’m not about to spoil what happens here!

The collection of characters this time around are just as enigmatic and engrossing as last year, and there are changes with the staffing team too, including the inclusion of Rob, who comes into the fold and acts as assistant coach. With this group together, there are some definite highlights this year, including a particularly nail-biting match at the end of episode 7 and the truth about one player revealing just why they’ve had so much trouble concentrating and following Coach’s instructions.

Overall, Last Chance U: Basketball season 2 is just as good as the first. The mix of drama and thrills combine with heartfelt stories to make for a really gripping docu-series. Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, this series is an absolute must-watch.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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  1. This is a must view for all basketball fans. Watching the players and coaches from inside the room gives the viewer a stake in the team’s and individual players successes and failures. Each player has a story and it is shared with raw emotion in each episode. We hope for their success. We want them to move on to the next level. We know that individual baggage will be just too much. Carefully editing and storytelling leave us wanting to watch the next episode. A basketball fan’s feast.

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