Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 6 “Shadows of the Past” Recap &Review

Shadows of the Past

Episode 6 of Lady Voyeur starts on January 7th, showing us Miranda being helped by Dr Alice to escape. Earlier on, she was being put to bed for an unconsented abortion. However, someone spots them leaving and goes after them.

The show takes us back two months earlier, in November. Miranda reported Zoe’s murder, and police surrounded the building, marking it as a crime scene. Helena, Heitor, Rafael and Miranda all look devastated by Zoe’s death. This becomes another puzzle to solve on who could have shot Zoe and why. The homicide detective interrogates Miranda, and she reveals that she’s working for Heitor.

From her Late mother to the client in Cleo’s apartment, Diana and now Zoe, Miranda, seems to keep finding dead bodies. Memories take Miranda back to where she witnessed her mother’s death. Unfortunately, her sister Gabriela blamed her for their mother’s death, yet she was innocent. Diana and Zoe’s murders are connected, but detectives cannot find a common denominator.

Before her death, Zoe had called Fernando, telling him she was terrified and wanted to leave the country for Spain. Shortly, Miranda is shown her new office by Gloria. In her usual work, she retrieves a deleted file and finds a video of Cleo with Heitor, presumably after a sensual moment.

As she walks out to catch a breath, Miranda finds Luisa on a suicide mission. She calms the young lady who confesses to being manipulated by a boy she met online. Luisa feels horrible because she thinks the online guy could be the one committing these murders.

Miranda informs Heitor, and as with any father’s reaction, he’s infuriated and vows to kill the guy sexually harassing his daughter online. Miranda finds the IP address which Heitor demands to be given. But since she doesn’t believe in vigilante justice, she tells Heitor that she’ll only show the police the address.

Rita and Rafael are getting to know each other better. However, Miranda keeps warning her friend against Rafael.

Finally, the police get hold of the guy who is threatening Luisa. This might help us understand if he’s behind Diana and Zoe’s murder. Apparently, he’s the father of Luisa’s crush, which can jeopardize the possibility of these teens’ relationship.

Meanwhile, Helena helps Heitor to conduct a DNA test on Luisa to ascertain who her birth father is. Unfortunately, Bernardo isn’t her father. So, who is her biological father?

The police investigation is getting stale with no clues to get the murderer. The detective starts looking into Miranda’s life as she wants to know why she keeps popping up in the investigation.

Clueless to the fact that she is becoming a suspect, Miranda is spying on the new neighbour who recently moved into Cleo’s old apartment. He sees her watching him and gives her quite a show.

Embarrassed to be caught watching, she decides to work and finds a video of Cleo being tied and a man wearing a mask appears too. Miranda spots the man wearing a bracelet similar to the one Rafael has. She wonders if Rafael is the one holding Cleo hostage.

Maybe we shall know more about this as the show continues. The episode ends with Miranda and Dr Alice running away, but the man follows and fires his gun at them.

The Episode Review

Miranda has spotted Rafael in one of the videos, and he’s dating her best friend. If this is proven correct, then Rita and Miranda are potentially in danger. Heitor seems to have lots of puzzles surrounding him, from his wife’s death to his business. Someone might be behind all this to frame him, ruin his reputation, or take over his business. Is he really as bad as Fernando has Miranda believing?

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